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We are happy to announce the official launch of two new long awaited features from

Call Screening and Call Tagging now round out a long list of great features available within’s Virtual Office product line.   Once again proves that it is responsive in listening to their customers needs and requests for additional features.

* With Call Screening, once you receive a call to your number, based on your call handling rules it can be forwarded to your cell phone, for example.  When you answer the call you will hear a message:

“You have received a call to [Your number] from [the caller’s true number]. Press 1 to accept. Press 2 to reject.”

You will now know who is calling you and what number they were trying to connect with. This can be extremely helpful in circumstances where you may have multiple phone numbers forwarded to your mobile phone. You can then choose to either accept or reject their call by simply pressing a button.

You have the option to accept the call (Press 1) which will automatically connect you with the caller or reject the call (Press 2). The rejected call will be forwarded to the next call handling rule for your number. You can enable or disable this feature anytime in your control panel.

* Add Call Voice Tagging with Call Screening, and now you have a powerful combination for any small business. With Call Voice Tagging you can assign a voice tag to either a phone number or extension.

Let’s say for example, that you have multiple departments at your company that you have forwarded to the same extension or mobile number. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know which department the customer was requesting to be routed to before you answer the call?  This would insure that you can answer the call with the appropriate greeting.

Well with call voice tagging you can accomplish this easily.  You can tag the forwarded call with “Sales” for example, and now when you pick up that phone call on your mobile phone, you will hear “Sales” announced and you can answer the call with the appropriate greeting.

If you also have Call Screening turned on with Call Tagging, you will hear:

“You have a call from [Customer’s Number] to [Your Voice Tag here]. Press 1 to Accept. Press 2 to Reject.”

Call Screening w/ call Tagging screen shot

We’ve also learned that Call Recording will be available soon from  When answering a call you will be able to simply press *+3 and you and the caller will hear a  prompt stating, “The call is now being recorded. It is your responsibility to inform the other party.” To stop the recording, press *+3 again. All call recordings will be available within the call logs section of your virtual office account. What is also great with this Call Recording feature is that it will not use any extra minutes and no extra fees will be accrued. continues to step it up by adding new  features to their product, and have always proven to be responsive to their customers needs with excellent customer service, making them a top choice for any small business.

You can read our review or compare side-by-side to other top Virtual Phone Systems.

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