Goes Mobile! Andriod and iPhone Mobile Apps Launched in June!

Android Mobile Office is the first app to extend office phone capabilities to Android powered phones. This app works with any of the Virtual Office or Home phone plans from and extends all of those features to the Android phone user. There are plans to extend Mobile Office out to the iPhone and other systems later this year, or first part of next year. For iPhone Users Mobile VoIP from is available now. Mobile Office:

  • Works with Android Phones
  • Recommended version 2.X or above
  • Works with all services

Use Mobile Office to:

  • Listen to and manage your voicemail (great when combined with voicemail transcription service)
  • View received faxes
  • Show your extension’s call logs (calls history)
  • Block calls from unwanted or unidentified numbers
  • Make calls from your virtual office phone number (the party you call will see your number caller ID and NOT your cell phone number)
  • Send and receive SMS
  • Quickly connect to your conference bridge

With’s Mobile Office your cell phone can actually act as two, three or even four separate phone numbers in one mobile device. Add to this the opportunity to make inexpensive international calls thanks to your Wi-Fi or 3G connection, manage your faxes and voice-mail at the touch of a finger, or enter a conference call quickly and easily, and you’ve got a powerful application in your hand. Mobile Office allows busy business owners to always be connected and stay on top of their business activity even when they aren’t in the office.

With Mobile Office you will be using both your mobile minutes, as well as minutes based on the plan you have. Mobile VoIP is a free application for your iPhone that enables you to dial from your iPhone as if it is an Extension of your account. It requires a Virtual office Plan because in effect it creates a mobile VoIP phone (a soft phone) extension as part of the Office product. This is a seperate, special extension that has to be set up by specifically for the iPhone.
So although the app itself is free, it does require the purchase of a Virtual office plan. Mobile VoIP:

  • Works with iPhone
  • Requires WiFi or 3G connectivity
  • Requires Virtual Office account
  • Requires iPhone extension

One of the key benefits of using VoIP via your smart-phone is that you can make that important call even if you have no cell phone service – all you need is either 3G or WiFI connectivity! So, if for any reason cell phone service goes down, is over-loaded, or is unavailable where you are, but you have WiFi connectivity, you can still call or SMS via your cell phone! This can be a life saver in the case of an emergency! Take for instance recent natural disasters that have resulted in overloaded cell phone circuits… but yet WiFi has been up and operational. Being able to contact that loved one and verifying that they are safe and sound can result in great peace of mind.

With either Mobile Office or Mobile VoIP, the subscriber’s number appears as the Caller ID, keeping the actual mobile number private. This allows the business user to now be able to use their mobile phone for business purposes but yet keep their mobile number private for personal reasons and uses. This is one of the key features identified as being a top priority to their customers when they polled their users.

Visit for more information on both Mobile Office and Mobile VoIP.

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