Adds New Virtual Phone Number Service

Are you a busy professional that’s always on the go? You have multiple phone numbers that you would like to be able to consolidate into one number that you can then give to people, print on business cards, or list on your resume. Real estate agent, architect, engineer, consultant, business owner, (you)! Do your customers have to remember 3 or more phone numbers,  just to talk to you? Are you and your family tired of getting business phone calls at… Continue Reading Offers International Virtual Phone Numbers!

On Tuesday, 12/2/2008 introduced a new feature that really sets them apart from their competition. They now allow their customers to set up international virtual phone numbers, and only charge one flat fee per month to do so! No international calling rates, no extra per minute charges, no extras at all.  If this doesn’t get you excited let me give you an example that just might… Let’s say ABC Company has a customer base in the United Kingdom. Well,… Continue Reading Adds Text Voicemail to Email & Outbound Internet Faxing

On October 28, 2008 announced some new and exciting features that we definitely find it worth writing about. First, they’ve added Outbound Faxing to their Internet Fax offering. This is something we’ve been waiting for them to announce and something we knew they were working on! This now means that you can not only receive faxes via their service, but you can also send faxes via the click of a button. WOO HOO! Get rid of that old clunky… Continue Reading

RingCentral Adds ACD Queues(almost) to Their List of Features

As of August 2008, RingCentral has added ACD(Automatic Call Distribution) Queues to their feature list. This is something their customers have been waiting for, and their competitors have been dreading, we’re sure.  While this is a great upgrade to their current offering and a stellar attempt at ACD queuing, there are a few problems that we feel make RingCentral’s offering “almost” an ACD Queue feature offering, but lacks a few key features that ends up religating it to a very… Continue Reading