New Year, New Business Phone System

VoIP 2014It’s that time of year: people are making their optimistic lists of New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight, spend more time with family, get a raise – all lofty goals that may or may not be met in the coming year.

Do you want to set some realistic goals for your business in 2014? Your business phone system – a hub of activity – is a great place to start. Here are some resolutions that are the perfect way to ring in the new year.

Set Up A New Voicemail Message

If you recorded your own voicemail message, how long have you had it? If it’s been a while, consider spending some time sprucing it up. Here are a few tips:

  • Write down your script beforehand, especially if you have extensions or voice menu options that need to be included.
  • If you have a raspy or weak speaking voice, consider recruiting an employee to read the script in your place. You can even hire a professional voice actor to record your message for you if you want to go the extra mile.
  • Practice reading through your script a few times before recording. Don’t read too fast.
  • Record in a quiet area.
  • Smile as you record – it makes a difference!

Sign Up for Business VoIP

If your business doesn’t have VoIP, it’s about time you signed up. Enjoy better connections, enterprise-level features, and a smaller bill at the end of each month. Find out more about the advantages of VoIP for businesses here.

Get New Phones

With a great new VoIP connection comes the option to get new phones. Although you can use regular phones for VoIP with the help of an adapter, VoIP phones are made specifically for VoIP use and allow full use of many features (like intercom capabilities and advanced caller ID).

You can get VoIP phones from some VoIP service providers, including 8×8 and VirtualPBX. If you are a new customer, you can sometimes get substantial discounts – even free phones with VirtualPBX, free shipping, or other perks with a phone purchase.

Call People More

With your new VoIP system set up, calls will be cheaper than ever. This is especially true if you chose an unlimited plan that allows calling to international destinations. So if you’ve fallen into the habit of doing all of your business by e-mail, try picking up the phone once in awhile.

Instead of typing, call important clients to set up meetings. Phone employees if they are sick to see how they are getting on. Stay in the office for a few minutes after work to dial up friends or family and catch up. With VoIP, the cost of doing so is so low that it’s easy to stay in touch.

Hire More Talent

Many top-notch workers prefer to work from home. With a VoIP system, it is easy to provide them with a phone and extension that connects right to their house. Reaching out to this crowd can be a boon for your business, since it provides hard-to-reach talent in a cost-effective way. Plus, any clients who call in can simply dial the at-home worker’s extension and be none the wiser that the worker is not at the office.

With a business phone system makeover, your company will be ready for a bright and productive year. Happy 2014!

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