GotVMail Introduces New Pricing for Unlimited Extensions


GotVMail introduced a completely new pricing model in October(2008), that now includes unlimited extensions with every plan. They are the only provider in our list of top 5 providers reviewed that has gone to this unlimited extension model. This is a very impressive move on their part.

They are also only one of two providers in our top 5 compared, that now offer  multiple incoming phone lines depending upon the plan you purchase.

gotvmail mutiple phone lines

You will now notice that they have increased the number of minutes that are included with each plan. This move doubles the minutes in 2 out of the 3 plans, taking their Professional plan from the original 50 minutes to 100, the Small Business plan from 1,000 minutes to 2,000, and their Corporate plan from 2,000 to a whopping 10,000 minutes.

gotvmail increased minutes

GotVMail promotes themselves as “the entrepeneur’s phone system”, and markets mostly to the professional, very small business, home office, and small business market. With that said they have many of the features that this market is looking for without a lot of the complicated features that this market does not need or want, such as true ACD Queuing. Some of the features you can expect to receive are:

– Music on hold
– Toll free incoming number and/or local incoming number
– Ability to transfer an existing toll free or local number(additional fee)
– Greetings that can be set by time of day
– After Hours Greetings
– Call forwarding to any number/anywhere
– Play it on Blackberry/Mobile
– Message Alerts
– Call Screening
– Live Call transfer

One unfortunate outcome of this restructuring however, is that they have eliminated their SOHO(Small Office/Home Office) plan all together. Their top 2 competitors RingCentral and still offer a plan in this space, so it will be interesting to see if we see further consolidations with those vendors as well. This may or may not really have a big impact, with the release of their unlimited extensions on all plans, and additional incomming phone lines at the small business level. It actually goes a long way to simplifying the whole pricing model of these providers.

GotVMail Pricing

To be a truly fair and independent review site, we feel we must mention a couple of the things we still see as issues, and why, although these moves make huge strides in the right direction, we have not changed our rating of GotVMail in our Comparison.

(1) they still charge an activation/setup fee on their two lowest level plans which is the market that they profess to market most actively to. They continue to do this, while their top 2 competitors do not. Come on guys, it’s time to join your competitors and eliminate this fee. 😉
(2) They changed their per minute billing price to a flat 6¢ across all plans for “overage” minutes – minutes over the included minutes in each plan. Although this puts them in between the other 2 providers at the Professional level, it puts them higher than both, at the Small Business level and Corporate level. You will need to compare plans closely, looking at the included minutes of each provider, and the cost of the overages when deciding, because they blow the other two providers out of the water on minutes at the Corporate level, are double the minutes of their competitors at the Small Business level, but again fall in between them at the Professional level. This may be a  minor issue that may very well even itself out, but each potential buyer will need to determine how many minutes they think they will be using per month, if overages may be an issue and if so, what the cost trade-offs may be between the providers.

All in all GotVMail provides solid plans, with excellent features for the professional and small business market. Be sure to read our full GotVMail Review for additional details, and compare them side by side with the other top 4 providers.  These changes are an excellent response to their customers needs, changing economic times, and increased competition in the space. We fully expect to continue to see excellent things like this, coming out of GotVMail.

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