Conference Calling Made Easy

Conference Calling Made EasyYou are in the office, your construction manager is at the building site and your client is out of the country. Decisions need to be made, deadlines need to be met, time is money and you need to speak with all of them ASAP! There is only one efficient way to get all the parties involved at once, and on the same page – and that will involve a conference call!

Conference calling has become a way of life for many small to mid size businesses. The average conference call lasts about one hour. In that hour, so much can be accomplished. However, scheduling conference calls can be quite time consuming because someone is ultimately responsible for juggling all of the participants and coordinating convenient times and dates to conduct the conference.

Additionally, on the day of the conference, someone has to take the time to call into a special conference number, who in turn calls all participants and then by the time the conference is actually in place, you have lost valuable time and money!

If you are using a Virtual PBX the whole process of setting up and conducting a conference call is greatly simplified! Most Virtual PBX systems now include free conferencing, which means no additional equipment, no additional lines and no phone company contracts or wiring.

VirtualPBX makes it as easy as 1.2.3

With VirtualPBX for example, there are no long PINS or Access Codes to remember and there is no special conference number required. Now companies can maintain phone numbers in multiple cities, states and even countries, accessing the same VirtualPBX system. Because these calls are considered local there is no added expense and each user can call from any phone rather than from a computer. With VirtualPBX, making a conference call is as easy as 1-2-3! Here’s how it works:

  1. You arrange the time and let others know
  2. Have everyone call your VirtualPBX number and enter the conference bridge.
  3. Log in as the moderator and host your call (You can even password protect the conference with a self-specified PIN) “Bridges the Gap” also offers great conference calling features as well! Everyone knows, you must “bridge the gap” to be successful and is doing just that. With a system, the conference calling feature is included with all plans. All that is required is the Conferencing Bridge, which is innovative software that is already in place and compatible with any phone system, providing calls for up to 500 participants and delivered with High Definition voice quality. As the conference moderator, you’ll have over 15 call controls and can start, end, mute, lock and much more during your conference call.’s conference calling is quick and convenient with just three easy steps to follow:

  1. Arrange a time.
  2. Provide your Conference Bridge number and ID to up to 500 participants
  3. Log in as moderator and host your call. As moderator you can start, end, mute, lock and so much more all during the actual call.

Ringcentral comes plug and ring ready

With RingCentral, you can make unlimited conference calling with no added cost. Since RingCentral is cloud based, connecting and managing multiple locations, devices and workers within your cloud phone system is hassle-free and requires only a single bridge number. RingCentral conferencing lets customers create and manage conferences with up to 1000 users. And the best part, your RingCentral phones arrive plug and ring ready, requiring only an internet connection.

Expand your business and team communications”

Communication is key in acquiring and maintaining business today. Conference calling allows businesses to extend their communication reach without the hassles of traveling to and from meetings. You can build a customer base that is spread out across the world and still engage them in day to day activities as if they right next door. Engage your teams in day to day work activities as if they were right in your office, but still be able to hire the most talented and skilled people regardless of where they are physically located.

Your business is important to you; shouldn’t your conference calling features be too?

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