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Alliance Phones

Product: Alliance Phones
Type: Cloud VoIP System

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Entry Price: $19.97/month

Alliance Phones Review Summary

Alliance Phones offers a cloud-based hosted voice over IP (VoIP) telephony solution for businesses, which is based on proprietary technology that they have developed in-house over the years. Their system allows business users to get reliable and quality voice communications at the lowest possible prices. Alliance Phone serves customers which range from tiny businesses with only one or two employees, all the way to large enterprises with hundreds of staff members.

Three Service Plans to Choose From

Alliance Phones aims to make their service simple and easy to understand for customers. They have three standard plans, where the sole difference between them is the number of supported users. The Easy Plus plan is for 1 to 3 users, the Simplicity Plus plan for 4 to 20 users and the Effortless Plus plan supports over 21 users.

Every service plan comes with unlimited calling minutes and over 50 PBX features, plus service billed by the month with no long-term contracts or expensive setup fees.

New customers benefit from a 30-day free trial offer. During that time period, they receive unlimited calling and a temporary phone number. Businesses can try out all of the features that Alliance Phones offers and determine whether these features meet their needs. As a company that stands behind the quality of their service, Alliance Phone also offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee in case a customer isn’t satisfied with their phone service.

All the Advanced Calling Features Today’s Businesses Need

Over 50 features are included with the service. Customers can choose to get a toll-free number and extra call recording for an additional fee.

Here are some of the included features:

– Caller ID management
– Call forwarding with call control
– Voicemail with voice message forwarding
– Automated attendant
– Online user portal allowing easy call and system management
– Voicemail to email
– Call recording
– Integration with a variety of business apps and online services, such as SugarCRM, Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts
   and FileMaker
– Support for a variety of softphones running on desktop and mobile platforms

Support for IP Phones

As long as a customer’s equipment is compatible with Alliance Phones services, there is no need to purchase new hardware. Alliance Phones supports a wide variety of IP phones, which includes those manufactured by the most popular brands, such as Cisco, Grandstream and Polycom. Customers who have traditional phones can even use VoIP adapters to take advantage of this cloud based solution. There are practically no limits for the type of IP phone that a customer may use, so basic phones, conference phones, executive handsets and many kinds of softphones are compatible.

Customers who don’t have IP phones can choose to purchase one of the quality devices offered by Alliance Phones. The company ships these phones already provisioned for easy setup. Customers who supply their own equipment will be given a provisioning guide with setup instructions.

Make Calls From a PC or Mobile Device with a Softphone

Softphones are a type of virtual phone that allows users to make and receive calls through their VoIP service on a PC or mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The softphone emulates many of the features found on a physical IP phone. This allows some companies to save a lot of money on telephony equipment.

Alliance Phones works with softphones that support the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP.) This is the standard for VoIP communications, so the vast majority of softphones should be compatible. There are softphones that run on a wide range of platforms, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, Windows Phone and iOS. A proprietary iOS softphone app is currently being developed by the company.

Alliance Phones provides support for CounterPath X-Lite and Bria softphones. These are among the most popular softphones in the world and are used by millions of people worldwide. However, customers are free to use other SIP-compatible softphones, such as Linphone, Keyyo VoIP, Zoiper, Blink and Jitsi.

Third-Party Software Integration

Many businesses use software tools and online apps that provide them with contact management and click-to-call features. There are many third-party tools supported by Alliance Phones, including:

SugarCRM, a customer relationship management package that is in use by millions of users from all over the world and is highly popular among businesses that have to reach a large number of prospects as part of their sales activities. The SugarCRM click-to-call plug-in and click-to-call API is fully supported by Alliance Phones.

Google Contacts, a cloud-based app that makes contact management easy. The Alliance Phones phonebook can be synced with Google Contacts in a few clicks.

Monthly Service with No Obligation

All three service plans provide features that are typically found in an enterprise-grade PBX at a low price. Unlike some competitors, Alliance Phones doesn’t require their customers to pre-pay for several years of service in advance or to sign lengthy contracts. All pricing is done on a month-by-month basis, meaning that customers use their service because they want to and not because they have to. Alliance Phones is proud to offer high-quality VoIP service, 24/7 customer support, three data centers for maximum reliability and simple plans that even those new to business phone systems will understand.

Other Features

Alliance Phones believes in flexibility, allowing users to scale up or down by adding or removing phones without any penalty. They help customers that are getting started by advising them on the type of broadband equipment or routers needed to use their service with optimal voice quality. Customers may port-in their existing phone number to their Alliance Phone service. The process is completed within 7 to 12 days. In the meantime, the customer is assigned a temporary phone number.

Business continuity and disaster recovery features are also present. Users can configure the system to forward their calls to mobile or landline numbers should their VoIP service be inaccessible due to power outages.

Alliance Phones Review Summary

Alliance Phones is one of the best business phone providers in the industry. They tailor their plan to fit your business’ needs.

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