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Halloo Virtual PhoneMerriman-Webster defined “halloo” as “an exclamation used to attract someone’s attention or used to incite dogs to the chase during the hunt.” Although most people won’t use this virtual PBX provider to get their dogs excited about deer season, they might use Halloo’s Google App to make a good impression on customers.

What makes the Google App version of VoIP different than a normal VoIP service? While it may not be a huge advantage for some users, businesses that already use Google Apps with some regularity should definitely go for the Halloo Google App rather than the standard service. The integration with the rest of the Google brand saves a lot of setup time for these already Googlefied businesses.

What is a Google App?

You probably already know and use several Google apps: Gmail, Google Drive, and Gchat are all examples. Lots of businesses use these tools to help organize, schedule, and delegate their work.

Google takes its apps a step further by partnering with third parties to provide a large variety of applications targeted towards businesses. The Marketplace has everything from comprehensive work tracking systems to expense report generators. According to Google itself, the Google Apps Marketplace “makes it easy for more than 4 million businesses using Google Apps to discover, purchase and deploy integrated business applications and related professional services.”

The whole reason businesses bother to sell apps is because apps fit seamlessly into the Google system. Just think of the apps on your phone: they look and act just like native applications, pulling existing data (like contacts and photos) from your phone. “By integrating with user account and application data stored in Google Apps, these cloud applications provide a simpler user experience, increase business efficiency, and reduce administrative overhead,” Google explains.

Say Halloo To Instant Organization

Companies that already use Google Apps can save time and hassle by going for the Halloo Google App instead of a standard VoIP service. Google App users are organized in groups or as individual users. If your employees use Google Apps, you may have them lumped into groups like HR and IT. Each individual user has a profile detailing basic information, such as their name, department, and contact information.

Here’s where your pre-existing Google populous comes in handy. Anyone using your company’s Google Apps will be automatically imported into your Halloo system. Groups will stay groups in Halloo, and calls can be routed to them as necessary. Calls can also be routed to individual employees by name. There’s no need to input your entire company’s information into your new VoIP system – you can just get up and go.

Real Live VoIP

Halloo has more to offer than just easy setup for companies that use Google Apps. One of its most unique features is the 24/7 live receptionist feature. Halloo can provide you with an actual living, breathing human being who will answer calls from your customers at ungodly hours, providing a personal touch seldom found in other virtual PBX providers.

For those who don’t use Google all that much, the Google App version of Halloo may not be so different than the normal version. With seamless integration with the Google system and special features like a live receptionist, though, Halloo could be an appealing VoIP choice for companies that are already avid Google App users.

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