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Something is phoning home, and it’s not E.T. this time.’s new home phone service makes logo_phonecomswitching your home line over to VoIP a breeze in a virtual PBX world that is frequently focused on business plans. With all of the features that make VoIP service so convenient, you can consolidate your phone services into one easy-to-manage subscription. In fact,’s cutting-edge VoIP technology and 24/7 customer service has earned it a spot in the New York Enterprise Report’s 2013 top thirty finalists for Best Small Business Practice.

Let’s take a look at how can make personal calls seamless (and cheaper).

As Easy as 1-2-3

Here’s a step-by-step process taken from’s “How it Works” section:

1) Connect adapter to your Internet connection

2) Plug your home phone into the adapter

3) Pick up your phone and start using

After that, there isn’t much left to say about convenience.

Home Phone Transformed

When you set up a adapter in your home, all your calls are the same whether local or long distance, and all incoming calls are free of charge. You can edit any one of the following features (and more) at any time or any place through your online account:

Customized Call Routing: Route calls to your cell phone or any other phone number that you choose to add.

Call Blocking: Blocking those annoying telemarketers has never been easier. During the call simply press (*9) or afterwards you can block it via your call logs in your online account. This feature, in and of itself makes this service worth every penny!

Voicemail Transcription: If you are often in the wrong place, are too busy, or just plain don’t like checking your voicemail, this feature is for you. Written transcripts of your voicemails can be sent to your registered e-mail address or converted to SMS text message for your mobile phone.

Mobile Privacy: Subscribers with iPhone, Android, or Blackberry devices can keep their cell phone numbers invisible to caller ID by using a home phone number to make calls. Call forwarding to international numbers is available, and subscribers can use their service from a mobile device while travelling internationally. The amount of trouble and expense this feature saves for frequent travellers is astronomical.

Pricing subscribers pay less on average than traditional landline telephone users. Landline local and long-distance users spend an average of $50 per month, according to this article. If you are a landline user looking to make the switch, prepare to cut your monthly home phone service bills by at least half, especially if you make a lot of long-distance calls.

Two different pricing plans are available for subscribers, and both come equipped with all calling features. The cheapest is the Shared Minutes plan, which gives you 300 minutes for $14.99 per month. Additional minutes are easy to add (4.9¢/min each), but at a certain point you may want to consider an Unlimited User plan. Unlimited users pay $24.99/month; they get unlimited monthly calling minutes and can connect up to three calls at a time.

I currently use’s home service because we don’t get great cell phone service where we live. This service has been absolutely great with all of the features it offers. I can easily route calls to my cell phone if I will be away from home, or simply let them go to voicemail and get email or text message alerts when a message is left – allowing me to call in or go online and retrieve the message at my convenience.

With VIP features and down-to-earth prices,’s Home service is bringing the newest in VoIP technology to the homefront. Try it – the savings are extraterrestrial.

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