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on: November 1, 2017

Entry Price: $8.95/mo

Nextiva Review Summary:

Nextiva offers solid service with no contracts, no setup fees, an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee, and takes pride in the fact that they work hard to provide the best customer experience possible. They provide both Nextva Office and Nextiva Connect, as well as Host Call Center Plans. Nextiva is best for those with limited incoming toll free calls – as each minute will cost 2.5¢.

Nextiva Pro’s and Con’s


  • Unlimited Minutes Plans – Nextiva Connect
  • 24/7 US based Customer Support
  • dedicated porting dept. to port numbers
  • month to month plans – no contracts
  • HD Voice Quality
  • One Toll Free Number plus a local number for each user – Office Plans


  • No Vanity Number Support
  • No Support for Canada
  • Separate Internet Fax Service
  • One Incoming Line – Nextiva Connect
  • 2.5¢ for all Toll Free Minutes

Nextiva Pricing

Nextiva OfficeOffice Pro: from $19.95/mo per User
Office Pro Plus: from $22.95/mo per User
Office Enterprise: from $29.95/mo per User
Nextiva Connect Plans:Connect 100: $8.95/mo* ($12.95/monthly)
Connect 500: $19.95/mo* ($24.95/monthly)
Connect Unlimited: $69.95/mo
*if pre-paid annually

Nextiva Office

Nextiva offers three types of Office plans – Office Pro, Office Pro Plus and Office Enterprise. As you can guess from there names, Office Pro has been designed with the smaller, emerging, entrepreneurial and growing business in mind. Get all the features and flexibility of a larger phone system but at a small business price. Where-as Office Enterprise was designed for larger organizations that need executive level phone service, remote office support, Outlook Integration and Nextiva anywhere features.

Nextiva Office Plans


Office Pro

Office Pro Plus

Office Enterprise

Call management and system administration
Unlimited calling (US Only)
Free Local Number
Free Toll Free Number
Unlimited Virtual Faxing
Professionally Recorded Greeting135
Conference Bridge
Nextiva Mobile App
Call Recording
Silent Monitoring
Attendant Console

Nextiva Connect

Nextiva Connect providers a control panel that allows for easy inbound call management for busy business owners on the go. Route calls to any phone, anywhere, anytime. You get one local number and one toll free number with any Connect plan.

Nextica Connect Plans

Nextiva Connect plans and pricing

Detailed Features of Nextiva

Nextiva was founded in 2005 and is based in Scottsdale, AZ. We found it very hard to find much “bad” chatter out there about Nextiva or their product offerings while writing this review, and while that isn’t always an indicator about a company, it does seem like any company’s unhappy customers usually are their most vocal. While talking with Nextiva, they stated that providing top notch customer service is always one of their top priorities.

Although Nextiva may be lacking in the some of the more “advanced” features such as true ACD queuing, and for some reason they aren’t currently offering Vanity Numbers, they do have most of the features any small business will find necessary, and quite a few that are just plain “cool” – such as their Hoteling Guest option.

Setup/Installation Fee No
Cancellation/Deactivation Fee No
Free Trial No
Customer Service 6am – 6pm Phoenix, AZ USA time –

with a service after hours to provide 24/7 support

Included Minutes(Connect) Connect 100: 100/month
Connect 500: 500/month
Connect Unlimited: unlimited
Included Minutes(Office) Unlimited Local and Long Distance
No toll Free – all billed at 2.5¢
Overage Minutes(Connect) 4.5¢
Overage Minutes(Office) 2.5¢ for all toll free minutes
Included Phone Numbers 2
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers $4.95/each per month
Extensions(Connect) Connect 100: 10
Connect 500: 20
Connect Unlimited: 100
Extensions(Office) unlimited
Local and Toll Free Transfer Fee Toll Free: $19.95 one time
Local: $9.95 one time
Vanity Number Fee Not Available
True 800 Number Fee Free – but not always available

What We Like About Nextiva

Unlimited Minutes:

With Nextiva Connect Unlimited you get all the features of a virtual pbx, AND unlimited minutes for as low as $69.95/month. Right now, RingCentral and are the only other vendors we have reviewed that offer unlimited minutes.

Nextiva Office provides Flat Rate Plans:

With Nextiva Office you can get flat monthly rate plans based on the number of users/lines you want. You get all of the features of Nextiva Connect(virtual pbx) and Nextiva vFax bundled in as well. You can purchase optional high quality business VoIP phones from Cisco or Polycom.

Customer Support:

This isn’t necessarily a “like” but more of a clarification. Although their website states that they offer customer support from 6am until 6pm Scottsdale AZ, time, and some websites have “dinged” them for not offering 24/7 customer support, they do indeed offer 24/7 support. We had a discussion with the guys at Nextiva and this was one of the topics that we brought up. They stated that they in fact have a service that will answer any calls after the standard 6am to 6pm time-frame and then forward the call the the appropriate support person as necessary. Although this is less than ideal in terms of a true support-desk, they state they are committed to customer support and as their customer base grows and customer support needs change, they will definitely be changing their customer support setup. You can view this as a “like” or “dislike”… we see this as a company making the best use of their current resources, while keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s going on knowing it will have to change at some point in the near future.

Month to Month – No Contracts:

You are not locked into any type of contact if you don’t want one. You can pay month to month and cancel at any time.

Dedicated Porting Department:

They have a department dedicated to porting existing numbers. This makes it easier and quicker to port your existing local and toll free numbers from your existing phone service provider to Nextiva.

What We Don’t Like About Nextiva

Internet Fax as Separate Service:

With Nextiva if you want internet faxing, you must purchase their vFax service in order to get it. This is unfortunate because RingCentral also has a separate faxing solution, however if you purchase any of their hosted pbx solutions you do not have purchase the faxing solution separately in order to get the internet faxing ability.

Only 1 Incoming Line:

Nothing new here! We have “dinged” most of the vendors on this one. Grasshopper is the only two that offers more than 1 incoming line on most of their plans. With most small businesses wanting both an 800 number and a local number, it would be nice to see more vendors offer at least 2 incoming lines as a default without an additional monthly charge being applied… at least at their higher end plans.

Lower Minutes on Nextiva Connect:

Their minutes are little on the lower side until you get to the unlimited plan and then the price is a bit higher.

No Vanity Numbers:

They currently are not offering Vanity Numbers. We find this a bit odd… and does put them a bit at a disadvantage in regards to their competitors who all offer this service. We suspect this will be something they will be offering before long.

No Support for Canada:

Because of the way they support enhanced 911 or E-911 they currently do not support Canada. also supports E-911 but does it in a way that also allows them to support Canada customers as well. So there are ways around this.


Nextiva Review Summary

Nextiva is a privately held member of the Unitedweb family of companies. They are a leading provider of cloud-based, VoIP communication services designed for growing small and mid-size businesses across the United States. Their Nextiva Office product is competitively priced and you get their vFax service bundled with it for free, but a significant drawback we see is that they limit you to absolutely no toll free minutes – all toll free minutes are billed at 2.5¢. They also do not provide service outside the United States – unfortunately this means no service to Canada either.

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