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On Tuesday, 12/2/2008 introduced a new feature that really sets them apart from their competition. They now allow their customers to set up international virtual phone numbers, and only charge one flat fee per month to do so! No international calling rates, no extra per minute charges, no extras at all.  If this doesn’t get you excited let me give you an example that just might…

Let’s say ABC Company has a customer base in the United Kingdom. Well, ABC Company can now set up a phone number local to the UK for just $4.88/month cost to ABC Company. This now allows all of ABC Company’s customers in the UK to contact any location of ABC Company around the world(because remember, they are all just extensions within ABC Companies, virtual phone system) just as if they were making a local phone call within the UK!  All this for a flat fee to ABC Company of $4.88/month! As you can see this is huge for companies that have a global presence! Now even small businesses can compete globally, providing local phone numbers to their international customer base.

When you sign up for you get the choice of a Local US number, International Number, Vanity Toll Free Number, Toll Free Number, or you Can Transfer an existing number.  Simply select “Add International” Number… Select Type of number

After selecting to set up an International Number the setup is as easy as 1..2.. 3… International Phone Number Setup Step 1

Steps 2 and 3…. International Phone Number Setup Step 2 and 3

Their pricing for International numbers falls into two groupings and covers two distinct groups of countries.

$4.88/Month: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Croatia/Hrvatska, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, UK.

$12.88/Month: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Slovenia, El Salvador.

As you can see, not all countries are covered yet, so check to be sure the country you want to set up is in the list of covered countries.  You also need to note that just as with a normal toll free number, all minutes consumed during international calls count against your Virtual Office minute usage. is the only provider to offer this type of international virtual phone number service along with a fully featured virtual office system, that we are aware of.  This definitely sets them apart from the competition and again reinforces, in these editors minds at least, that this is a progressive, forward thinking company that can be expected to produce exciting things for it’s customers.

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