Now – Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers Anyone?

Grasshopper Rebrand ImageThere is quite a re-branding effort taking place this month over at GotVmail(oops, we mean

Earlier this month they sent out FedEx packages of chocolate covered grasshoppers to the top 5,000 most “influential” people – including senators, politicians, celebrities, magazine and newspaper CEO’s, etc. In the packages, were a package of chocolate covered grasshoppers, along with a tag identifying which # out of the 5,000 packages your particular package was  – hmmm, we wonder how we would feel if we were package #5,000 in a list of the “most influential”.  Would that be insulting to a “most influential” person?  Oh well, we didn’t even rank close to getting one, so we guess we know where that puts us -among the throngs of all the other “least infuential” people. 😉

As part of this year long re-brand, they have revamped their user interface and renamed it from “myGotVmail” to “Portal”.   However, they have not added any new service features, or changed their service offerings  in any way that we can tell, since they revamped their plans last October. That change in October(2008) brought their pricing models and plan offerings  more in line with their competition, however it didn’t add any new features or functionality either. While their competition has continued to add features, functionality, and new services, has remained relatively unchanged in their service offerings. There are promises of new tools and features coming soon, and when they are released we will definitely let you know about them.

However, we have to wonder if all this time, effort, and money spent on chocolate grasshoppers and a name change,  wouldn’t have been more beneficial to their customers and potential customers if it had been invested in research and development to add features currently missing from their overall offering – maybe the next few months will show that there was an investment there as well.  We will see.

With all this re-branding effort going on, we would have liked to have also seen some new features released(possibly outbound internet fax, or maybe a “click to call” web feature?), or maybe have them drop their out-dated practice of charging an activation fee.  That would have made it a truly news worthy event.

After all a name is a name, and we didn’t much mind the old one – it seemed to apply pretty well to what they do and the service they provide.   We are not really sure what grasshoppers have to do with virtual phone systems? Maybe that will become more apparent in the next few months as well. 😉

Well, that’s our opinion…What do you think?

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