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Intermedia Review


Product: Intermedia
Type: Cloud PBX

Reviewed by:
on: July 18, 2017
Entry Price: $30.99/month

Intermedia Review Summary

Intermedia is located in Mountain View, CA and is an affordable one stop shop for cloud business applications. Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud suite includes top IT services that companies need in order to do business. They have over 750 employees around the world that manage numerous data centers in order to offer such a strong tool like Office in the Cloud, making Intermedia’s customer service top quality. Intermedia boasts about their 99.999% uptime SLA and with good reason, because they are pushing the envelope in top quality service! With more uptime they save their customers money and time.

Why Intermedia’s 99.99% uptime matters!

Many businesses will have clients believe that connectivity doesn’t get better than 99.9%. What more could the customer ask for? Intermedia believes that we can do better and they have with 99.999% uptime SLA. Why do the extra “nines” matter? The reason why those extra “nines” matter is because the difference between 99.9% and 99.999% is 3.5 hours of downtime. Clients that have 99.9% uptime experience 3.5 more hours worth of downtime each year! With companies that understand that time is money, you don’t want to waste even one second being offline. Intermedia understands how important your business is, and strives to give you more!

Intermedia Review Summary

Intermedia is one of the best business phone providers in the industry. They tailor their plan to fit your business’ needs.

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