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Professional Virtual PBX Plans

In the grid below you will find providers that offer Professional Plans (based on minutes used per month).
You can also get a detailed comparison of Virtual Phone Systems that offer Office plans with flat billing per User, per month.




Nextiva Connect



Professional Plans
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Detailed Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
Pricing Per Month Pro: $9.99
ProPlus: $19.99
ProBusiness: $24.99
VPBX-300: $7.99*
VPBX-1000: $19.99*
*if paid annually
300: $9.99
700: $27.30
2200: $77.00
2500: $85.00
5000: $165
10000: $310
Pay-as-you-go: 4.9¢/min
Solo: $26
Partner: $44
Small Business: $80
Connect 100: $8.95/mo*
Connect 500: $19.95/mo*
Connect Unlimited: $69.95/mo
*if pre-paid annually
Start: $9.95/mo
Edge: $24.95/mo
Suite: $59.95/mo
Pro: $9.95/mo
SOHO: $19.95/mo
Small Business: 29.95/mo
Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial
Included Minutes Pro: 300
ProPlus: 1,000
ProBusiness: 2,000
VPBX-300: 300
VPBX-1000: 1,000
Solo: Unlimited
Partner: Unlimited
Small Business: Unlimited
Connect 100: 100
Connect 500: 500
Connect Unlimited: unlimited
Start: 300
Edge: 1,000
Suite: 2,500
Pro: 300
SOHO: 500
Small Business: 1,000
100 additional w/each extension added
Overage Minutes Pro: 4.9¢
ProPlus: 4.4¢
ProBusiness: 4.2¢
VPBX-300: 4.9¢
VPBX-1000: 4.4¢
VPBX-UNLIMITED: 3.9¢ (if over fair use policy)
4.9¢ 4.5¢ Start: 4.9¢
Edge: 4.5¢
Suite: 3.9¢
Pro: 5.9¢
SOHO: 4.9¢
Small Business: 3.9¢
RingCentral Office VirtualPBX Office Grasshopper Nextiva Connect FreedomVoice eVoice
Included Phone Numbers 1 per plan 2: in any combination of local and toll free 1 Local, Toll Free or Global 1
Solo: 1
Partner: 2
Small Business: 3
1 1 2 max
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers
(per month)
$4.99 each $5 each $4.99 $5 each $4.95 each $5.00 each for Toll Free
$10.00 each for Local Numbers
Not Available
Extensions Pro: 2
ProPlus: 5
ProBusiness: 10
$2.99/mo for additional virtual extensions
unlimited on all plans unlimited unlimited Connect 100: 10
Connect 500: 20
Connect Unlimited: 100
Start: 10
Edge: 25
Suite: 100
Pro: 2
Small Business: 5
Advanced Features RingCentral Office VirtualPBX Office Grasshopper Nextiva Connect FreedomVoice eVoice
Mobile App yes yes yes yes yes no
Service Level Agreement yes no no no no no
Server Locations 2 1 2 2 3 2
Fully Redundant Network yes yes yes yes yes yes
Features RingCentral Office VirtualPBX Office Grasshopper Nextiva Connect FreedomVoice eVoice
True 800 Number Fee FREE $25 one time FREE with coupon “Free800” $15 FREE $30 FREE
Vanity Number Fee $30 one time $25 one time FREE with coupon “FreeVanity” $30 Not available $30 $30
Toll Free Number Transfer Fee FREE $25 FREE $30 $19.95 $30 FREE
Local Number Transfer Fee FREE $25 FREE $30 $9.95 $30 FREE
Features RingCentral Office VirtualPBX Office Grasshopper Nextiva Connect FreedomVoice eVoice
Customer Service 24×7
(out-sourced – good)
(in-house – excellent)
(in-house – good)
6am – 6pm Phoenix,
AZ USA time –
with a service after hours
to provide 24/7 support
Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. PST
(improved US based)
No Setup/Activation Fee yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
International Virtual Number no yes yes no no no no
Queuing yes
Sophisticated Hunt Group
True ACD
Hunt Group
Hunt Group
yes yes no
Call From Web
Click to Call
yes no yes no no yes yes
Conference Calling yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Call Screening yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Call Forwarding yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Message Alerts yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Voicemail to Email yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Dial by Name Directory yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Answering Rules/After Hours yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
RingCentral Office VirtualPBX Office Grasshopper Nextiva Connect FreedomVoice eVoice
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There are many options for people nowadays for them to get the best PBX service provider. If they want to save money with their business phone system, then a virtual PBX offers that benefit. If you’re one of the people who want to get the best PBX but doesn’t want to host your own, then a Virtual PBX provider would be the best option to pick.

This article offers guidelines that people can use when they want to get the best VoIP business VoIP system for their business. The data below has been analyzed by virtual PBX experts and will offer decision-makers the VoIP information they need to choose the right provider.

Virtual PBX may also be referred to as Hosted PBX, and this is the platform that can deliver you the office phone PBX features that you need without the necessary equipment. It’s okay that you might have difficulty understanding the terms here, but just read on and the benefits of Virtual PBX will become clear.

The Best Virtual PBX Solutions Available In The Market Today

There’s a ton of great virtual PBX options on offer today, and decision-makers can easily find one that works for their business because of the numerous options available now. PBX phone solutions will one of the best ways that people can use to cut down costs in the business. But what is a Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX is a type of hosted PBX. This virtual PBX may refer to the traditional PBX hosts that you find, or they can also refer to the Cloud PBXs that people can just buy in a computer store. The term PBX refers to the system of a business that enables its communication system to route the calls and manage the various office phone extensions. PBX can refer to software systems, hardware systems, or hardware and software systems that help one improve their communication.

There are numerous types of PBX available today. Along with hosted PBXs or what people refer to as virtual PBX, there are also IP PBXs and the good old traditional PBXs that can help you. The conventional PBXs you get today are equipment with large pieces that would require an office and manual operation, as well as a person who can do on-site maintenance. But that’s not worth discussing in this article here.

Before you decide to get a virtual PBX in your business, consider first assessing the number of phones in your business and other factors to know if this particular phone system is the right one for your business operations.

Overview of Virtual PBX

In the description above, we may be able to understand that a virtual PBX is a term used for a type of a hosted PBX. What the “hosted” term in the title means is that the PBX is running through the channel of a VoIP service provider. The great thing about using a virtual PBX is that you don’t have to install costly equipment in your office just to get the full benefits of an operating PBX. This happens because there is a VoIP service provider that does the work for the Virtual PBX client. The VoIP service provider who owns the actual hardware off-site is the one that manages the entire PBX system. With this kind of set-up, you don’t have to buy any hardware to get the benefits of a virtual PBX. This can then help people save money and then help business owners buy additional equipment for the business.

How To Pick The Best Virtual PBX Providers

There are many factors people should consider when looking for the best virtual PBX for your company. The first good factor that helps people choose Virtual PBX is how easy it is to install. The good thing about going for a virtual PBX provider is that people will not require the services of a professional just to get the benefits of an actual PBX. The virtual PBX you choose should be easy to install. If the Virtual PBX you’re about to install is hard enough to set up, then you should reconsider looking for an alternative provider. What good is a PBX if you’re not able to appreciate how easy it is to install?

The second factor you should also consider when picking the right virtual PBX for you is how cheap it is. Virtual PBXs are already cheap in themselves, but among the available Virtual PBXs you have, there will still be those that are even more affordable. Some of the best providers that offer this affordability are Vonage, which right now offers some of the more outstanding and affordable virtual PBX solutions for any business problem. Any business can rely on Vonage to make sure that the communication system will not take up a lot of the budget of the company.

The next thing people should consider when they’re about to get a Virtual PBX is whether the account comes with a phone service. Not all PBX providers will be able to offer a package that is in sync with a phone service provider. Always go for the provider that can already offer the phone service as part of the package. It’s also imperative that people pick a business VoIP account if they have more than one telephone system at their company.

People should also factor in the complete set of features that are made available in the Virtual PBX. Some of the more popular features you should look for your Virtual PBX provider are the ability to put music on hold, the ability to initiate an Auto Attendant, Voicemail ability and Faxing abilities When you are picking the virtual box you need, always find out from reliable sources whether the features offered by the company are up to your standards.

It’s also good to pick the Virtual PBX that can give you a voicemail feature, as well as Unlimited Extensions and Dial-By-Name Directory feature. There’s also a way that PBXs can have a custom greeting, and having that in your Virtual PBX will be a welcome addition.

The Full Benefits of Virtual PBX

We already outlined above some of the basic advantages of using a PBX, but let us elaborate them here. The main reason that people and businesses go for a Virtual PBX instead of a real one is budget relief. With no equipment cost, a virtual PBX can provide off-site assistance to companies who want to be compact and less attached to equipment.

It’s also one big advantage for virtual PBX users that the service platform is highly flexible and scalable. This means that whether the individual or company needs the PBX for a small number of people or a bigger one, it still can offer the same quality communication solutions. The enterprise features and abilities to make international calls that are dramatically cheap are also some of the fundamental reasons that Virtual PBXs are irresistible to companies.


With this guide, it would be now easy for you to know the factors, benefits, advantages, and definition of what a Virtual PBX is. With the guide above, you can now make an enlightened decision on which Virtual PBX provider in the market will offer you the best solutions.

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