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Best Office Based Plans

office-based-plansOffice, or Flat Rate plans, work best for companies with more typical phone usage, who also have employees in different locations that are serviced by broadband internet. If you have offices around the world, or possibly employees working from home offices that you want to connect via one phone system, then a flat rate office plan will work great for you.

  1. RingCentral Office – Plans from 1 to 100+ with features like Business SMS, mobile apps, and plug and ring desk and conference phones.
  2. VirtualPBX Office – Advanced PBX features, Free VoIP phones with any plan, Free Call Recording, and 2 phone numbers included with every plan.
  3. Unlimited – Unlimited minutes – including toll free minutes, International virtual numbers, caller analytics and conferencing for up to 500 participants w/HD Voice Quality.

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Best Professional Plans

time-based-plansProfessional, or Usage Based plans, are best for companies with employees on separate land lines or cell phones, that have low monthly usage needs. They are also great for traveling professionals who may rarely be in the office. These people can then give out their virtual phone number to business contacts, rather than their personal cell phone number. All calls can be forwarded from their virtual number to their cell phone number and clients will never know the difference.

  1. VirtualPBX Anywhere – Reliability and Quality, Free VoIP Phones on all plans, conference calling for each extension owner, and 2 phone numbers included with each plan. Starting at $7.99/mo
  2. RingCentral Professional – Exclusive pricing offer that provides up to 35% off, Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry, and click to call web feature. Starting at $8.29/mo
  3. Professional – Inums – international numbers not tied to a country, highly customizable plans, mobile office/mobile Voip features, and simplified pricing. Starting at $14.99

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