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A little background about us and how we got here

As is the case with most busy business owners on-the-go, we use our cell phones extensively for work. However there are times when we would prefer to not give out our cell phone number. In many cases, we use the same cell phone for personal as well as business, so knowing whether a particular call is business related or personal is important us.

We also found that as our business grew, we wanted a more professional sound and look for our business phone. It became important to have our phone answered even if no one was in the office. As we started to research potential solutions, we quickly found ourselves looking in the direction of business VoIP and cloud based phone systems. They offered the low cost of entry we needed, but at the same time all of the features we wanted.

With a cloud based phone system, we can forward our business number to any or all of our cell phones. This provided the ability for clients to reach us without having to give out our personal cell phone number, or carry two phones with us. If we aren’t in a position to answer a call, clients can leave a message. We can set the system up to notify us of the message via text, email or both.

Using a virtual pbx system also gives us the flexibility to hire the best employees regardless of their physical location. We simply provide them with their own extension in the system. Via the same phone number, clients can easily reach any of us within the company – great business continuity. All employees have the ability to forward their extension to a cell phone or home phone if they need/want to.

The editor reviews on our site are completed solely by our staff, and provide you with our first hand experiences with that particular virtual phone system. You will see updates and revisions as a review has changed over time. As with any business, we have seen these services get better, some have gotten worse, and still others have been sold or gone out of business all together. We take all of this information into account to keep our review content current, and our ratings updated.

About Virtual Phone System Reviews

As with any website we have changed, and hopefully improved the look and feel of our site over time, but one thing that won’t change is the quality of our reviews – they will always meet our high standards.

A little more about our site and some answers to frequently asked questions:

Why did we create Virtual Phone System Reviews?

When we first went looking for a business VoIP provider for our business use, we found that it quickly became a daunting task. There were dozens of services available, and trying to narrow them down became very time consuming. So we created this website to narrow down those choices to the “best of the best”. We also wanted to provide a place for existing customers to leave their own feedback outlining their experiences with a particular service.

Are the reviews independent? or do we promote certain services?

Our reviews are independent. We do not provide cloud phone services we only review these services. However we do not believe any single review should be used as an absolute measurement of a particular service. This is why we also provide for customer reviews for each provider, and encourage our readers to thoroughly research merchants before making a final decision.

Are we compensated in any way for our reviews?

The simple answer to this is “yes”. With some merchants, if you purchase through our links we get paid for referring you. And we do very much appreciate it if you would use our links if you decide to purchase a service from one of the cloud phone services we review. This allows us to be able to maintain, update, and add new reviews, articles, and guides to this site.

In no way do we allow any merchant to influence or bias our review process in any way. As we said our reviews are based upon our own experiences using or testing a particular service, and we will give you our honest opinion. If we don’t like something we will certainly tell you that. Some of our top merchants pay us very little if anything, and we still rank them highly.

Which Virtual PBX do we use?

Currently we are using Phone.com for our business needs.

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