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Type: Professional Only

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Entry Price: $9.95/mo

eVoice Is Best For:

Small businesses or professionals with limited needs with regards to a virtual pbx. eVoice offers limited extensions, minutes, and features.

eVoice Pro’s and Con’s


  • Get additional 100 minutes per extenstion added
  • mobile app for iPhone®, Android®, or BlackBerry® mobile phones
  • new 24/7 customer service based in California and Indiana


  • 2 numbers max
  • No queing
  • No internet faxing

Detailed Features of eVoice

eVoice is a subsidiary of J2 Global along with Onebox. They offer 3 basic plans, however their feature list may be a bit light for some business needs.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialYes, eVoice offers a 30 Day Free Trial
Customer Service24/7 improved local – California/Indiana
Included Minutes300/mo
You get 100 additional minutes for each extension you add
Overage Minutes5.9¢
Included Phone Numbers(Professional)2 max on any plan
Cost for Additional Phone NumbersNot Applicable. You only get 2
You get 100 additional minutes for each extension you add.
$9.95 each/month to add an extension.
Local and Toll Free Transfer FeeFREE
Vanity Number Fee$30 - one time fee
True 800 Number FeeFREE - but not always available

What We Like About eVoice

Simple Approach:

We like their approach of offering 3 basic plans that are very similar except for minutes and extensions. We also like the fact that you get an additional 100 minutes for each extension you add. However their prices are similar if not more than their competitors with fewer features. They cover the main features such as:

  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Screening & Announce
  • VoiceMail
  • Conference Calling
  • Dial by Name Directory

Mobile Apps:

You can access your favorite eVoice features right from your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device. Manage your voice messages and make calls from any location. You can access all of the the standard voicemail management tools, as well as following features: caller id(your evoice number is displayed as the number you are calling from), voicemail to text, voicemail search, call existing contacts with your evoice number, and speed dial.

Improved 24/7 US Customer Service:

eVoice now provides 24/7 customer support based out of California and Indiana. They have also worked to improve their BBB rating to a B+. We give them kudo’s for the hard work and improvement in this area.

Added “after hours mode”:

They now have an after hours mode available via advanced call routing.

Canadian Numbers and Service:

They now provide local Canadian numbers as well as service in Canada.

What We Don’t Like About eVoice

Lack of Features:

Their simple approach may be too simple for many. This puts them at a distinct disadvantage to their competitors when you consider the price difference. No queuing, no internet faxing, and no call from web.

Limited to 2 Incoming Lines:

Again from what we can tell via signing up for their service, it appears you are only allowed to sign up for a maximum of 2 incoming lines. This may not be an issue for most companies, but it may be a problem for small businesses who have a national presence and want local numbers across the US that would ring into one central Virtual Phone System.

eVoice Review Summary

If you are in that mid-range area where you will use around or just under 1000 minutes a month, and don’t need features such as internet faxing, or queing then you will probably do fine with eVoice. You can now select from plans on the low end with only 300 minutes/2 extensions, to their top plan with 1000 minutes/5 extensions.

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  1. says

    Rating: 1

    Today I was researching their services for my company, I had a couple questions so I initiated a chat with their customer service. He answered all my questions, and offered a one month free (no charges at all) package. I asked him twice so no charges on my credit card his exact words below… He than asked me in order to process the request I need to say YES to their terms and agreements, so while I was reading their terms and agreements I had a weird feeling about the conversation and how this was going.
    I went back to chat and said “I will contact you at a later time, I need to do some research on virtual phone companies before I sign up for a one month free deal. is there a contact number I can reach you at”

    He responded with: Too late you already signed up. Call customer service. Bye.

    Ended the chat! HE ENDED THE CHAT and left me hanging. I thought to check into my online banking and low and behold there was a $15.28 charge and a $1.28 charge.

    His exact words:
    “”"EBeltran: No contracts
    No cancellation fees
    0 investment from your part today. Absolutely no charges on your credit card today.
    You can test it out , If you like it keep it, if not just contact us again and request to cancel, no questions asked”"”


  2. says

    Rating: 1

    eVoice is SUCH A SCAM. My company set up an account with them and the next day we tried to log in and it didnt work. I talked to customer support and they said our account was deactivated until we send our CREDIT CARD AND BANK STATEMENTS to some secondary email. What a scam! There’s no reason they need that information… other than to commit fraud. When I confronted customer support about this, they terminated the support chat!

    I would strongly recommend not using this company.

  3. says

    Rating: 1

    Over and over again, I have problems with this company. It’s either the software being buggy, their website being down, or my phone ringing at hours when we’re supposed to be “closed”. I’ve been with this company for 2 years and it’s always the same thing. I need to change companies ASAP – don’t make the same mistake I did.

  4. says

    Rating: 1

    been on hold trying to get it set up for 2 hours, no kidding. they have Indians answering the phone, The big joke is that you hear for over an hour repeating how your call is very important to us. yea, right- how hipocritical.
    was 6 hours into setting it up. telling me that they have bugs in their software. now it makes me buggy.

    bad customer service

  5. says

    Rating: 1

    WARNING evoice is horrendous! They put me out of business for a full 24 hours and cost me hundreds of dollars in printing costs because of their TOTAL lack of common decency and customer service. After having their “service” for 10 days I was disconnected without notice of any kind. When I received no calls from clients I dialed my number to find it was disconnected. Hoe totally embarrassing!!! I call evoice to demand an explanation and was told “their carrier had detected possible fraud” from my number…HA I am a fully legit business I controlled the account so it is BS and probably someone else who had previously had the number. It has been a week I have received 3 written promises that a “supervisor” will call to resolve the matter…NOTHING!
    This company is a joke and will not be around long.

  6. says

    Rating: 1

    Evoice were giving me a “Free… Limited Time Offer” of a free professional recording, if I took advantage of it within the next 7 days. I certainly did that. Imagine my surprise when I got a $25 bill on my CC. I called to complain, and they basically told me to go to hell. They said the limited time offer is only for people who just signed up. (I signed up a year ago) I said “Well, if it’s not available to me, why do you offer it me as a free limited time offer…”
    Answer… “Go to hell”

    Your credit card provider does not help you because you gave them your credit card details and they can take whatever they want without recourse. Avoid Evoice and any J2 related products like the plague.

  7. says

    Rating: 1

    Incoming calls are showing my own phone number – like I’m calling myself. Then outgoing calls are showing the number that I am calling on the phone of the person that I am calling – like they are calling themselves. Also, sometimes my calls are sent directly into the voicemail account of the person that I am calling. It prompts me for a pin number so that I can check the voicemail of the person that I am calling.
    The service started out fine, but now I have these problems that aren’t being fixed.

  8. says

    Rating: 1

    I despise this company with a passion. I have multiple evoice numbers for them and they all have the same problem and they do nothing to fix it. When you receive a call and you are using more than one extention, you have to press 1 to answer or 3 to forward to voicemail. Sounds simple but it doesn’t work anymore. Especially in the morning when most calls are made and received their servers are busy and the call and customer is lost.

    I can’t even describe how much money and how many potential customers I have lost as a result of their horrific service. It’s not just me either. There tech support people have admitted to me that this is a problem that others have. I have tried forwarding my numbers to multiple phone services, cox, embarq, verizon, and att and it does not work.

    My days as a customer are over, which is why I am on this site. Do not engage this company. This is only the tip of the iceberg with the problems I’ve witnessed with this system. Others below have covered some of these nicely. It’s a bad company with bad people who are charging for a product that does not work. I hate you evoice.

  9. says


    WARNING: When you try to cancel your account, ignore you, continue billing you, try to skirt your claims, and then drag their feet in issuing requested refunds.

    I was a my1voice customer before part of the business was purchased by eVoice. After making little use of the account, I sent an email request on December 24, 2011 stating that I was formally cancelling. I sent the email from my registered account, provided my billing and administrative mailing addresses, and included the actual account number. I received an automated message that the request was received and that a staff member would follow up.

    Not true: instead, I was billed TWICE more.

    It is only when I threatened to report eVoice to their state’s Better Business Bureau and to alert other potential buyers to this practice that I received any response. Frustratingly, that response was poor — a representative who signed off only as “Ashley W.” asked for information that I had already provided (my NAME, account number, address, etc.) and then insisted that they could not act without also confirming the last digits of my credit card number.

    Although I finally received a confirmation from a “Pete M.” that billing will cease immediately, my repeated requests that they refund my credit card for the additional charges have gone ignored. Oh, wait, the actual last message (again from “Ashley”) was “call us.”

    Apparently, the written word is no longer good at eVoice.

  10. says

    Rating: 1


    My phone lines haven’t worked for 2 days. I’ve call customer service and was put on hold for 1-2 HOURS each time and hung up. Can’t log into web site account because I’m getting server and 404 errors!

    Since My1Voice was bought out this service has been terrible.

    I don’t even know if they are in business anymore.

  11. says

    Rating: 1

    Major sucks. Functionality is confusing, many things do not work properly. Support sucks. When they don’t fix the things and get frustrated at my inisistance for an explanation, they put me on hold and went on break.