The Hot Gossip on j2 Global virtual PBX companies are relatively small startup ventures. Not so with eVoice. eVoice is owned by j2 Global, a publicly shared company worth nearly $1.5 billion. As such, j2 Global is a popular topic in the tech world for its stocks, awards, and even lawsuits. Let’s take a quick look at the latest skinny on this tech giant.

A Bit About j2 Global

j2 Global was started in 1995 as a communications company, but it has since branched out into cloud backups and messaging as well. Ranked #79 in Forbes’ list of America’s Best Small Businesses, j2 Global has been steadily increasing its worth and business since its inception. Some of this has been by acquiring other companies, including IGN Entertainment and MetroFax.

j2 Global’s more well-known brands include OneBox, eFax, Campaigner, KeepItSafe, FuseBox, and Ziff Davis.

MarketWatch – the Wall Street Journal

j2 Global, Inc. Once Again Recognized as One of Top Technology Innovators Across the U.S. (September 10, 2013)

Publishing a press release by j2 Global, MarketWatch broadcasted j2 Global’s recent appearance on the InformationWeek’s 500 list. The list keeps track of top innovative U.S. tech companies. “The theme of this year’s InformationWeek 500 is digital business. It’s a movement, rooted in data analytics, mobile computing, social networking and other customer-focused technologies that are turning companies and industries on their ear,” Rob Preston, InformationWeek’s Editor In Chief, states in the press release. “The organizations in our ranking are leading the way.”


How Campaigner is Pushing Higher ecommerce revenue (August 30, 2013)

This article features Campainger, j2 Global’s email marketing service. Campaigner helps businesses managing their emails by setting up template emails, segments, automated replies, and the like. One of its coolest features is its responsive design email templates, which mold themselves to computer or mobile platforms.

“With the move of many consumers into the always on mobile space, brands are pushing more ad dollars online – both to PC-based and mobile-based platforms, says the article. “…one platform is helping those brands by creating a holistic look at how customers engage and can be engaged.”

J2 Global, EOG, NIC: Stocks That Delaware Fund Likes (September 20, 2013) lists j2 Global among its recommended stocks in this article, which also features companies like PriceLine and NIC. “Telecom services company J2 Global (JCOM) is up 63% this year,” says the article. “The stock raced up 18% from a 10-week consolidation before easing 5% the past few days as the market pulled back.” In fact, this has been j2 Global’s most successful quarter in history, according to j2 Global itself.

Huffington Post

Is Google Complicit in J2 Global’s Monopoly Over the Online Fax Industry? (September 10, 2013)

In the most controversial of j2 Global’s recent headlines, the Huffington Post accuses the company of acting as a patent troll. j2 Global apparently holds a patent for faxes that run through email, and they have sued numerous parties for infringing upon this idea. After settling out of court, j2 Global allegedly moves into acquiring the company. j2 Global was even sued by a competitor for continually doing this, but the case was dismissed, according to the article.

Even more surprising, the Huffington Post states that Google has been strengthening j2 Global’s hold on the online fax market by giving the company unfair representation in search results. “Such practices are technically prohibited by Google AdWords’s ‘double serving policy’” the article states. “A search of ‘online faxing’ shows that this policy is clearly in violation several times over, as the vast majority of the websites that appear with search terms related to online faxing are all owned and operated by J2.”

j2 Global may not be able to please them all, but it is certainly staying in the papers, usually in a good way. Between rising stock prices and recognition on ranking lists, it is apparent that j2 Global is going strong. Who’s to say what the next piece of news on this multi-faceted company – and its VoIP segment, eVoice – will be?

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