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MightyCall Review

Product: MightyCall
Type: Virtual Phone System

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on: November 1, 2017
Entry Price: $19.99/month

MightyCall Review Summary

This virtual phone service company operates from Seattle, USA. MightyCall started out as a company called Infratel in 1999. The company has a collective power of mobile applications with the cloud to come up with a cohesive platform form for supporting businesses. This platform serves more than 50, 000 business owners right now.

This cloud-based service caters mainly to start-ups and small-scale business owners. MightyCall’s primary principal product is an online phone number with incoming call answering features. The remote phone service ensures seamless communications between businesses and their clients. It separates private from business calls while the person is on a business trip or making client calls. Unlike the IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system which concentrates on small and medium enterprises, MightyCall focuses on minor players and the so-called Small Office Home Office or SOHO markets.

MightyCall Operations

MightyCall assigns virtual numbers to its clients. The concept is straightforward and cost-effective. Entrepreneurs who opt for this service do not have to stay at their workstations and watch out for incoming calls. Instead, they can make sales calls, attend meetings, and network with potential customers without missing essential calls.

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These phone numbers are connected to a cloud answering service making sure the business person can respond promptly. He or she can address callers with personalized messages. The menu is equally simple and includes options such as keys and respective numbers for Sales, Support, and the like. The platform ensures calls are transferred to the user’s preferred extension whether it is a landline or mobile device. It is possible to configure the system, so each department gets an individual line. Thus, it is easy to answer inquiries right away. Each phone call is redirected to pre-configured lines either chronologically or simultaneously. This feature gives MightyCall subscribers a significant benefit.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual implies the numbers are not connected to a particular device directly. MightyCall can transfer or in more technical terms, port existing integers to local or toll-free digits that it supplies to customers. Local and national directories list these numbers. Direct dialing is possible from operational telephones from any part of the globe. MightyCall management will assign one up to five sets of numbers. The more options mean higher cost of the plan but there is always the choice of choosing toll-free or local.

Choosing Between Local and Toll-Free

MightyCall presents clients with alternatives. These are local, toll-free or vanity. One example is the series of 247 or 24/7. It has a specific meaning exclusive to the client which is not difficult to remember. Users can select individual works that translate to numbers like BEST or 2378. The use of vanity numbers is ideal for brand names that fit into this practice or easy recall or stimulates the minds of customers or potential patrons about the service the business offers.

However, selecting between local or toll-free is not insightful. There are some situations in which one number is better compared to another. The business is a small start-up like a plumbing firm. Operations are limited to the community or adjacent communities. In this case, the best alternative is local since prospective households will look for plumbers locally and not all over the country.

On the contrary, toll-free is appropriate for those operating on a national scale considering the number denotes a large company. Free calls will undoubtedly entice consumers and infuse a higher level of confidence in the establishment. Toll-free numbers are beneficial and produce fast as well as remarkable results with regards to questions or reservations from customers. MightyCall pays for these calls which represent perks or privileges that the client will surely be pleased.

With the price plans of MightyCall, the business proprietor can match the sequence with the corresponding department. For example, sales are different from production or support services. MightyCall recommends the following toll-free figures: 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888, as well as local numbers within a particular location. Possible users can pick from more than a million virtual selections. The company also provides remarkable phone features that support a variety of business functions.

MightyCall Features

The attributes are impressive. There is high-quality sound with built-in voice-mail service. In other words, customers can leave voicemail messages if employees are not capable of answering immediately. The system plays back the salutation and notifies callers to leave their messages. It is capable of storing audio files and automatically including them in the task list. In other words, the emails are not left unattended.

MightyCall’s Auto Attendant features unique requirements of entrepreneurs who have pressing matters to handle. The virtual service addresses the issue of greeting callers immediately and forwarding their concerns to the right staff, manager, team or department. The voicemail system gets back all unanswered queries Once the virtual phone system of MightyCall receives incoming calls, these are redirected automatically to real-time phone numbers connected to stable phone platforms. These can include landline numbers, mobile phones, voicemail, and VoIP.

With the Auto Attendant program, the information playback procedure follows the FAQ principle providing self-service to clients with frequent or repetitive inquiries. This process, of course, adheres to standard business practices and etiquette. An added benefit here is it minimizes the involvement of employees in answering calls. At the same time, this feature guarantees the automatic and efficient delivery of information to inquiring parties. This FAQ approach eventually decreases overhead expenditures and ascertains more efficient management of company resources. It enriches the experience of customers by focusing on the company’s capacity to enhance time-management.

Another outstanding feature is the Social Media Texting functionality of MightyCall. This web-based feature progresses from an essential phone service to the more techie field of integrated communications. This aspect is further modified and improved by the inclusion of online SMS (text messages) and website support widgets. In this case, a widget refers to an app or interface component allowing users to perform specific functions or particular access services. The FB and Twitter messaging function gives employees the opportunity to interact with clients and respond to their questions without getting distracted or having to stop doing important work. Instead, they can continue to deal with consumers or suppliers by receiving, processing, posting, and updating replies using the powerful interface of MightyCall. There are primary online tools as well such as the Click to Call Website Widget, Request for Email, Call me, and Contact which promises to be a boon for busy entrepreneurs.

The Auto-Receptionist of MightyCall gives customers added value. Under the price plans or packages, choosing any number from 1 to 5 permits stress-free configuration of an automated receptionist for every number or one receptionist primarily during business hours and another one for non-office hours or vacation days. This capability of assigning different computerized responses according to department or number gets rid of lengthy and confusing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus. IVR refers to the technology enabling computers to interrelate or network with human beings using voice and Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones input through keypads. The IVR menu can hamper rather than assist callers in getting through the right employee or department.

The Auto-Receptionist rings automatically and proceeds with the regular distribution of calls within the organization making use of one of the four algorithms: Simultaneous or synchronized; round robin or circular; sequential (according to qualification); or, free first. This approach is possible because of the system configuration on a per department basis. For instance, there are multiple phones put together for one particular department. It is necessary to keep in mind that MightyCall, as well as its leading competitors, may have distinct definitions for extension phones. Clients can get mixed up if they get the wrong impression about this mechanism which leads to a total waste of resources. They should not misinterpret the idea of unlimited extension units. In fact, the thought of team members affects certain situations like this.

Team Members and Extensions

Business owners must see to it that they understand carefully the manner by which MightyCall considers telephone numbers, extensions as well as team members. The key is to determine the price that best fits the size of their enterprise. The extension units signify the brief internal number that the company allows for each staff or work unit. It is made accessible internally by way of the IVR option. If an employee (John) decides to call the 123 Extension of a colleague (Mike), MightyCall transmits the call of John to Mike’s mobile or landline, Internet phone, and configured mobile client.

All these units are programmed to ring all at the same time or in succession depending on the preference of the company. In other words, there are three telephones connected to every extension. MightyCall is ready to support from two up to 25 team members for each plan with the price structure as the foremost consideration. Clients have the prerogative to go for the program of their choice. This system will influence features and support functions.

Plans and Pricing

MightyCall introduced three versions which are Basic, Standard, and Ultimate. Of the three categories, Standard remains the most popular in the market. The essential elements include the number of monthly free talk minutes from the pricing point of view.

The following example will clarify this provision: The Basic Plan worth $14.92 monthly comes along with 500 minutes of free talk. The standard model costs $37.49 provides 3, 000 minutes free of charge. The Ultimate edition costing $69.99 has 10, 000 minutes of conversation without charge. Here is the catch. Cost of extra minutes does not account for the price increase between variations. What is the reason for this? Specific premium features are included only in the most expensive package.

Look at this case in point. While most of the features are present in all categories including the numbers of phone contacts (1, 000), conference call participants (five), and the actual figure of supported call trees (without limits), features are primarily determined by the cost. Here is another factor; the number of voicemails is confined to Basic at 1, 000, Standard at 3, 500, and Ultimate at 12, 500. Meanwhile, Text messages relate to standard versions (500) and ultimate with 4, 000.

These plans do not support web features like Call me widget. The outstanding feature of MightyCall is the direct link to prominent social media networking websites like FACEBOOK and TWITTER messaging. However, these are only available in the Ultimate version. The use of softphones on personal computers is only allowed in the Ultimate plan for three simultaneous applications of softphones.


MightyCall is undoubtedly a new and untested service in the booming virtual phone service industry. Veteran competitors have made their marks and finished significant milestones. Even then MightyCall possesses remarkable features making the company a serious challenger to the likes of giants, Phone.com, Ring Central. Microsoft Skype, and Grasshopper. In fact, there is always the possibility that MightyCall can be at the forefront as leading provider of remote telephone services. The remote phone system of MightyCall is a cloud type of private business exchange with extension numbers. These are assigned to the company staff, teams or departments.

MightyCall takes pride in introducing web features together with state of the art messaging interface systems. Nevertheless, these are only present in the Ultimate Edition price plan which admittedly is not within the spending budget of SOHO clients. New businesses and struggling entrepreneurs need not worry at all. MightyCall, as mentioned earlier, is still fresh and capable of initiating additional modifications shortly. In the meantime, it is worth taking another look at what MightyCall has to offer its business clients for a change.

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