Five Things That Make FreedomVoice Awesome

The Top 5 things that make FreedomVoice Awesome!

FreedomVoice isn’t just another virtual PBX provider. Yes, it is an industry veteran with over 30,000 customers and a focus on toll-free numbers. But this California-based company also does things that other companies just wouldn’t do, which makes it stand out a little from its virtual PBX competitors. Here are the top five reasons why FreedomVoice is pretty darn cool.

1. They Are Old

In an industry where most companies started just a few years ago, FreedomVoice is like Yoda. It started in 1996 – nearly 20 years ago –  as a provider of toll-free numbers in the non-virtual sense. As technology evolved, so did FreedomVoice, which now works exclusively with virtual phone systems. With a strong customer base and years of experience, FreedomVoice is no spring chicken, and it likes it that way.

2. They Have This Social Media Thing Down

FreedomVoice is all over social media marketing, but not in a bad way. Their Twitter feed is full of interesting articles for small business owners, as is their monthly newsletter, the FreedomVoice Chronicle. And it’s not just on why you should buy FreedomVoice – the September paper featured pieces like “How to Take an Inspiration Vacation” and “Three Lies You Heard on Shark Tank.” Who needs BuzzFeed when you’ve got a business newsletter like this?

3. They are Do-Gooders

FreedomVoice doesn’t just sit there tooting its own horn. Instead, it likes to recognize organizations that are doing good and encourage its customers to do the same. This summer, FreedomVoice highlighted WEBIT Services, Inc. for collecting and sending donations to tornado victims in Oklahoma.

FreedomVoice also runs its own charitable campaigns, including one where they ask new customers to donate $1 a month to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. The campaign, which is still running, is expected to raise nearly $50,000 by the end of the year. The money will help Rady Hospital continue to provide care for uninsured children.

4. They Have an Alter Ego

Who doesn’t want an edgy-cool darker side? FreedomVoice, clad in white, has an alter ego – the black-backgrounded While FreedomVoice and FreedomIQ both belong to FreedomVoice, the sites have slightly different focuses. promotes toll-free numbers, while FreedomIQ is all about virtual PBX solutions for small businesses. Will they merge into one site soon? Only time will tell.

5. They Took Their Entire Staff to Hawaii

This is definitely the #1 reason why FreedomVoice is cool. A few years ago, FreedomVoice funded a trip to Hawaii for its entire staff, supplying airfare and lodging for its employees and their significant others. Why? Just to say ‘thank you.’  “Our employees have been nothing short of spectacular,” the CEO of FreedomVoice explained. “Due to their hard work we’ve hit a major milestone in our growth. This trip to Hawaii is well deserved.” If only all bosses rewarded their employees that way!

FreedomVoice is like a tech-savvy, warmhearted grandma: charitable, smart with computers, and experienced in all of life’s ups and downs. You can bet this is one virtual PBX provider that won’t be going out of business any time soon. After all, if it did, where would its employees get their next free vacation?

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