Make Sure Your Faxes Get to Those Who Need To See Them


Routing Faxes to ExtensionsWith RingCentral for example, you can separate out your internet faxes by receiving fax number to go to their respective call controller, account email address, and account inbox.

It’s as easy as using your extensions on your account! For example, lets say you’d like to send all the faxes for fax number (888) 444-6666 to extension 6666. It’s as simple as going to the My Settings tab. Then under the Extension column, click on the link to choose the extension – in this case 6666 – where you would like to receive the faxes for that number. Repeat this process for the next fax number you would like to assign to it’s own extension.

Once you have assigned all of your fax numbers you wish to have go directly to a person or group, to extensions via this process, faxes will be separated by fax number and received:

  • through the Call Controllers on the different PCs logged in to their respective extension and…
  • into the inbox folder of the online account messages tab for that respective extension and…
  • into the respective email address(e’s) assigned via the notification settings page for the assigned extension

With RingCentral you do need to have a voice-and-fax plan with extensions in order to set up this feature. Fax only plans without extensions will not be able to utilize this feature.

Check out RingCentral Mobile for more information on Internet Fax and utilizing this feature with unlimited extensions.

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