How Much Bandwidth Does VoIP Need?

VoIP Bandwidth

Do you know what VoIP stands for? No, not Very Outstandingly Important Phone, although that would be pretty great. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Internet is literally VoIP’s middle name, and a strong internet connection is the most important part of good VoIP function. These days, large bandwidth allotments are available for businesses through most major internet providers. You might need one if you want to upgrade your phone system to VoIP. Making sure that you have a… Continue Reading

Planning for a VoIP Outage

Plan Target Shows Planning, Missions And Goals

We love technology. It makes our lives a heck of a lot easier. But technology isn’t perfect, so sometimes we have to plan ahead. Take VoIP, for example. VoIP saves companies heaps of hard-earned dollars every year. It needs two things to function: electricity and a high-speed internet connection. If either of these is interrupted (such as during a power outage), VoIP cannot work. Sometimes, VoIP providers themselves experience outages – the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) even keeps track of… Continue Reading

How To Set Up A Non-Annoying Automated VoIP Answering Service

VoIP Automated Answering

We all know what it’s like to call a major company, swim through a laundry list of menu options, and get hung up on 20 minutes later by a cheerful automated voice saying, “Thank you for calling! Good bye!” It’s the kind of experience that makes you want to shriek like there is no tomorrow. In the interest of your customers’ vocal (and mental) health, you want to make sure that your answering system is set up in a way… Continue Reading

How to Select an Office Based Virtual Phone System


First a little information on what Flat Rate Virtual Phone System plans are, and who should be considering them. What is a Flat Rate Virtual Phone System Plan? All Flat Rate plans normally include the following: two or more phone numbers unlimited local and long distance calling/faxing you normally get a specified number of toll free minutes per month (usually 1,000) one or more Free VoIP business phones or the option to purchase them rates normally broken down by number… Continue Reading

How To Select The Right Virtual Phone System

Before we get started, it is important to mention that virtual phone systems are not one-size-fits-all. In other words, we don’t feel that there is one “right” virtual phone system for everyone. We have rated the systems we have reviewed and provided an “editors pick,” but this does not mean that our pick  (RingCentral) has to be your pick. Some of you may be wondering, “WOW, how do I ever decide on the right virtual phone system for my business… Continue Reading