Small Businesses Rely on Virtual Phone Systems More in Tough Economic Times

A recent survey published(June, 2008) by RingCentral shows that many small businesses are having to get creative and cost costs and get creative in order to survive the most recent rounds of rising energy costs and economic downturn.  The marjority of the businesses responding to the survey responded that they were cutting overhead costs or in some way changing the way they do business in response to these rising costs.  It was also noted that in response to the rising… Continue Reading

How To Select The Right Virtual Phone System

Before we get started, it is important to mention that virtual phone systems are not one-size-fits-all. In other words, we don’t feel that there is one “right” virtual phone system for everyone. We have rated the systems we have reviewed and provided an “editors pick,” but this does not mean that our pick  (RingCentral) has to be your pick. Some of you may be wondering, “WOW, how do I ever decide on the right virtual phone system for my business… Continue Reading

What is a Virtual Phone System?

What is a virtual PBX? First of all, we’re not really fond of the term virtual PBX, or Private Branch Exchange as it’s really known, even though it very accurately describes what a Virtual Phone System is.  Even though I just spelled out what PBX stands for, if you are a typical small business owner much like we are, you still have no idea what it really is, and there in lies the problem with the use of the term… Continue Reading

Can I really Save Money, Get More Organized, and Improve My Business Image With a Virtual Phone System?

Well, the simple answer is “yes”, but let me explain a bit more about what a Virtual Phone System is, and then how it will accomplish these things. Originally, PBX’s were designed and installed in large companies, and required a staff of people to maintain them.  However now there is alternative for companies embracing VoIP who also want to utilize the full features of a PBX system, but need an affordable means of doing so. These systems are “hosted pbx’s”… Continue Reading

Virtual Phone System – Glossary of Terms

The terms associated with, and used by various virtual phone systems providers can be confusing and frustrating to understand. Many times they use multiple terms to describe the same thing, or take literary license with a term to make it appear as if they support a feature that they either do not, or maybe only marginally support. We have tried to provide a list of the most common terms used in the industry here.  We will also come back and… Continue Reading