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RingCentral vs. 8.8


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In this article we will compare RingCentral Office – RingCentral’s flagship product line, with unlimited minutes and business-class phones – to 8×8, which offers US-based customer service and great deals on international calling.

RingCentral and 8×8 have some important things in common. Both VoIP companies are established in the market and have excellent reviews and customer rankings. Both are reasonably priced and focus on unlimited plans. And both sell VoIP phones, offering good deals to new customers.

That being said, these two VoIP providers do have their differences. 8×8 has more hidden fees, such as activation and cancellation fees. They also charge for additional extensions, and each plan only comes with one included extension (this is because each 8×8 extension gets a direct phone number). In contrast, RingCentral charges very few fees – it has a completely free trial, no activation fees, and includes plenty of phone numbers and extensions with each of its plans.

8×8 does have a few more welcome peculiarities, particularly where international calling is concerned. These include unlimited free international calls to in-network numbers, as well as some international destinations (like the UK, Italy, and Ireland) with the unlimited plan.

8×8 also offers substantial discounts even on smaller accounts. Right now, they are offering their unlimited plan for $29.99 per month. That makes 8×8 cheaper if you only need one extension – but substantially more expensive if you need more than one. 8×8 only offers one extension per plan, which is why all of its plans are called “extensions.” So if you need two extensions, you will be paying nearly $60 per month for the unlimited plan (but you will also get two phone numbers).

Take a look at our direct comparison of RingCentral and 8×8 here:

Free Trial 30 Days 30 Days
BBB Rating A+ A+
Pricing From: $19.99 From: $29.99
Activation/Shipping Fees Shipping fees for Polycom Phones:
$18.95 for 1-3 devices
$24.97 for 4-7 devices
$29.95 for 8-10 devices
All plans have $39.99 activation fee.
Under 5: $50.
Over 10: $10 per phone.

Free shipping available for “large” orders.

Included Monthly Minutes Unlimited Local & Long Distance in US/Canada 1,000 toll free min/month
(3.9¢/min after)
Metered: 250 minutes.
Unlimited and Global: Unlimited.
Fair Use Policy Yes Yes
Included Numbers 1 local or toll free main company #,
1 local/toll free fax #, &
1 local # per user
1 local phone number
1 true 800 number
Included Extensions 1 User – 10 extensions
4 User – unlimited
10 User – unlimited
1 (each extension includes a direct local phone number)
Conference Calling Included Included
Vanity Numbers $30 one time fee Not Available
Customer Service 24×7
(outsourced – good)
(US-based – excellent)

8×8 –

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8×8 is a well-established, award-winning VoIP service provider with a focus on plans for businesses and enterprises. It has some quirks, like a wildly expensive web conferencing plan, but the unlimited plans are very competitively priced. 8×8 is also one of the only companies to offer some international calling with even basic plans.

Perhaps one of 8×8’s biggest setbacks is its exclusion of extensions from plans. Essentially, 8×8 is only a good option if you can get by without extensions (so for very small businesses). However, it does offer international calling for far cheaper than most other VoIP providers. It also boasts excellent customer service via web chat, though the same cannot be said for its phone customer service staff.

8×8 Virtual Office Key Features

  • Great international calling
  • Free advanced features
  • No porting fees
  • US-based customer service available via e-chat or phone
  • Only one included extension
  • No vanity numbers
  • Activation fees on every plan
  • Internet faxing not included with basic business plan


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RingCentral Office provides unlimited calling and faxing in the US and Canada, with a pricing system that is based on number of users rather than minutes. Each plan includes one local or toll-free main company number, one local or toll-free fax number, and one local number per user. Unlimited minutes come with a base plan starting at $34.99/month for one user and go up from there to $24.99/month per user for 2 – 19 users; $21.99/month per user for 20 – 99 users; and finally to $19.99/month per user for 100+ users.

RingCentral started the move to bundled flat rate plans, and you will see more and more merchants going to these plans now. RingCentral seeing increased competition in this space, but since it features no activation or setup fees, unlimited extensions starting with their four-user plan, and included conference calling, it is still a frontrunner among VoIP providers.

RingCentral Office Key Features –

  • Unlimited Calling and faxing in the US and Canada
  • Each plan comes bundled with a toll-free main company number, toll-free or local fax number, and one local number per user
  • No activation or setup fees
  • Unlimited Conferencing
  • Busines SMS
  • Integration
  • Mobile Apps – Android, iPhone, Blackberry
  • Free Implementation advisor on 2+ User RingCentral Office Plan


RingCentral is overall a better VoIP option that 8×8. The only exceptions to that would be for one-person businesses or businesses with hefty international calling needs. RingCentral includes substantial numbers of internal extensions with all of its plans; 8×8 only offers external extensions with unique phone numbers, and each one costs quite a bit per month. RingCentral also does not charge activation or cancellation fees.

The only way that 8×8 presents a better front than RingCentral is through international calling. 8×8 is one of the only VoIP providers to include certain international destinations with each and every plan – even domestic ones. They also offer free calls to other 8×8 customers anywhere in the world. Finally, their one-extension unlimited plan is cheaper per-month than RingCentral’s.

If you want to give either company a whirl, doing so is free thanks to both companies’ free trials. Try either RingCentral Office or 8×8 for 30 Days Free, and let us know what you think.

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