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on: August 8, 2017

Entry Price: $17.95/mo

BroadVoice Review Summary

Standing heads and shoulders above the competition, BroadVoice is one of the most trusted names in phone service systems. Not only does it offer all the standard benefits of virtual communication, including calling, texting and emailing, but it also boasts cutting-edge technology that can turn any multi-line phone system into an easy, streamlined informational hub. It even comes with a variety of pricing packages for start-up companies or home businesses expecting growth! If you’re interested in BroadVoice for personal or professional use, here’s a quick guide to understanding all it has to offer.


BroadVoice supports both video and audio, making it perfect for everything from quick orders to extended conference calls. It doesn’t have fax capabilities, however, which might prove a challenge for business owners who have yet to go paperless.

In terms of networking, a broadband Internet connection is all that’s required for BroadVoice to function. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are both supported. For those who prefer phones, or those who anticipate needing a hardline and roaming capabilities, BroadVoice can be hooked up to handheld devices with an analogue telephone adapter. Devices can also be purchased from BroadVoice directly for maximum convenience.


The basic BroadVoice plan comes with everything expected of regular phone services, including:

  • Email
  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting
  • Call transfers
  • Directory assistance
  • Three-way calling
  • Speed dials
  • Caller ID

In addition to all the standard features of a basic phone system, BroadVoice also offers an “advanced” package that includes:

  • Forwarding services
  • Priority alerts
  • Simultaneous ringing to multiple phones
  • Conference call capabilities
  • Caller ID blocking

BroadVoice doesn’t currently offer international/800 numbers for its customers, though that may change in the future.


There’s nothing more frustrating than a thready connection during peak business hours. Not only will it cut into profits, but it can also ruin the trust customers have placed in the brand.

Fortunately, BroadVoice recognizes the importance of a safe, steady connection. It operates on a fault-tolerant network that extends throughout the U.S. and uses multiple 10G links in every location. That’s premium connectivity for a fraction of the cost of other phone systems!

BroadVoice even utilizes “double redundant” rings across all their server sites to eliminate the possibility of blackouts. All in all, they can promise 99.99 percent uptime during the entire year.


Remote access is one of the most important tools of the modern businessman, and BroadVoice rises to the occasion with a Cloud PBX network that keeps all offices and workers on the same page. From satellite buildings to employees working from home, Cloud PBX will connect, hold, transfer and forward all virtual communications with the click of a button.

As a bonus, BroadVoice utilizes what’s known as a “plug and play” installation system, meaning that no assembly or wire-crossing is required. Users can simply attach their gadgets and start making calls via a simple, easy-to-use interface.


BroadVoice plans start at just $9.95 a month for unlimited in-state calls. For more extensive coverage, users can either accept individual out-of-state charges of 3.9¢ a minute or upgrade to a national domestic package for $17.95 a month.

For international coverage, the choices balloon in several different ways:

– The “Unlimited World” package covers 28 countries and offers all the basic features of BroadVoice for $19.95 a month.
– “Unlimited World PLUS” will connect you to 75 countries with all the features and perks of an advanced BroadVoice package. Its monthly price is $24.95, and it includes free personalization options and an online account portal.
– For $49.95 a month, you can make and accept calls from a whopping 87 countries. This is the “Unlimited World PREMIUM” package, and it comes with all the advanced package features as well as your own BroadVoice phone adapter. It does, however, require a contractual commitment.


BroadVoice takes security seriously, which is why their software comes with extensive privacy protection and firewalls. Most users find that they don’t even need to open their NAT ports to enjoy the full range of BroadVoice services, adding an extra layer of safety to their connection. As for the transmissions themselves, all BroadVoice subscriber information is protected from third-party buyers, and no calls, texts or video messages may be recorded or sold.


With 24/7 online support, BroadVoice users will never be more than a click away from their account information. They’re able to manage their calls, pay their bills and access their payment histories all from the comfort of their own mobile phone or company laptop.

Customer service is similarly easy. Users are invited to call the BroadVoice hotline at any time with questions, concerns or technical queries. They also offer email support for those who prefer the simplicity of virtual interaction.


If you’re in the market for a VoIP provider, look no further than BroadVoice. It offers fast, easy communication to almost a hundred countries; it will support your business whether you have two employees or two hundred. It’s the cost-effective alternative to a complicated, in-house phone system that will do nothing but frustrate your workers and increase your overhead.

In the current economy, every dollar counts. Make your budget worth something by choosing BroadVoice.

BroadVoice Review Summary

BroadVoice is a reliable and reputable VoIP service provider. Their advanced features and reasonable prices make them a good choice for small business owners. BroadVoice is especially good for businesses that make or receive frequent calls to the international destinations that are included in their plans.

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