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Most VoIP providers have two types of plans: business and personal. Not so with Nextiva, whose tasty menu of business-targeted options is comparatively dizzying. Meant to satisfy any appetite, Nextiva has plans available for the big, the small, and even the call-center based business. Now these are the kinds of plans you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

Business VoIP

Nextiva’s official “Business VoIP” option is actually a label for two distinct plans: Office Pro and Office Enterprise. Both plans include unlimited calling and faxing, as well as toll-free and local numbers and a slew of business-worthy features like hold music and automated menus.

The only difference between the two plans is that Office Enterprise includes a few extra features, but boy are they good features. Nextiva Anywhere, for example, allows the user to use a cell phone as a company phone, forwarding calls to it and making calls from it using an office phone number. Pricing depends on the number of phone lines; Pro costs anywhere from $20-$35 per line, while Enterprise is $35-$45 per line.

Call Center Plans

Nextiva Hosted Call Center Plans get call centers into the VoIP game. Geared towards call rooms, which can includes sales and customer service departments, Hosted Call Center Plans come in Pro and Enterprise versions just like Nextiva’s business plans. According to Nextiva, Pro is for small to midsize call rooms, while Enterprise is a better option for large call centers.

Both Hosted Call Center Plans provide a surprisingly comprehensive list of features. Automatic call distribution, call waiting, and even analysis are all provided for both plans. Prices are customized depending on the size of the operation.

SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Internet Protocol) Trunking targets business that already own PBX equipment and want to streamline their communication services. Basically, a business can switch over to a virtual system rather than a traditional phone line using SIP Trunking, which is compatible with traditional PBX equipment.

Making the jump saves the company money, provides a better user experience, and generally welcomes the operation to the 21st century (to find out more about why switching to virtual PBX is a wonderful idea, check out this article). SIP metered plans start at $15 per months, while unmetered plans start at $25 a month.


Nextiva Connect is Nextiva’s take on the on-the-go business VoIP option. Modeled to fit business owners who want to use their cells phones as company phones, Connect routes incoming calls to up to five numbers. You can choose to use your cell phone in conjunction with a toll-free or local number (or both), and callers will hear the polished automated menus and call waiting associated with VoIP.

How is this different than the Business VoIP plans Nextiva offers? Connect is designed for small startups, and its prices are small startup-friendly. Choose from plans that cost as little as $9 per month for 100 minutes.


Last but not least, Nextiva has a separate fax plan for businesses (or regular folk) that just need to send some documents. Send faxes from your email or even your cellphone, or hook your fax machine up to Nextiva’s bridge adaptor and enjoy faxing sans the busy signals. Plans start at a paltry $5 per month for 100 pages.

Nextiva’s array of options, from a-la-carte fax to full service call center plans, has something for every business owner. The only hard part is, as always, deciding whether you want the wallet-friendly choice or something more decadent. Whatever you choose, it will definitely be delicious.

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