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Product: Hosted PBX
Type: Cloud

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on: May 14, 2018
Entry Price: $35.00/month

Gabbit Review Summary

Gabbit was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. This VoIP company is the first of its kind as it’s exclusively structured with small businesses in mind. That means you can expect high quality service at competitive rates that even large businesses would enjoy.

Why you should try Gabbit!

There are now hundreds of companies using VoIP technology to provide small business phone services. But if you’re looking for a high-quality service at an affordable cost, Gabbit offers many advantages over the competition. Here’s what makes them unique in the industry:

Simple, Honest and Affordable Pricing

Finding an affordable business phone service that gives you the features you need can be quite a challenge. Many competing providers have several different service packages and add-ons, which can make finding the one that works for you quite confusing. It’s also common for them to advertise a seemingly low price, but it’s only when you read the fine print that you find out it only applies if you sign up for several lines, agree to a multi-year contract or pay for a year or more of service in advance.

With Gabbit, there are no packages or different service tiers. All you pay is $35 a line per month. There are no taxes, hidden fees or surcharges.

Keep Your Existing Phone Number and Phone Equipment

If you have an existing phone number for your business, you can port it over to Gabbit with no hassle. If you currently use VoIP phones, there’s a high chance that they’re compatible with the service and simply need to be reconfigured to connect to Gabbit’s network. If you need equipment, Gabbit sells VoIP phones from top brands like Cisco and Grandstream starting at $52.

Highly Reliable Network, Excellent Call Quality and Continuity of Service Feature

A large number of low-cost VoIP phone service providers are actually just resellers of a bigger company’s service and don’t actually operate their own equipment or network. Therefore, they have a limited ability to provide support for their users, which can mean serious delays in solving the issue should a feature not be working correctly or if you’re unable to use your service at all.

This isn’t the case with Gabbit. They have their own telephony switches and cloud-based PBX servers, which are spread out across different data centers around the nation for redundancy. Calls are carried through a nationwide fiber optic network via their partnership with some of the top fiber optic network providers in the country.

Businesses who are switching to a VoIP service from a traditional one are often concerned about call sound quality. As VoIP technology has progressed over the last decade, call quality issues are mainly a thing of the past. Gabbit is proud to deliver crystal clear HD audio quality at all times.

Just like any other VoIP-based phone service, Gabbit uses your Internet connection to make and receive calls. However, they have a continuity of service feature that automatically routes your phone calls to your mobile phone should your Internet connection go down. This ensures you’ll never miss an important phone call, even if your Internet provider has an outage.

Local Service and Support

When you sign up with Gabbit, they’ll have a local representative come over to your business, set up your phone system and show you how to use it. Your local representative will also handle any future questions you have. With most competitors, getting in touch with your provider means waiting on hold for an hour just to speak with an agent in a third-party call center on another continent. When you use Gabbit, you’ll instead get one-on-one personal support from a representative right in your city.

Gabbit Review Summary

Gabbit is one of the best business phone providers in the industry. They tailor their plan to fit your business’ needs.

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