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CrazyCall Review

Product: CrazyCall
Type: Call Center Software

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on: March 13, 2018
Entry Price: $10/month

CrazyCall Review Summary

CrazyCall is a call center software platform that businesses can use for their customer service and sales calls. The web-based software can provide local phone numbers originating from over 60 different countries. That’s a significant benefit for businesses that make outbound calls to their customers, because people are more likely to answer calls if it looks like the call’s coming from their own area.

With CrazyCall, there’s support for both outbound and inbound sales processes. A business’s sales team can handle calls from just about anywhere, and the service is extremely easy to use. There’s a browser extension and an application available, and the control panel has a simple, intuitive design that anyone can learn how to use. The platform provides an option for creating call schedules, which helps for projects and campaigns.

Visit CrazyCall.com.

Businesses can access CrazyCall through its secure cloud service, and it guarantees an increase in a business’s productivity and its sales numbers. It has the latest technology and artificial intelligence capabilities, allowing it to cut down on a business’s costs while boosting revenues. It’s a valuable asset for any call center agents and supervisors.

Creating telesales campaigns using CrazyCall is very easy and doesn’t take much time. A business could build a campaign and get in touch with new potential customers in a matter of minutes. Since the platform also simplifies making calls, it assists millions of businesses worldwide in having better interactions with customers and go beyond their revenue goals.

Benefits of CrazyCall

CrazyCall has several helpful benefits that makes it ideal for organizations looking to improve their customer service and sales. This free call center solution provides the opportunity to select from local numbers out of more than 60 countries, which gives it a leg up on similar services. Potential customers are far more likely to take calls when those calls are coming from their own area.

The platform supports both outbound and inbound sales calls, and a business’s sales teams can make calls from essentially anywhere in the world. CrazyCall’s browser extension and native app both help quite a bit with setting up and managing sales campaigns, and it doesn’t take any training to learn the platform’s control panel. Users can also set up their sales campaigns and their call schedule simultaneously to get everything taken care of there.

The browser extension with CrazyCall is one of its highlights. Agents can save time by clicking and calling any numbers they find online instead of needing to manually copy and paste. Of course, there is a manual entry option using the keyboard. It’s easy for the user to take advantage of the extension while working on other tasks, because it’s not necessary to open the extension in its own tab. The application records every call made, giving businesses the option to download or replay them later for training or quality assurance. These recordings go in secure cloud storage.

Another perk with CrazyCall is its analytics, which are viewable for inbound and outbound calls through the live dashboard. Businesses can evaluate performance and take steps to optimize it in real time. If multiple people need to be on a call, the application has conference calling. Users can also talk privately with one caller, and then go back to a conversation with another caller.

The setup process with CrazyCall is easy enough that anyone can do it. There’s no IT team required, and bringing over contact information is quick thanks to the tool’s records importer. It also has a call list optimization function to help with call setup.

Businesses can set their own rules on how they want to manage call queues and multiple outbound campaigns occurring at the same time. The call process is faster because of CrazyCall’s automatic dialer, and call preparation is possible with the script builder, where users can create their own customized call scenarios.

If a business is already using third-party apps, such as CRMs or ticketing systems, CrazyCall will seamlessly integrate with those and send information to them after each call.

Visit CrazyCall.com.

CrazyCall Features

  • A detailed call panel
  • Quick and easy setup process
  • Call dialing
  • Call matching
  • Management options for multiple sales teams
  • Cloud-based
  • Integration with other apps
  • Workflow with an intuitive design
  • Analytics

How Does CrazyCall Make Calling Better for Businesses?

Managing Databases for Different Clients
A typical phone doesn’t help much in creating different projects for different groups of clients. CrazyCall does, because it allows businesses to transmit specific projects to hundreds of people, which is a far more efficient way to conduct campaigns.

Full Records of All Conversations
Since CrazyCall can save full call histories, it’s easy for a business and its agents to look up records of what a customer has spoken about with prior agents. CrazyCall also lets users write notes about specific calls. Call records include every inbound, outbound and missed call with a specific number.

Local Calling
When people receive a call from a number they don’t recognize, they’re more likely to take it if it’s from their locality. CrazyCall lets businesses assign local numbers coming from over 60 countries to their agents, meaning more accepted calls and more sales opportunities.

CrazyCall has won multiple accolades from review sites, including expert’s choice awards and excellent user experience awards.

How CrazyCall Ranks Among Call Center Software

In addition to being among the best customer support software, CrazyCall is also one of the best call center software.

Of course, every business’s needs can be a bit different. Before choosing a software, the business owner will need to evaluate their company’s size, number of employees, their clients and their industry. It’s wise for business owners to check out plenty of reviews and make sure they know if they need any specific functionality. Since most of these programs offer free trials, businesses should try a few different ones to see which are the easiest and best fit their needs.

CrazyCall Pricing

There are three plans available through CrazyCall, and the plans vary in price and available features.

Plan A. This plan costs $10 per user each month. For that, the business gets 1,000 monthly minutes for each of those users to 20 different countries. Inbound calls are free, and one phone number is also included free. It’s $4 per additional number. The business can have a maximum of three projects. This plan provides 45 days of call recording storage, call history and call reporting. There’s no access restriction.

Plan B. This plan costs $20 per user each month. There are still 1,000 monthly minutes per user, but this time, it’s for 40 countries and an unlimited number of projects. Inbound calls and a phone number are free once again, and additional phone numbers are $4. The call recording storage, call history and call reporting all last for one year. There is an access restriction.

Plan C. CrazyCall’s premier plan costs $40 per user each month. It has 1,000 monthly minutes per user. That’s for 60 countries, but this plan also has unlimited calling to the United States and Canada. Like Plan B, there are free inbound calls and a free phone number with a $4 charge for each additional number. This plan has unlimited call recording storage, call history and call reporting. There is an access restriction.

Customer Satisfaction

While expert reviews are useful in assessing call center software, it’s also important to see what other customers are saying about it. CrazyCall does well in this regard, as it had 17 positive mentions across different social media networks without any negative mentions anywhere on social media.

Technical Information

CrazyCall is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and web-based devices. Languages supported are English, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. The service is available on a free trial, and after that, there are monthly payments with an annual subscription. Pricing is quote-based. CrazyCall is available for small and medium-size businesses, large enterprises and freelancers. This is a cloud-based software.

Support Options

CrazyCall provides email, phone and live chat support. It also has training available.

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CrazyCall’s Closest Competition by Pricing

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  • EasyCampus – $99
  • Onstream Meetings – $5
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