Phone Home Or Abroad With’s Home Phone Service

Home Phone Service

Something is phoning home, and it’s not E.T. this time.’s new home phone service makes switching your home line over to VoIP a breeze in a virtual PBX world that is frequently focused on business plans. With all of the features that make VoIP service so convenient, you can consolidate your phone services into one easy-to-manage subscription. In fact,’s cutting-edge VoIP technology and 24/7 customer service has earned it a spot in the New York Enterprise Report’s 2013… Continue Reading

RingCentral Office vs. RingCentral Professional: The Showdown

RingCentral Office or RingCentral Professional?

Cloud business phone systems are all-around better than their more archaic counterparts, so getting one is a no-brainer. Choosing what product is most suited to your needs (and your budget), on the other hand, requires some thought. RingCentral, for instance, offers two virtual phone systems for businesses. Here we explore the differences between RingCentral Office and Professional so you can make the right call. Key Features RingCentral Professional is a more base-level product than Office. In other words, everything you… Continue Reading Phones: VoIP Equipment Straight from the Provider


Virtual PBX providers generally don’t sell phones, but is an exception. Like a cell phone provider, discounts its phones (and adapters) for new customers, so it is an excellent choice if you need to stock up on VoIP equipment. To make the deal even sweeter, offers free shipping on all of its equipment. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t include a review of its wares. Which is why we wrote this article. Here you will find what others… Continue Reading

VirtualPBX Parachute: The Ultimate Backup Business Phone System

virtualpbx parachute disaster recovery system

No matter how much time you spend fortifying your small business, it is not immune to disaster. If Mother Nature feels like knocking your office building down, for example, she may well succeed. And even little issues, like broken equipment or a downed cable, can spell out major losses for your business. Luckily, some virtual PBX providers have considered this and come up with a solution. VitualPBX, a highly accredited virtual PBX provider, has a special service called VirtualPBX Parachute… Continue Reading

VirtualPBX Adds VoIP Phones and New Office Plans


VirtualPBX now offers two different options for it’s customers when purchasing a Virtual Phone System. As always they still offer their usage based plans, but now VirtualPBX also offers Flat-Rate plans that integrate VoIP phones, local & toll free phone numbers, and free long distance all in one cost effective package. Flat Rate Plans: VirtualPBX’s Flat Rate Plans are similar to the RingCentral Office plans. They offer "unlimited" local/long distance minutes, with a fair usage policy which we will get… Continue Reading