The Dangers of VoIP Toll Fraud

VoIP Fraud

Computers have hackers. Phones have toll fraud. Yes, there are mean people out there who can hack into your VoIP system and use it to make ridiculously expensive calls. Toll fraud has been going on ever since the invention of the telephone, and it reportedly sucks up nearly $5 billion a year – over double the annual cost of credit fraud.* Here’s how this tricky scam works – and how you can prevent it. What Is Toll Fraud? Toll fraud… Continue Reading

How Much Bandwidth Does VoIP Need?

VoIP Bandwidth

Do you know what VoIP stands for? No, not Very Outstandingly Important Phone, although that would be pretty great. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Internet is literally VoIP’s middle name, and a strong internet connection is the most important part of good VoIP function. These days, large bandwidth allotments are available for businesses through most major internet providers. You might need one if you want to upgrade your phone system to VoIP. Making sure that you have a… Continue Reading

Must-Have VoIP Features For the Modern Business

VoIP Features

One of the main perks of VoIP is the laundry list of fancy features. There are so many that, for the first-time buyer, it can be hard to figure out which ones you actually need. Don’t make the mistake of signing up for a service that lacks a to-die-for VoIP feature. Our guide should give you some ideas of the features that will change your business for the better.   Universal Needs   Whether you are a one-worker graphic design… Continue Reading

Planning for a VoIP Outage

Plan Target Shows Planning, Missions And Goals

We love technology. It makes our lives a heck of a lot easier. But technology isn’t perfect, so sometimes we have to plan ahead. Take VoIP, for example. VoIP saves companies heaps of hard-earned dollars every year. It needs two things to function: electricity and a high-speed internet connection. If either of these is interrupted (such as during a power outage), VoIP cannot work. Sometimes, VoIP providers themselves experience outages – the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) even keeps track of… Continue Reading

Compare RingCentral and 8×8

Compare RingCentral and 8x8

RingCentral Office: Read our Full RingCentral Office Review 8×8: Read our Full 8×8 Review In this article we will compare RingCentral Office – RingCentral’s flagship product line, with unlimited minutes and business-class phones – to 8×8, which offers US-based customer service and great deals on international calling. RingCentral and 8×8 have some important things in common. Both VoIP companies are established in the market and have excellent reviews and customer rankings. Both are reasonably priced and focus on unlimited plans. And both sell… Continue Reading


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