Coolest Business VoIP Features

VoIP Features

Business VoIP systems have more features than Justin Bieber has followers on Twitter. OK, maybe not that many, but you get the point. Some of these features are basic, like voicemail. Others, however, are unexpected – and surprisingly useful. From making it easier for clients to reach you to using technology to track your location and route calls, it’s all here. Check out some of our favorites below. Advanced Caller ID You may be used to your caller ID displaying… Continue Reading

RingCentral Call Management System: Notable Features


RingCentral, one of the top Virtual Phone providers in the industry, is full of great extra features for businesses. Its sophisticated call management systems offers enough features to be a little dizzying at first glance. Here is a look at what some of these options, from call forwarding to the cryptic “answering rules,” can do for your business. Answering Rules The “answering rules” give you maximum control over what happens when customers dial in. You can set your own rules… Continue Reading

Business Texting with RingCentral Business SMS

Virtual Phone System RingCentral Business SMS

Making and receiving business calls from cell phones is a VoIP standard practice. But what about business texting? RingCentral has gotten a head start on exploring this new realm with RingCentral Business SMS, which allows its business users to send and receive texts, calls, and faxes using one mobile number. Now all you have to worry about is AutoCorrect. Virtual PBX Forwarding Before we get into how RingCentral Business SMS works, we should probably look into Virtual PBX use on… Continue Reading

Halloo, Google App Style

Halloo Virtual Phone

   Merriman-Webster defined “halloo” as “an exclamation used to attract someone’s attention or used to incite dogs to the chase during the hunt.” Although most people won’t use this virtual PBX provider to get their dogs excited about deer season, they might use Halloo’s Google App to make a good impression on customers. What makes the Google App version of VoIP different than a normal VoIP service? While it may not be a huge advantage for some users, businesses that… Continue Reading

Nextiva Business VoIP Plans Have Something for Everyone

Nextiva Business VoIP and more

Most VoIP providers have two types of plans: business and personal. Not so with Nextiva, whose tasty menu of business-targeted options is comparatively dizzying. Meant to satisfy any appetite, Nextiva has plans available for the big, the small, and even the call-center based business. Now these are the kinds of plans you’ll want to sink your teeth into. Business VoIP Nextiva’s official “Business VoIP” option is actually a label for two distinct plans: Office Pro and Office Enterprise. Both plans… Continue Reading