Five Things That Make FreedomVoice Awesome

The Top 5 things that make FreedomVoice Awesome!

FreedomVoice isn’t just another virtual PBX provider. Yes, it is an industry veteran with over 30,000 customers and a focus on toll-free numbers. But this California-based company also does things that other companies just wouldn’t do, which makes it stand out a little from its virtual PBX competitors. Here are the top five reasons why FreedomVoice is pretty darn cool.   1. They Are Old  In an industry where most companies started just a few years ago, FreedomVoice is like… Continue Reading

Darren Ascone and the Two Little Startups: How Hover Networks was Born

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Virtual PBX companies, like any other kind of company, start with entrepreneurs. Hover Networks, a provider of home and business virtual PBX systems, is a superb example. Here is the epic tale of how one man wove his way through the emerging tech industry and created a lucrative VoIP company. Techie Beginnings Hover Networks is headed by Darren Ascone, a Buffalo tech scene veteran. Ascone went to University at Buffalo and quickly jumped into the startup scene by working for… Continue Reading