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Mitel MiCloud Review Summary

Mitel Networks is a technology company that provides businesses with unified communications solutions. They were previously in the business of producing TDM PBX applications and systems. However, the company was sold in 2001. Since then, they now focus primarily on Voice-over-IP (VoIP) products.

Mitel was originally founded in 1973. Their current headquarters are in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where they have been since the company’s inception. They also have resellers, partners and other offices that are located all around the world.

Cloud Communications

Mitel is able to provide a single software stream that is cloud-ready. It is capable of being deployed with the use of cloud models that are hybrid, public and private for the service provider.

The communications system for a business is able to be housed in either the cloud or a data center that is kept on the premises. Systems that are managed by a service provider and stored off premises are called cloud communications. The deployment of business communications in the cloud will often result in greater reliability and decreased up-front expenses that can not be accomplished by keeping data stored on the premises. Cloud communications are much more than unified or voice communications. It is an effective way to scale, deploy and build enterprise communications systems.

The three types of clouds are: hybrid, private and public. Mitel provides all three varieties of clouds because they are aware that businesses have different communication system requirements. This means that they are able to build the ideal solution to meet the reliability, security and cost requirements for any business.

Mitel offers a wider variety of solutions than any other vendor of communications services. Their cloud capabilities range from comprehensive products that allow companies to create their own cloud capabilities to basic dial tone services.

Available Packages

1. Mitel MiCloud

The core product portfolio of this solution is designed to be delivered in the cloud. This solution is an ideal fit for service providers and businesses of all sizes.

2. Mitel MiCloud Enterprise

This targets businesses that have as many as 50,000 users. MiCollab and MiVoice are the core applications for this particular service. It leverages the virtual applications portfolio offered by Mitel for the demand of businesses around the world.

3. MiCloud Infrastructure as a Service (laaS)

This is a pay-as-you-grow infrastructure. It is specially designed for unified communications. It is available in hybrid, public and private deployment models.

Product Lineup

The current products offered by Mitel include the following:

– Virtualized voice solutions/Virtual solutions
– Enterprise management applications
– Call center applications/contact center
– Collaboration and conferencing (data – video – voice) applications
– PBX/IP software and systems
– Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point
– Voicemail and messaging applications
– IP business telephones
– Wireless and mobility solutions

Mitel Review Summary

Mitel is one of the best known providers in the industry. Their phone systems can be tailored to work for companies of all sizes.

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