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In a mtg. Will call as soon as I’m out.

Making and receiving business calls from cell phones is a VoIP standard practice. But what about business texting? RingCentral has gotten a head start on exploring this new realm with RingCentral Business SMS, which allows its business users to send and receive texts, calls, and faxes using one mobile number. Now all you have to worry about is AutoCorrect.

Virtual PBX Forwarding
Before we get into how RingCentral Business SMS works, we should probably look into Virtual PBX use on cell phones in general. Part of the beauty of virtual PBX is that it is mobile. All virtual PBX needs to work is an internet connection and a power source. This means that when you move office spaces, all you have to do is pick your phones up and take them to your new desk – no need to call the phone company.

It also means that smartphones, which have both internet access and a power source (e.g. a battery,) are an ideal pairing with virtual PBX. Most VoIP providers allow users to make and receive business calls from cell phones, or even make cell phones the primary VoIP phone (like Grashopper). These customers have two numbers for their cell phones – their private number and their business number – and use their cell phones as both personal and business devices.

RingCentral Business SMS
Despite the fact that tons of businesses are already using their cell phones for business VoIP calls, business texting via VoIP isn’t widely available. RingCentral Business SMS, a general feature included with all RingCentral business plans, is an exception to this rule. On top of using cell phones as VoIP business phones, with calls and voicemails available, RingCentral allows users to text using their business number from their cell phones as well.

RingCentral makes their texting service straightforward to use. Text messages are unlimited and can contain up to 160 characters. Users can message from both tablets and smartphones, and the texts act like they would if you were receiving them on your private line, prompting push notifications. You can even choose to receive text alerts via email so you don’t miss a single word.
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Business Texting
Although at first it can sound overly causal, business texting is becoming standard practice – and not just mass “Check out our new sale!” text messages. Here are just a few ways texting from business numbers can help your company.

Excellent Response Times: There are a million situations where texting can be the fastest way to inform a client or coworker about a new development. Realtors, for example, could use business texting to let a client know how many people showed up to an open house; employees can quickly text their bosses to confirm that a deal went through. Nothing soothes an edgy client like a “just shipped your order” text message.

Customer Service: Fast customer service is always a plus. Since texts are short and you can send them from anywhere, they are a convenient way to answer customer questions or confirm the receipt of a document. Imagine you are out to lunch when a customer suddenly has an urgent, yes-or-no question; your client will feel taken care of thanks to your lightning-quick response.

Silent and Fast: Texting is not only fast, it is quiet – no talking required. Sending a quick business text during a meeting, a conference, or some other time when talking is not an option can ensure that you stay in the loop (and keep others in the loop) all the time. Plus, an “I’m in a meeting, I will call you as soon as I get out” text message makes clients feel very VIP.

RingCentral Business SMS is an excellent tool for companies hoping to integrated texting into their everyday activities (see the video below for even more ways to incorporate texting into your business life). Already a RingCentral customer? For now the service is only being automatically added to new accounts, so contact customer service directly and see if you can have it added. Just make sure not to let this happen to you, and your new business texting is sure to be a success.

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