Launches New 100% Automated Text Voicemail Service

email cell has had a text voicemail service for quite some time, but it involved having the voicemails manually transcribed from voice to text by a human being. With that service you only got the first minute of the message, and each transcription cost you 25¢.

Although this service is still available and an option for those who want it, has now launched an optional, fully automated voicemail message transcription service that will deliver your voicemails as emails to your inbox and/or SMS text messages directly to your mobile phone. This new automated service is based on software developed by Yap, Inc., and provides the highest level of speech recognition technology available, enabling faster and more accurate transcriptions.

“Our customers tell us all the time how tedious it is to listen to long and detailed voicemail messages,” said CEO Ari Rabban. “Our new transcription service makes it easy to check your voicemail – even in business meetings or loud settings where listening to messages is not practical. In fact, our new service is so quick and accurate you might never listen to a voicemail again.”

Human Assisted Transcriptions

  • Only the first minute of the message will be transcribed.
  • Message is transcribed by a human.
  • First four messages are free; after, each message is $0.25/transcription.
  • Transcription can be turned on or off at your discretion.

Automated Transcriptions

  • Message is transcribed by automated software system.
  • Unlimited transcriptions per month for $1.50

It’s easy to set up text voicemail for an extension via your “Notifications Settings” in your account panel. text voicemail setup

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