Planning for a VoIP Outage

Plan Target Shows Planning, Missions And Goals

We love technology. It makes our lives a heck of a lot easier. But technology isn’t perfect, so sometimes we have to plan ahead. Take VoIP, for example. VoIP saves companies heaps of hard-earned dollars every year. It needs two things to function: electricity and a high-speed internet connection. If either of these is interrupted (such as during a power outage), VoIP cannot work. Sometimes, VoIP providers themselves experience outages – the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) even keeps track of… Continue Reading

How to Fix VoIP Problems

    VoIP has huge advantages over traditional phone lines, especially for businesses. No wonder, then, than so many business owners are flocking to VoIP. But VoIP, like any other communication mechanism, can present some challenges. Anyone who has experienced robotic, crackly Skype calls can tell you that. If you find yourself facing VoIP problems, these may sound familiar:   Lost Calls: Customers or colleagues tell you they called, but you never received any communication. Dropped Calls: The call ends… Continue Reading