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The growing demand for virtual phone systems has led to a rapid increase in the number of VoIP companies offering this service. A virtual phone service contains many different call management features that will allow you to handle customer calls more efficiently, while making inter-office communications easier. If you aren’t using a virtual phone system for your small business yet, consider trying one out to explore the many ways it can improve your business communications.

Each company provides the same basic services, but some go beyond the basiscs and offer unique and new features that make them stand out from the rest. Here are some of the hottest and latest call management features that are being offered by the leading virtual phone systems available today.

  1. Global Numbers
    This is an International calling program that allows small businesses inside the United States to provide their customers outside the US with a local telephone number. Phone.com gives their customers in the United States the ability to obtain a local phone number in countries around the world. Global/International Numbers will change the way you conduct international business, and creates the impression of your having a real International business and a genuine global company with local offices throughout the world. Your international contacts will simply dial a local number to reach the relevant US phone number. This generally cuts costs while enhancing service that is both simple and effective.

  2. Mobile Access
    Now with any of these providers, RingCentral, Grasshopper and Phone.com, you can still get connected with your business even if you are away from your office. You can listen, view, play and call back voicemails. RingCentral also recently launched a service that allows users to use Safari to access the RingCentral website on your iPhone to take advantage of RingCentral’s most frequently used features right from within the application.
    • You can show your RingCentral number as the Caller ID when making business calls
    • You can add, edit and dial personal or business contacts
    • And receive, send and view Internet faxes

  3. The Google Gadget
    Virtual PBX’s Google Gadget lets employees switch call routing between their desks, mobile or home phone instantly from within the Google Desktop or as an iGoogle plug-in. This is a convenient way for Virtual PBX users to manage their extensions without the need to log into their system through the standard Virtual PBX login screen. They can also simply change which phone will ring first. Users going on a break or into a meeting can set their extension to a “do not disturb” mode, and calls will automatically be routed to other agents or to voicemail.

  4. Click-to-call Me
    This Click to Call Button feature offered by RingCentral, Phone.com, and eVoice Receptionist allows your customers easy access to your business website, let your friends call you from your blog and place a call directly to you without having to dial your number. You can even add this as part of your email signature. You can embed code on your webpage or email to have the system immediately call interested customers.

  5. Chat Calls
    A chatcall is a personalized audio message that you can send to your customers announcing a special sales offer, for example. It is a new fun way of sending a text or voice message originated from a browser (including mobile browsers) and terminated as a phone call. When you send a message this way, your customers will hear the customized message you created just for them. Chatcalls can be sent to one or many and are interactive. This is a FREE and new service available from Phone.com.

  6. Outlook Integration
    RingCentral is the only virtual phone system that is completely integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook. You can place calls directly from Outlook, receive faxes in your Outlook and even send a fax directly from applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  7. Internet Fax (Inbound and Outbound)
    Send and receive faxes on your virtual office number. Faxes are converted into pdf files and stored in your online account for easy access. You can also have an Internet fax forwarded to your email account for you to view, forward and save on your computer. Internet fax systems allow you upload your document easily from your computer in a variety of accepted file types and send to any working fax number. Phone.com and RingCentral offer this inbound and outbound internet fax service.

  8. Text Voicemail
    This service introduces voicemail transcription available for voice to text translation of messages to be sent as text email or faxes. With Phone.com you get a Text Voicemail service that gives you the ability to read your voicemail rather than listen to the actual message. Your voicemail message is converted by a team of transcribers from voice to text then emailed directly to you. With a small extra charge per message, you will find that text voicemail is an inexpensive way to receive voicemail information quickly and efficiently. Never have to struggle to listen to a voicemail in a noisy environment again, or go ahead and read that important message you’ve been waiting for during a meeting without having to excuse yourself.

  9. Voicemail interrupt
    Just like the answering machine at home, this Virtual PBX feature allows your voicemail to take the calls while you listen to callers leave a voicemail message. A call can then be picked up at anytime if you decide the call is important.

  10. Message on Hold Custom Plans
    RingCentral and Phone.com allow you to promote your products and services, provide an answer to frequently asked questions, and more while you keep your callers on the line ready to do business.

It’s a given that a virtual phone system can greatly benefit a business operation of any size. It can help improve your business communication, reduce the need for a small business to focus on managing its calls, and limit the stress that an advanced calling system can place on a small business. With the blend of low cost and easy implementation, plus any of these 10 great  features, you will not be disappointed by making use of a virtual phone system.

As with any product or service you are considering, take the time to review the different Virtual PBX providers as well as the different plans each of them offers before you make your decision. Shop, Compare and find the service that is the best fit for your requirements.

If you want more information on the Virtual PBX providers we’ve mentioned in this article be sure to check out our Detailed Reviews or Compare them side-by-side, and then finally take advantage of one of the great Discounts we keep updated as new offers come out.

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