Adds Text Voicemail to Email & Outbound Internet Faxing


On October 28, 2008 announced some new and exciting features that we definitely find it worth writing about.

First, they’ve added Outbound Faxing to their Internet Fax offering. This is something we’ve been waiting for them to announce and something we knew they were working on!

This now means that you can not only receive faxes via their service, but you can also send faxes via the click of a button. WOO HOO! Get rid of that old clunky fax machine once and for all! If you want more information about the whole Internet Faxing concept, be sure to read our Internet Fax article on the whole topic.  You will definately get excited about what it has can offer you!

The second feature that added, and by far the most exciting item that they came up with that puts them leaps and bounds ahead of their competition is their new “Voicemail to Email Text transciption service” offering.  Now not only can you get your voicemails delivered to your email account via the standard old .wav or .mp3 voice attachments that most providers offer, but you can get them transcribed into a text file and sent directly to your email. Not excited yet?

Well think about this a minute….

Now you can “read” your messages easily and quickly, without having to leave meetings to find a quiet place to “listen” to them.   And noisy locations such as airports, restaurants, and busy street locations are no longer an issue when trying to retrieve and “listen” to important messages!   Not to mention, that you can forward that text voicemail message to your coworker without having to worry about what was said in the original voicemail, or without having to worry about messing up the date or time of that meeting, or maybe the directions to that important client.  Wow, business just got a whole lot easier and less complicated!

Enabling it is easy, check out the image below.  You simply specify the email you wish to have the text voicemail sent to.

Enable Text to Voicemail

Once enabled, you start getting your text voicemails similar to the one shown below.  Although this one shows it in your extension inbox, you also receive them to your email inbox, and cell phone notifications if you have them set up.

text voicemail example

The new feature can be enabled and disabled at any time.  Like it, love it!  Great, keep it!  Try it and not impressed?  Disable it at any time!  Wow, that’s customer service at a new level!

When you sign up for the new Text VoiceMail you get 1 month of Virtual Office Free, plus your first 4 messages transcribed for free.  After that the service is just 25¢ per message.

Again, comes through with great features to support it’s customer base, and respond to it’s customer’s needs.  At the same time they provide fantastic customer service, and offer prices that are hard to beat.  Be sure to read our complete review and check out our Comparison page.

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