Office Plan or Professional Plan?


Confused ManMany businesses will find that flat rate plans such as RingCentral Office or VirtualPBX’s Flat Rate Plans will provide them with the most savings and give them the peace of mind of knowing how much their bill will be each month, regardless of their usage.

But other businesses and professionals, usually those that don’t use the phone alot, will find that usage based plans will fit their needs better – after all why pay for unlimited usage that you don’t need .

So how do you choose?

    Flat Rate Plans are best suited for:

  • most businesses with typical phone usage
  • employees who work in offices or home offices with broadband internet access
  • most home offices, traditional offices, or multiple location offices
    Usage Based Plans are best suited for:

  • most businesses with low phone usage
  • employees on land lines or cell phones
  • most traveling professionals, sales people, or field representatives

Use our summary comparison grids to Compare Usage Based Virtual PBX Plans or to Compare Flat Rate Virtual PBX Plans.


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  1. dustin m says

    Does anyone know about Is there service good? I don’t want dropped calls and bad clarity.

  2. says

    Does anyone have a recommendation for the best user-interface for flow and ease-ability?
    Currently on Grasshopper and is not very intuitive.