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HoverNetworks Virtual Phone

Product: HoverNetworks
Type: Office Only
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Entry Price: $19.99/month

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HoverNetworks is a new, up and coming virtual phone system provider, but we see a lot of promise from this company with strong VoIP technology foundations. They offer a strong, robust, feature rich hosted PBX with competitively priced office packages.

HoverNetworks Pro’s and Con’s


  • small business plans for any size home office or office
  • unlimited extensions
  • free Business Class IP Phone with 2yr Plan
  • fully featured Hosted PBX
  • No limit conference calls – as many people as you want
  • free toll free and local number transfers
  • good in-house 24/7 customer service


  • No Vanity Number Support
  • No True 800 Numbers
  • No click to call/call me features for the web

Detailed Features of HoverNetworks

HoverNetworks was founded in 2009 in Buffalo, NY. They currently offer flat rate/office bundled packages for 1-20+ users. They bundle them in increments of 1-3 users, 4-19, and 20+, which seems to be a standard that the industry is moving more and more towards. They along with both RingCentral and VirtualPBX will give you unlimited local and long distance calling but only 1000 toll free minutes per user per month. Again that seems to be pretty standard – no surprises there.

  • Setup/Installation Fee
  • Disconnect/Cancellation Fee
  • Free Trial
  • Customer Service
  • Included Minutes
  • Overage Minutes
  • Included Phone Numbers
  • Cost for Additional Phone Numbers
  • Extensions
  • Local and Toll Free Transfer Fee
  • Vanity Number Fee
  • No
  • No
  • Yes, HoverNetworks Offers a 30 Day Free Trial
  • 24/7 Great, In-House – 1 hour after hours call back
  • unlimited local/long distance
    1,000 toll free/month/user
  • 2.9¢
  • one toll free and one local
  • $3.99/each per month
  • unlimited
  • Free
  • Not Available

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What We Like About HoverNetworks

Unlimited Call-ins:

With HoverNetworks you can have any number of people on a conference call that is hosted on your system.

24×7 In-house Customer Service:

According to CEO Darren Ascone, HoverNetworks wants to be known for their quality customer service. They pride themselves in being a customer centric company – from their free consultation to help you pick the right solution to their 24×7 support after the sale to answer questions and deal with any issues that come up.

Business Class IP Phone Free with 2 yr Contract:

If you sign up for a 2 year contract with HoverNetworks, you can get a business quality VoIP Polycom phone for free. This is a $100 minimum value.

High Definition Voice:

All the business class phones used by HoverNetworks use HD audio for high quality, crisp sound for all your conversations.

No Charge for Local and Toll Free Number Tranfers:

You can transfer either your local or existing toll free number at no charge to HoverNetworks. So keep your existing local or toll free number and not pay any fees to transfer either of them.

All the Features of a Hosted PBX:

Get all the standard features of a hosted pbx such as voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, call blocking, caller id, call queueing, hunt groups and a whole lot more.
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What We Don’t Like About HoverNetworks

No Vanity Numbers:

Just like Nextiva, HoverNetworks currently does not offer Vanity Numbers. According to Darren Ascone, CEO, it is their belief that most small businesses don’t ask for Vanity Numbers. However from what we’ve seen this isn’t the case, and we feel that not offering vanity numbers does put them at a bit of a disadvantage in regards to their competitors who do offer this service.

No True 800 Numbers Available:

This actually is an on-going issue for all toll free number providers. Rarely do true 800 numbers become available and when a pool of numbers does become available they usually go very quickly. So in reality this isn’t only a HoverNetworks issue, you may also find that getting a true 800 number may be difficult from any provider. HoverNetworks just doesn’t even try to make them available – rather you can select from the typical 877, 866, 855 prefixes.

No "Call-from-Web/Click-to-Call" Feature:

With most companies having some form of web presence now, it is unfortunate that HoverNetworks doesn’t have a "call from web" feature that allows website visitors to quickly and easily connect with merchants via phone while visiting that merchants website. These "click to call" buttons can create impressive increases in conversion when placed correctly on a merchants website. They can also provide additional "buyer confidence" in the shopper that may not be quite convinced yet.

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HoverNetwork Review Summary

We like HoverNetworks fresh, aggressive, customer service focused approach to providing virtual phone systems. Their hosted pbx is a feature rich, robust system and competitively priced to make it affordable for the one person home office or the small office looking for all the features of a pbx without the cost! We feel missing features will be coming quickly as they ramp up. All in all, a great option that we are happy to add to our line-up of Virtual PBX providers.

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