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Maybe you are debating about adding a Click-to-Call button to your website, and whether the feature is something you really need.

So take a step back and put yourself in your customer’s seat for a minute.  What if you were browsing through your own website, and you had a simple question about a product or service you are very interested in purchasing.  You don’t want to wait a day or two for an email response, and picking up the phone and dialing your 800 number?  Well, it’s just too much of a hassle right now.  So instead you are able to just click a button, get instantly connected to a person who quickly, and very politely answers your question for you, while also telling you about this fantastic promo that just happens to be running that will save you 10%.  That interaction you just had with that person, may very well have been the deciding factor between whether you purchased that product or service, or you simply clicked away to another website in hopes of finding your answer.  Oh, and by the way, that call didn’t cost you (the customer) a cent, just as if you had dialed your company’s 800 number.

Recent studies from Forrester Research that were conducted on multiple implementations of eStara have shown that businesses can:

  • gain as much as 100% higher conversion rates with Click-to-Call users over non-users
  • gain higher returns on investment on their advertising dollars spent
  • reduce operational costs by reducing the average volume of non-transactional calls and improved the over-all duration of customer calls.
  • realize a 22%-25% reduction in web-site abandonment on sites that implemented Click-To-Call over sites that did not

Studies also indicate that 88% of click-to-call users state that they were more likely to contact a company that offered click-to-call than one that didn’t.

What these studies prove is that Click-To-Call offers companies a way to provide the same or similar levels of customer service via their website, as they would if they had a physical location.  Customers are also confirming that this is not only very important to them, but can also be a deciding factor in their purchasing decisions, with the limitless opportunities available to them on the web now.

The benefits of Click-To-Call over simple Chat features are simple and customers are reinforcing the belief that they prefer to speak with a real person, that they can build rapport with, rather than tap out messages on a keyboard with an annoymous, voiceless, faceless person.

You can insure your own Click-To-Call success by following these 6 simple strategies:

  1. Know what it is you want to accomplish before you start. What is is you want that clicker to do when he calls? Knowing this before you put that button on your site will save you tons of headaches and your customers a lot of frustration.
  2. Place Click-To-Call buttons in Complex Areas of your website. If you have areas of your site where things are more complex, this may be an excellent place to put a click-to-call button. It can drastically reduce website abandonment in just such areas, where customers may feel a bit uncomfortable completing a sales transaction via the web. It could mean the difference for you between closing the sale, and having the customer click away.
  3. Make sure your text reads appropriately. Having the right text for what you want the customer to do, can mean all the difference. “Click to speak to Technical Support”, “Click to speak to a Customer Service Representative”, etc.
  4. Click-To-Call Button should be Branded to Site. Make sure that the button image conveys the same image about your business that the rest of your website is conveying. You want it to pop off the page, but you don’t want it to clash with the rest of your site either. It should compliment and add value to your side, not make it a side-show. The same holds true for the window that will comes up after they click on your Click-To-Call button – make sure it’s branded in the same way.
  5. Place Click-To-Call Buttons Freely but Appropriately. Don’t go overboard with the the Click-To-Call link, but you should have it where-ever you have your contact information, at a minimum. Also putting a good site branded Click-To-Call button in either the top right or top left of your site can help improve your interaction with your customers, and provide a chance for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.
  6. Inform Customers that Calls are Free, and Safe. Always make sure that you include information in the pop-up box or just below the Click-To-Call button letting your customers know that the call they are about to make is free to them, and that you insure their privacy by not selling or giving away their phone number. You want to reassure the customer that the call is safe, easy and you are protecting their privacy.

With low cost virtual phone systems small businesses can now benefit from Click-To-Call features which are quickly and easily implemented on their websites.  Of the providers we have reviewed, both RingCentral Online and Virtual Office provide Click-To-Call functionality and both do it equally well.

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