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Halloo Virtual Phone
Product: Halloo
Type: Office and Call Center

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Entry Price: $4.95/mo

Halloo Review Summary:

Halloo offers many of the standard features expected in a virtual PBX system. They lack some extended features, such as outbound internet faxing and international numbers, and do not currently have an office plan with unlimited calling. However, Halloo has some unusual benefits, such as a Google app and stellar customer service.

Halloo Pro’s and Con’s


  • New integration to Google Apps
  • Free to get started with 100 mins & 3 users
  • Excellent customer service
  • Call Center plan
  • Find Me, Follow Me
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • 100 Free Extensions for Business Plan


  • Assigned local number only on Free account
  • Port-out fee
  • No outbound internet fax
  • No international numbers
  • Additional Number Needed for Conferencing Room Calling
  • No unlimited minutes plans

Halloo Free

Halloo Free is actually free, and not just for the standard 30 days. This plan proffers a free local number and 100 minutes per month for up to three users. If you refer people, you will get an extra 100 minutes and can earn as many as 500 per month. This is an excellent way to get your toes wet in the VoIP market without actually having to pay anything, especially since even free users get access to Halloo’s sophisticated user interface.

Halloo Free Plans: 1-3 lines, 100-500 for free

Halloo Biz

Hallo Biz is geared towards a range of customers, from private individuals to business users. With plans starting at $4.95 for 100 minutes and going up to $19.95 per month for 2000 minutes, Halloo has everyone covered. All plans are available on a month-to-month basis for an extra $4.95/mo. With any of the Biz plans, you can expect top-notch features like auto-attendant, hunt groups, and up to 100 extensions.

Halloo Biz Plans: 100 mins/$4.95 per user + 5.9 cents overage minutes; 300 mins/$9.95 per user + 4.9 cents overage minutes;

Ultimate: $19.95/mo. 2000 min for local numbers OR 750 min for toll-free.

Halloo FlexCall Center

Halloo’s FlexCall Center plan is made for call centers with 5-40 representatives. It doesn’t require any special equipment or even plug-ins, so it is extremely easy to set up and start using. It is based on a Rich Internet Application that boasts management, tracking, ACD queuing, and other call center features. If you don’t want to buy PBX phones and want to start your call room on VoIP immediately, this may be the call center plan for you.

Halloo FlexCall Center Plans: $199.95 per month for one supervisor and three agents. Includes three queues, two mailboxes, 1,000 prepaid plan minutes.

Activation Fee: $150
Additional agent seats: $19.95/mo.
Additional supervisor seats: $24.95/mo.
Overage: 3.9 cents/minute

Detailed Features of Halloo

Halloo started, like many other tech companies, in 2002 in San Francisco. It is a privately held company with an impressive and growing customer base. Halloo is notable for its excellent customer service and slim-but effective approach to the VoIP business. It does not sell VoIP phones, but it does embrace some innovative solutions, including a Google app.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialNo - but you can try the service with 100 min/month for Free
Customer Service24/7 Good
Included Minutes(per user)Free: 100/mo
Biz 100: 100/mo
Biz 300: 300/mo
Ultimate: 2,000/mo local 750/mo toll free
Overage MinutesFree: none - service stops
Biz 100: 5.9¢
Biz 300: 4.9¢
Ultimate: 4.4¢
Included Phone Numbers(Professional)1
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers$4.95/each per month
Extensions(Professional)up to 100 for Biz Plans
Local and Toll Free Transfer FeeFree
Vanity Number Fee$30 - one time fee
True 800 Number FeeFree - but not always available

What We Like About Halloo

Excellent Customer Service:

In an industry that has seen its fair share of issues with customer service, Halloo prides itself with stellar, US-based customer service that is available by phone 24/7, 365 days a year. They also offer video tutorials and a fairly good knowledge base.

Google Apps Integration:

Now with Halloo for Google apps, Halloo customers can incorporate their business phone system into their Google Apps account, making integration with Google’s email and calendars for example, extremely easy. With this feature, users will be able to import their existing users and groups directly into Halloo for fast setup, and enjoy the convenience of single sign on (SSO) directly from their Google Apps account into Halloo.

Free to Get Started:

You can get started with a Free plan from Halloo with 100 minutes for up to three users. This will allow you to forward calls to your mobile and use almost all of Halloo’s great VoIP features. It’s an excellent way to make sure Halloo is the right choice for you without having to adhere to a limited trial period.

Click to Call:

Like a few of the other providers we’ve reviewed(RingCentral, Phone.com, and FreedomVoice), Halloo offers a great Click-to-Call web interface that allows potential customers to click a link and instantly be connected via phone with your sales department.

Pop-Up Customer Information:

For both incoming and outbound calls, Halloo can provide a pop-up with information on the caller. This includes the caller’s name, profession, and a log of previous calls. The fact that you get this information before speaking to the customer means you will be extremely well-prepared before you even say halloo.


If you use Facebook, you are in luck: you already know how to use Halloo. With an interface that looks suspiciously like that of the social media giant, Halloo provides a handy timeline that shows the progression of calls through time. This timeline serves as a platform for Halloo’s advanced VoIP features, including call recording, as well as basic features (like taking notes for specific calls).

Live Receptionists:

If you like, Halloo agents can cover for you while you are out of the office. This ensures the best possible customer service, since your clients will never get stuck with voicemail – even on Christmas!

What We Don’t Like About Halloo

Additional Line Needed for Conference Rooms:

We found that this particular feature may be a bit misrepresented on other review sites. With Halloo, you do get what is considered “instant conferencing” for free with any plan. This feature allows you to add up to six additional callers into any conversation, but each caller you add uses up minutes on your plan.

If, however, you want to set up a conference call using a ‘conference room,’ you need to purchase an additional phone line. The “Meet-Me Conference Room,” as Halloo calls it, shows up as a dedicated extension on your plan. This additional phone line costs $4.95/mo.

No Outbound Internet Fax:

As of now, Halloo only provides inbound internet faxing. This is a definite drawback, as most of our top providers provide both inbound and outbound internet faxing. Today, most companies are looking to eliminate as much extra equipment as possible, and being able to send faxes via your computer using your virtual PBX service at no added cost lends itself to this end.

Port Away Fee:

Halloo provides numbers for free, but when it’s time to move on, you will have to pay a $50 port-away fee to keep said number. Halloo also states in its terms and conditions that it owns any phone numbers it assigns to you and that it has the right to change said numbers at will. While instances of this occurring are no doubt rare, a sudden number change could have a serious negative impact on your business.

Limited Availability of Local Area Codes:

Halloo has a very limited number of available local area codes. You have to contact them directly to see if you can transfer an existing local number or get a local number in a specific area code. Again this could be a problem for companies with established local numbers.

No International Numbers:

Halloo currently does not offer international numbers. This crosses it off the list of choices for the many businesses that require out-of-country communications.

Halloo Review Summary

Halloo offers plans for both individuals and businesses and is a good choice for those who do not need to make or receive calls to other countries (other than Canada). Clients can get a toll free number and simple call forwarding, voicemail, inbound faxing, instant conferencing, along with more advanced features like an auto-attendant, dial-by-name directory, hunt groups (queues), multiple extensions and conference rooms. Halloo’s US-based customer service gets top rankings and is available by phone 24/7, making it an especially viable option for customers who want to get help from an actual person.

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  1. says

    Rating: 1

    These people have no tech support or customer service and they should, as their service is abysmal. There is no real tech support and the “answering service” is useless in that they do not even know the packages offered by the company. Our two person operation, with company email, signed up for the free account and there has been nothing but trouble ever since. Customers being disconnected while holding, links not working, and most recently, a cancelled free account. After roughly 60 days of trying this crap, we are just resorting to using our personal phones until we build our business enough where we can afford a real service. Stay away from this time waster.

  2. says

    Rating: 1

    As a start up, I signed up for the free account with an expectation that I would soon request a toll free number and move to a paid account. I have not been through one billing cycle yet and already the links to play my VM in Halloo will not work. I contacted CS and was told that someone would be in contact with me. Before anyone could contact me, I went back into my account to make changes and discovered that the links for “new event” and the edit function for existing events, do not work (all these links worked when I opened and set up the account). I opened the account on June 26th and by July 7th, it is not working correctly. when my issue was addressed, I was asked to make sure I have a updated version of Adobe Flash, which I do, and that something could be wrong with my Chrome settings, which it is not. I even disabled my ad blocker while in Halloo (something I neglected to do while setting up and testing the account in June, without consequence.) Ad blocker or no ad blocker, with everything updated, Halloo still doesn’t work. They also suggested I use a new browser but never suggested that there was a problem with the service. Why would anyone move from the free account to a paid account when the basics don’t work? I will use the account for as long as I can stand before doing some research for a more reliable service. Hopefully, I will have some income and will be able to get a real auto- attendant.

  3. says

    Rating: 1

    No stars. We found a bug in their software that actually led to our callers being cut off. It was their fault and they did correct it. However, I would expect some sort of refund or compensation for this mistake. Instead I was told we could find another provider and that there was no one who could take our call to discuss.