Business VoIP Providers

Business VoIP Providers 
Provider Plan Details Monthly Rate*
Vonage Business Solutions Business VoIP Phone Systems
  • 40+ Built-in Features
  • In-house Customer and Tech Support
  • Reliability of the Vonage Cloud
Jive Communications Jive
  • Around the clock US Support
  • Superb Customer Service
  • Unlimited Local/Long Distance Calling
RingCentral Cloud Powered Business Phone System
  • Unlimited calls in the US and Canada
  • No setup fee, zero contracts
  • Try Free for 30 Days
CorvisaCloud Premium Cloud Hosted Business VoIP
  • Free Call Recording and Monitoring
  • Salesforce® Built in
  • Extremely Reliable and Data Integrity
Broadvoice Cloud PBX Business Phone System
  • Unlimited Calling (US and Canada)
  • US Based Support 7-Days-a-Week
  • 30-day money back guarantee
Mitel MITEL MiCloud Business
  • Three Free Months
  • Over sixty million end users
  • limitless calling for US and Canada
8x8 8x8
  • 10 countries free calling
  • Award winning service
  • Simple Smartphone app included
The Smartest Cloud Phone System
  • Free Video CRM
  • Easy Setup- Use Any Bandwidth and Phones
  • Salesforce AppExchange Partner
Business Hosted VoIP Alliance
  • Simple to use
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Daily calling log report sent to email
VoIP Studio VoIP Studio
  • Business Hosted PBX
  • Highly advanced features
  • Quick and simple set-up
I've found RingCentral easy to set up and love all the ways I can customize how calls come in. I've tried a couple of other PBX phone services, but have finally found the right one for me." – RingCentral Review
“I have been using virtualpbx for about half a year now for my Architectural practice start up. The service and support so far has been exceptional.” – VirtualPBX Review
“I have been a loyal & Completely Satisfied customer of for several years. I use their "Virtual Office" & "Virtual Phone Number" services & maintain several accounts with them for business.” – Review

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How we select our best virtual pbx systems

  • Stability and Reliability -
    we pick companies with a proven track record of stability and reliability
  • Features -
    our best virtual pbx companies offer an extensive list of features as a standard
  • Affordability -
    we believe that the best virtual pbx’s are affordable for very small, small and mid-sized companies
  • Customer Service -
    if you have a problem or simply need help, we believe that you should receive fast, accurate, polite customer service

Questions to ask yourself...

  1. What type of system do I really need?

    Use an "Office" system to connect remote teams or multiple offices. Use a "Professional" system to forward calls to other phones. Learn more about how you can find the right Virtual Phone System

  2. What is my level of comfort with service outages?

    You will be relying on internet connections that can, and will go down. If this makes you uncomfortable, have a backup plan or consider alternatives. Read more about how you can prepare for outages.

  3. What features are on my "must-have" list?

    Many features are standard, but others may be upgrades, or some providers may not even provide them. Know which features you must have.

  4. Do I need digital phones?

    Most providers will offer an extensive list of available phones that come plug and ring ready, while others offer only a few, and some will require you to purchase them elsewhere.

Virtual Phone System - Office Plans

Best For Companies Who:

  • Need Unlimited Minutes.
  • Need a full office phone system, not just inbound call routing
  • Have normal business phone traffic


  • Lowest cost for most businesses
  • Connect multiple office locations
  • Unlimited inbound & outbound minutes
  • Replaces traditional phone lines with unlimited use VoIP lines - at a fraction of the cost
  • Routes calls to VoIP phones or auto-forward to any phone

Virtual Phone System - Professional Plans

Best For Companies Who:

  • Need low cost per minute
  • Want to route inbound calls to existing phones
  • Have lighter phone traffic


  • Lowest cost when phone traffic is light
  • Receive calls anywhere on any phone
  • Pick a plan & pay only for the minutes you need
  • One phone number for all your business needs
  • Add metered VoIP phones for a nominal monthly fee

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