Virtual Phone System Basics

Using a Virtual Phone System makes conference calling as simple as 1.2.3! Get all the features of a full audio conference calling service for free!

Sometimes, statistics say it all. Check out the latest VoIP figures for numerical proof that internet calling is taking over the world, one phone at a time.

Want workers who can clock in from anywhere? VoIP is the way to go - no long-distance charges, a faster connection, and affordable extensions to boot!

The terms associated with, and used by various virtual phone systems providers can be confusing and frustrating to understand. Many times they use multiple ...

Find out how Small Business are getting creative in the face of rising costs and economic downturn.

Do you use your cell phone or home phone for business calls? Don't want clients/customers having your personal numbers? Use a Virtual Calling Card.

The Number Games are here, and it's time for vanity, 800, and other VoIP numbers to battle it out in the arena. Which one will be your winner?

Find out what industry studies are saying about adding Click-To-Call buttons can do to improve customer satisfaction, and conversion rates.

Find out how you can Save Money, Get More Organized, and Improve your Business Image with a Virtual Phone System.

Wondering which VoIP features your business needs? Check out our buyer's guide.

Find out if you could benefit from using softphone technology with your virtual phone system. Great for mobile professionals, sales reps, and telecommuters.

Find out if your current phone system is hold your business back, and how a virtual phone system can change that.

Virtual Phone System Reviews