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Product: eVoice
Type: Professional Only

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Entry Price: $9.95/mo

eVoice Is Best For:

Small businesses or professionals with limited needs with regards to a virtual PBX. eVoice offers limited extensions, minutes, and features.

eVoice Pro’s and Con’s


  • Get additional 100 minutes per extension added
  • Mobile app for iPhone®, Android®, or BlackBerry® mobile phones
  • New 24/7 customer service based in California and Indiana
  • Call Queuing and Internet Faxing. More than 2 numbers are available, the lowest plan offers 2 extensions, and the highest offers 15.

Detailed Features of eVoice

eVoice is a subsidiary of J2 Global along with Onebox. They offer 3 basic plans, however their feature list may be a bit light for some business needs.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialYes, eVoice offers a 30 Day Free Trial
Customer Service24/7 improved local – California/Indiana
Included Minutes300/mo
Overage Minutes$0.049/minute
Included Phone Numbers(Professional)2 extensions on Professional Plan, Small Business Plans range from 5 – 15 extensions
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers
You get 100 additional minutes for each extension you add.
$9.95 each/month to add an extension.
Local and Toll Free Transfer FeeFREE
Vanity Number Fee$30 - one time fee
True 800 Number FeeFREE - but not always available

What We Like About eVoice

Simple Approach:

We like their approach of offering 3 basic plans that are very similar except for minutes and extensions. We also like the fact that you get an additional 100 minutes for each extension you add. However their prices are similar if not more than their competitors with fewer features. They cover the main features such as:

  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Screening & Announce
  • VoiceMail
  • Conference Calling
  • Dial by Name Directory

Mobile Apps:

You can access your favorite eVoice features right from your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device. Manage your voice messages and make calls from any location. You can access all of the the standard voicemail management tools, as well as following features: caller id(your evoice number is displayed as the number you are calling from), voicemail to text, voicemail search, call existing contacts with your evoice number, and speed dial.

Improved 24/7 US Customer Service:

eVoice now provides 24/7 customer support based out of California and Indiana. They have also worked to improve their BBB rating to a B+. We give them kudo’s for the hard work and improvement in this area.

Added “after hours mode”:

They now have an after hours mode available via advanced call routing.

Canadian Numbers and Service:

They now provide local Canadian numbers as well as service in Canada.

What We Don’t Like About eVoice


eVoice has had some poor customer reviews in the past.

eVoice Review Summary

If you are in that mid-range area where you will use around or just under 1000 minutes a month, and don’t need features such as internet faxing, or queing then you will probably do fine with eVoice. You can now select from plans on the low end with only 300 minutes/2 extensions, to their top plan with 1000 minutes/5 extensions.

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  1. says

    Rating: 1

    I signed up for Evoice in March 2016. When I tried to port my land line over it was rejected by Evoice because the
    copy of my phone bill only had my name and not my address. I did not have a current unpaid land line invoice, as you send the copy with payment to Frontier that has your address. I assumed that I would not be signed up. After getting billed on my credit card, I called them to stop the service. The customer service rep said he could not find my account. (funny they had no problem billing my credit card each month), He said he would have someone call me back. I kept getting billed. When I called in September to question why I was still getting billed they said it did not matter that I was not able to port my land line over, I still had to pay the charges. I then requested to discontinue service again. I have paid over $200.00 to Evoice and never used their service. The rep I talked to in September said too bad I could not use their service I still had to pay for all those months. I am not happy and IF I can find an address I will be writing to the company. I own an Income Tax business and have tons of small business clients. Do you think I will ever recommend Evoice to them??

  2. says

    Rating: 1

    This company is A JOKE, the poorest costumer service I’ve ever had to deal with. My calls didn’t work properly, after feeling the person wasn’t aven caring about me I asked for a Manager and he said “there is no manager” how come a company with a 24/7 costumer support does’t have a manager. My problem wasn’t solved so I said I was going to cancel my account and he just proceed with the cancelation without even caring. Very bad service and very bad costumer service.

  3. says

    Rating: 1

    Really get frustrated with evoice services. From last 1 week their voicemail services is not working. I still not receiving voicemails. No support from their customer service. I can just say evoice is just a waste of time and money. Don’t go for evoice. Very very worst provider.

  4. says

    Rating: 1

    Worst company in the world, they are a fraud! Do not – I repeat DO NOT use EVOICE!

    They won’t allow me to cancel my account even though there is a no contract deal. they steal money off my credit card.
    I ported my numbers out to another phone system, tried contacting evoice to cancel my account and they just kept hanging up on me and putting me back into the phone system.

    I called their customer sales support via their chat and they again kept hanging up.

    Their system is not good, it’ lags, bad customer service, they are a fraud. Stay away!

  5. says

    Rating: 1

    The WORST customer service ever. This company has a poor service, calls don’t come through all the time. Missing client and prospect calls for a business as you can imagine is direct loss of money. They make no apologies or offer any solutions for this.

  6. says

    Rating: 1

    Their business model is FRAUD.

    It’s simple – most of the people will not fill in a dispute form and go to the bank for 10 usd/eur/gbp. 10-by-10, every month, and they steal 120 every year, until your credit card expires.

    I’ve singed up for a trail, their service is crap, and I’ve never used it actually.
    Tried to cancel multiple times, via email and telephone, since there is no option to cancel online (for the obvious reasons – they charge you for nothing every month, I’m pretty sure they don’t have real customers).

    At one occasion they’ve told me that my account will be cancelled – that happened 5 months ago – but they still charge my credit card.

    UK support number can not be reached. I’ve called their US number, and they’ve transferred me to “UK support”. The operator told me he will cancel the account, asked for this and that, and after 15 minutes he told me “he can’t do it, because this-and-that in the system, and transferred me again to “UK support”. After 5 seconds I was disconnected. I’ve spent 35 minutes and at the end I’ve got email “that he tried to connect me, but the call was disconnected”, and that “the best time to call (!?) is Monday. WTF. The owner and managers of this “business” should be in jail.

  7. says

    Rating: 1

    I got a toll free number from evoice couple of years ago as back-up for weekends but noticed later on the service was not reliable at all. Calls to this number either got dropped or failed to be forwarded to the number per set-up even though the set-up was tested to be valid. This was a failed experiment that I truly regret considering the waste of a few hundred dollars (I paid $12.99/month). Would never come back.

  8. says

    Rating: 1

    What a useless pile of crap this system is. First off, there is a delay of 3-seconds of when you talk and when your customer hears.. BUT, that’s IF you can even connect to your precious customers since 90% of the time, it never connects no matter how many times you press 1 to connect. Next, I tried logging into their amateur built website and the login button does NOTHING. Refresh, nothing. Than I get a User Authorize error lol lastly, I chat with support and the representative must’ve went to lunch because he stopped responding, or maybe their useless system lost connection with me too. Move on, if you have to pay more, do it, but this company is garbage. Their system is garbage, their support is garbage, and their website is garbage.

  9. says

    Rating: 1

    Here are a few hash tags WARNING signs you can use on social media directed straight at Evoice to spread the word about this terrible company. This is to warn any possible customers/business and give a accurate rating.
    This is toward the entire evoice staff and based off personal experience and past reviews.

    #evoice #terrible #unprofessional #redflag #fake #fony #stayaway #ripoff #neverever #garbage #suck #theworst #terriblecustomerservice #lacks #slacks #lies #worksfromhome #indiarepresentatives #Indiansupportdoesnotunderstand #lying #sleazy #scudbuckets #horriblehorrible #dontgetinvolved #nofix #problems #elevendollarlatefee #highhighfees #overcharge #complain #fail #badrep #headache #stressful #anxiety #frustrating #leavebehind #donotenter #avoid #warnind #destruction #disgust #screwedup #messedup #noeffort #badcompany #ridiculous #technicalproblems #done #over #broke #steal #dontcare #longlongholds #worst #sick #overseas #cancelservice #lying #strange #unnessicary #zerostars #kickthemout #donotsupportevoice #awfulcustomersupport

  10. says

    Rating: 1

    Very complicated to set up, 1.5 seconds voice delay on almost every call, terrible customer service (took me 5 calls to finally reach someone I could understand)

  11. says

    Rating: 1

    The following is the email I received today after already calling and cancelling the “free trial” twice. Each time they said it was canceled. Also they my login information no longer works so I can’t even get in to try and remove or change my credit card information. As I said before I really don’t think they intend to cancel until either they get a few months of payment off my credit card or they make some more money having me call their support with long distance charges.

    Below is what I received this morning:
    Re: Case#0994442 on 8/29/2015

    Dear Customer,

    Please note our records indicate that we have not received any prior contact confirming the cancelation of your account . As per the company policy we are not authorized to cancel the account without confirmation.

    To cancel your eVoice account, please verify your identity by providing us the following information:

    1. eVoice Receptionist Phone Number.
    2. First and Last Name.
    3. Billing Address Zip Code.
    4. Last 4 digits of your credit card number.

    Once we have received your information, we will be able to assist you further.

    For more information regarding this issue, please contact eVoice Receptionist Customer Support, at (866) 761-8109, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    – April C.
    eVoice Receptionist Customer Support

    They are REALLY ROTTEN, STAY AWAY from this company !

    • says

      Rating: 1

      I so wish I could leave a negative number of stars. Trust me, there is no such thing as customer service; last time I called, I had to instruct the service person. I emailed a question three weeks ago and have never received a response. I’ve spent the last thirty minutes trying to disable auto attendant so the calls will go directly to my phone temporarily, and once I disabled it, it wiped out all of the settings but not the stupid sounding auto attendant computerized voice which can’t even pronounce our own company name. No matter what I do, it still goes straight to auto attendant. It will let me add a user, an email address and an additional number to which it should forward calls, but when I go to the next step, I have to add it again and when I go back to the other step, it has disappeared again. This is the most USER UNFRIENDLY system I have ever encountered. Try Ring Central! It may cost a few dollars more, but rest assured they actually know what they’re doing.

  12. says

    Rating: 1

    OMG the service is horrible and they bill you for services that you do not need. The after hours voicemail has a glitch and shuts off each night and they are not fixing it… Total fail do not waste your money find another service..

    • says

      Rating: 1

      Absolutely agree, the most horrible company that I have ever seen.
      Poor customer service. Very unprofessional. Just a waste of money and time to work with them,

  13. says


    Let me start by saying, our start up business came with in 2 months of shutting down. I used evoice thinking that it would be nice for my business partner and I to be able to route calls to both of our phones. Our business opperates in late evening, which should mean a low time for evoice, which would equal better service. Think again!!! We were consistently seeing calls go straight to voicemail, and not the voicemail we had set up through evoice… OUR PERSONAL VOICEMAIL! We own a promotional company that books everything from dancers to bartenders for various clubs, and high end clients. Hearing a child in the background of my private voicemail is horrible for business especially when dealing with club owners.

    Additionally we realized that nearly 50% of our calls were not being put through. When we had a 2 month lag on business we started worrying that we wouldn’t be able to go on and wondered what was going wrong. After logging onto evoice (which we had tried multiple times and gotten 404 errors) we realized that we had dozens of missed calls that had never even made it to our phones. We also found out from clients that we contacted that our business number wasn’t coming up, a number in CAMBODIA was what they were seeing on their caller ID and they had been ignoring our calls for days. I can’t count how many contracts we missed out on because of simply being ignored because of call routing and caller ID issues.

    I called and complained to someone over in India who could not help me in the least. Don’t use this service, if we hadn’t found out about the missed call volume we could have very well closed our doors. A phone number is a lifeline for a company, and this company may as well put you in the grave.

  14. says

    Rating: 1

    I was a customer of the European version of E-voice, E-receptionist. After cancelling my account, I discovered they had been charging my card each month for over four months for a service I didn’t have. Their support team won’t answer my query either on the phone or telephone and refuse to admit that they have been billing me without authorisation.


    • says

      Rating: 1

      How did you end up cancelling??? I’ve already been charged once and I’ve been trying to cancel for days but nothing is working and I’m starting to panic. Please help me out.