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eVoice Review

eVoice Virtual Phone

Product: eVoice
Type: Professional Only

Customer Rating:

Reviewed by:
on: May 12, 2017

Entry Price: $9.95/mo

eVoice Is Best For:

Small businesses or professionals with limited needs with regards to a virtual PBX. eVoice offers limited extensions, minutes, and features.

eVoice Pro’s and Con’s


  • Get additional 100 minutes per extension added
  • Mobile app for iPhone®, Android®, or BlackBerry® mobile phones
  • New 24/7 customer service based in California and Indiana
  • Call Queuing and Internet Faxing. More than 2 numbers are available, the lowest plan offers 2 extensions, and the highest offers 15.

Detailed Features of eVoice

eVoice is a subsidiary of J2 Global along with Onebox. They offer 3 basic plans, however their feature list may be a bit light for some business needs.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialYes, eVoice offers a 30 Day Free Trial
Customer Service24/7 improved local – California/Indiana
Included Minutes300/mo
Overage Minutes$0.049/minute
Included Phone Numbers(Professional)2 extensions on Professional Plan, Small Business Plans range from 5 – 15 extensions
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers
You get 100 additional minutes for each extension you add.
$9.95 each/month to add an extension.
Local and Toll Free Transfer FeeFREE
Vanity Number Fee$30 - one time fee
True 800 Number FeeFREE - but not always available

What We Like About eVoice

Simple Approach:

We like their approach of offering 3 basic plans that are very similar except for minutes and extensions. We also like the fact that you get an additional 100 minutes for each extension you add. However their prices are similar if not more than their competitors with fewer features. They cover the main features such as:

  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Screening & Announce
  • VoiceMail
  • Conference Calling
  • Dial by Name Directory

Mobile Apps:

You can access your favorite eVoice features right from your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device. Manage your voice messages and make calls from any location. You can access all of the the standard voicemail management tools, as well as following features: caller id(your evoice number is displayed as the number you are calling from), voicemail to text, voicemail search, call existing contacts with your evoice number, and speed dial.

Improved 24/7 US Customer Service:

eVoice now provides 24/7 customer support based out of California and Indiana. They have also worked to improve their BBB rating to a B+. We give them kudo’s for the hard work and improvement in this area.

Added “after hours mode”:

They now have an after hours mode available via advanced call routing.

Canadian Numbers and Service:

They now provide local Canadian numbers as well as service in Canada.

What We Don’t Like About eVoice


eVoice has had some poor customer reviews in the past.

eVoice Review Summary

If you are in that mid-range area where you will use around or just under 1000 minutes a month, and don’t need features such as internet faxing, or queing then you will probably do fine with eVoice. You can now select from plans on the low end with only 300 minutes/2 extensions, to their top plan with 1000 minutes/5 extensions.

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  1. says

    eVoice Review
    Rating: 1

    Impossible to get them on the phone. Wait times of up to 2 hours common. Call center in india can’t understand them. I called today and they told me to call back on Monday !? Also many times the phone lines don’t work people call and get a busy signal. Do not depend on Evoice if you run a business.

  2. says

    eVoice Review
    Rating: 1

    BEWARE!!!! Evoice has been scamming us!!! They charged us for over two years after cancelling!!! You cant cancel service online, and they don’t respond to billing enquiries by email (no written records, only by phone = scam.) We contested. They hang up on us. To be clear, and if in doubt, that service was NEVER USED. They knew it, but still did not want to reverse the charges. I wonder how many people got scammed. Would give 0 stars.

  3. says

    eVoice Review
    Rating: 1

    You have to call them up to cancel the account. Unbelievable. And guess what? They don’t even answer!

  4. says

    eVoice Review
    Rating: 1

    They refuse to cancel the service. I will need to block them at my bank. I have tried the following:

    – Attempted to find a close option on their web portal (failed)
    – Requested closure via their web portal (failed)
    – Requested closure via web chat (failed)
    – Requested closure via their phone number. Their representative put me on hold for 10 min and then told me that my US number is not a US number.

  5. says

    eVoice Review
    Rating: 1

    Service does not work right. Customer service is ignorant, rude and helpless. Chose to jut hang up on me when she could not solve my issue. Tried to work with chat and his option was for me to cancel the account, loose my hone number and start all over. Ended up cancelling right after. Sill being charged even though I have their confirmation email and case #. Waste of time and money – complete joke of a company