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FreedomVoice Review

FreedomVoice Virtual Phone

Product: FreedomVoice
Type: Professional Only

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on: May 12, 2017

Entry Price: $9.95/mo

FreedomVoice Is Best For:

FreedomVoice offers their customers the ability to customize features to meet their most specific needs, this ability gives customers the flexibility that other Virtual PBX’s simply don’t have. Be aware that these customizations will come at an added cost however, so if you have very specific needs that other Virtual PBX’s can’t meet, and are willing to pay to get them, then FreedomVoice may be a good fit for you.


FreedomVoice Pro’s and Con’s


  • WebLINK Internet Control Panel
  • Ability to Easily Customize features


  • Limited Customer Support/Poor response times
  • Plans/Features options not readily available
  • Many features incur additional monthly fees
  • $10/mo for a local line

Detailed Features of FreedomVoice

FreedomVoice was established in 1996 and was one of the first providers of toll free virtual office solutions in the Unites States. Today, FreedomVoice provides businesses with communications tools and cutting-edge features to enhance their professional image, improve their connectivity, create flexibility, and increase efficiency.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialYes, FreedomVoice offers a 30 Day Free Trial
Customer ServiceMonday-Friday 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. PST
Included MinutesStart: 300/mo
Edge: 1,000/mo
Suite: 2,500/mo
Overage MinutesStart: 4.9¢
Edge: 4.5¢
Suite: 3.9¢
Included Phone Numbers(Professional)1
Cost for Additional Phone NumbersToll Free: $5/ea/mo
Local: $10/ea/mo
ExtensionsStart: 10
Edge: 25
Suite: 100
Local and Toll Free Transfer Fee$30 - one time fee
Vanity Number Fee$30 - one time fee
True 800 Number Fee$30 - one time fee, but not always available

What We Like About FreedomVoice

24/7 Free Teleconferencing:

FreedomVOICE is now offering this feature FREE for one year. After that, it’s only $5 a month plus minute usage to continue the service. This reservation-less service gives you a permanent toll-free number that is available 24/7 for your conferences.

No More 2-Leg Billing:

We give FreedomVoice credit for discontinuing their practice of 2-leg billing within the U.S. What 2-Leg billing means, is that a provider charges for the incoming call to the pbx and then again to connect from the pbx to your number. There is one exception with FreedomVoice to this however, and that is Canada, in which calls from Canada to a Canadian number are charged 6.9 cents on the incoming leg and an additional 4.4 for the connected leg.

WebLINK Internet Control Panel.

WebLINK is an online control panel that lets you manage your FreedomVOICE Virtual Office from anywhere, if you have Internet access. WebLINK allows you to check your voice and fax messages from any computer. It also allows you to make changes to your virtual office settings in real-time, offering the tools and reports you need to fit your virtual PBX to your changing business needs. Turn your voice system into a virtual PBX through the WebLINK web access system.

Customization of Features:

FreedomVoice offers a number of customizations that add to the flexibility of their toll free systems. If you have specific needs for your business, FreedomVoice can create customized systems to fulfill your specific business request.

What We Don’t Like About FreedomVoice

Incomplete List of Features:

If you visit the website of FreedomVoice, you will not have quick access to the list of its available features or plans and pricing. It does not have a features tab readily apparent. You would have to act like you are signing up, without actually completing it, to get the prices and features. And once you have finally seen the list, you will notice that only a few features are included. One would think that those are all the features that they actually offer. So we have included the complete list of features in this review to inform all readers:

Complete list of features:

Dedicated Toll Free, Voicemail, Unlimited Voicemail Storage, Email Delivery, Integrated Fax (Send and Receive), Auto Attendant, Access by Phone, Follow Me Forwarding, Call Announce, Call Hold, Call Screening, Call Transfer, ACD Queuing, Hold Music, Random Hold Music, Non-Blockable Caller ID (toll-free number only), Web interface, Cardless Calling Card, Call Reports, Return Calls, Call Block, Pager Alert, Fax On Demand, Voice On Demand, SMS Notifications, Simultaneous call forwarding, Dial by name, Dial by extension, Hunt Groups, Questionnaires.

Additional Monthly Charges for Local Lines:

With Freedom Voice, unlike all of our other providers, having a local line will get you a $10 a month additional charge. This seems a bit steep, since none of the other providers we review charge a monthly fee for a local line if you select a local number as one of the included lines in the plan you select.

Many “Standard” features Incur Additional Fees:

With FreedomVoice Expect to be charged additional monthly fees for many features that are standard with other providers. *** UPDATE: we were given wrong information *** There is no additional charge for answering rules or queing. And they do offer a click-to-call feature at no additional charge. However after 1 year, Call Conferencing will cost you $5/mo, and if you want Call Recording which is a standard feature with Phone.com, it will set you back a stunning $69.95/month. Their pricing with regards to everything from addional lines to which features are included versus are a paid service, can be difficult to determine and grasp. This may be due the the fact that they will customize any feature that a client asks for, so this makes a full list of features and pricing difficult to determine.

Limited Customer Support Times:

Their customer support is available for very limited time-frame (Monday-Friday 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. PST) unlike the 24/7 customer support available to other virtual phone systems.

FreedomVoice Review Summary

FreedomVoice offers most of the same features available in a our other virtual phone system vendors, plus some added extras that we have not seen in other systems. We like how they offer their customers the ability to customize features to meet their specific needs – this gives them the flexibility that others simply don’t have. This flexibility will allow them to build intelligent and elegant solutions to the customers’ most specific needs.

However, the fact that they charge fees for some of what are considered standard features with most other providers, can get expensive depending upon your needs. Combine this with limited customer service availabllity and a very limited free trial period, and we just feel that there are better choices available at this time if you don’t need to heavily customize your features for specific needs.

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  1. says

    FreedomVoice Review
    Rating: 4

    Art, that is insane for you to give them a bad review over something so simplistic as a technicality with online payment!!! If they were not open at the time, just give them a call the following morning. Why in the world would it take a few weeks?? Did you wait a few weeks to call them expecting the number to still be available???? Did you give out the # to so many prospects in “that one day” that now your business is ruined because you need to choose a new #??? Your review has nothing to do with the quality of their service if you were not actually a customer right?? I recently signed up, the service is good as well as the customer service is pleasant and informative so far. The 30 day free trial is a great perk! Its worth a try for yourself

  2. says

    FreedomVoice Review
    Rating: 1

    The only reason this company is getting a single star is because there is no option for less than one.

    This company is absolutely horrible! As of today, I have cancelled my account 3 times. This time, though, I cancelled on a 3 way call with my credit card company and the customer service people at FreedomVoice were advised they would be flagged on my account against any further charges. My phone service has not been active since April 2018, when I cancelled the first time. As a matter of fact, the phone number associated with my account has already been recycled and reissued to another business but they are still billing my card each month. The only thing that has changed since I cancelled is the billing date, which has been between 4-8 days difference each month since May. According to the cc company, this is sometimes done so a consumer overlooks a charge on their billing statement

  3. says

    FreedomVoice Review
    Rating: 5

    I am not sure why so many people on here have issues with FV. Their service has been nothing but excellent. Most people don’t realize that FV does not control your internet and the issues that it may be causing. What they can control is their support which is top notch and every bit the amazing 24/7 service they advertise. Every issue I have ever had was resolved before we even hung up the call.

    They very clearly state, a 30 day notice is needed to cancel service. And while I have not canceled my service for 3 years now, it is very simple to call them and request whatever you need.

    In conclusion, the product and service that comes with it, is perfect.

  4. says

    FreedomVoice Review
    Rating: 1

    Rude customer service. Their system allowed me reserve the toll free number but it the end it ask me to call and finalize, when I called them and gave them the cc info I was told that toll free number is no longer available. I am very upset but can’t really do anything other than waiting for few weeks or selecting a new number.