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Type: Professional Only

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Entry Price: $16.95/mo

OneBox Is Best For:

Unfortunately with Onebox, we simply feel there are better virtual pbx alternatives available that in turn offer better pricing, better features for the price, and better customer service.

OneBox Pro’s and Con’s


  • 2000 minute plan if all you need is call-forwarding & a few other basics


  • Executive plan is 1-person only, call-forwarding system
  • High priced with extra charges
  • No extensions on Executive plan
  • Limited Extensions on other plans

Detailed Features of Onebox

Onebox offers two different types of plans, and that needs to be made clear. They have what they call an "Executive" plan which is really designed for a one-person office. It does not offer you any type of extensions, dial by directory, or automated attendent. It’s basically an answering system with some additional features such as faxing, call fowarding, etc. You can not add a professional greeting to this plan either. In order to get the full benefits of a Virtual PBX, you have to go to their "Receptionist" plan which then starts at $49.95/mo with 2000 minutes, 4 extensions and 2 lines.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialYes, 30 Day Free Trial or 250 Minutes whichever comes first.
Customer Service24/7 poor (out-sourced with limited knowledge)
Included MinutesExecutive: 100 / 400 / 2,000
Receptionist(2000): 2,000
Receptionist(3000): 3,000
Receptionist(5000): 5,000
Overage MinutesExecutive: 10¢
Receptionist(2000): 4.9¢
Receptionist(3000): 3.9¢
Receptionist(5000): 2.9¢
Included Phone Numbers(Professional)Executive: 1
Receptionist(2000): 2
Receptionist(3000): 2
Receptionist(5000): must call
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers$5 /each per month
ExtensionsExecutive: 0
Receptionist(2000): 4 ($11.95/ea/mo to add w/100 additional minutes)
Receptionist(3000): 10 ($9.95/ea/mo to add w/100 additional minutes)
Receptionist(5000): 20 ($7.95/ea/mo to add w/100 additional minutes)
You can not get extensions with the Executive Plans.
Local and Toll Free Transfer FeeFree
Vanity Number Fee$30 - one time fee
True 800 Number FeeFree - but not always available

What We Like About OneBox

Plenty of Minutes:

They offer 2000 minutes with their Executive, and also with their Receptionist plan, however we feel that for the price the other limitations of the Executive plan remove the benefits of the big minute push. At the Receptionist level again, the price is high when you take into account the limited extensions, cost for additional lines, and higher cost for features such as international virtual phone numbers ($29.99/mo). When you add up the extras, then they become a high-priced option to get the extra minutes.

What We Don’t Like About OneBox

Questionable Customer Service:

Onebox and eVoice Receptinist are both owned by J2 Global Communications. As we were doing this review we had several questions, and made repeated attempts to contact OneBox to get clarification. In some cases we got absolutely no response to multiple attempts. In other attempts it took multiple connections to their "chat-live" to get someone to answer our questions. We then questioned some of the answers we received, and the knowledge level of their customer service reps.

We question the customer service commitment when we could not get our pre-sales questions answered from either of the J2 Global Comminications companies. It may not be an issue, for you, but it is something to definately be aware of. If you are told one thing in a pre-sales chat and then find out something completely different after you have purchased the product, you may not have alot of options – remember they don’t offer a free trial of any kind.

Previous BBB Rating of "F"(now upgraded to B+):

Onebox has a Better Business Rating of “F”. In researching the complaints, most involve billing disputes or difficulty canceling accounts, while others allege excessive customer service hold times of over 10 minutes to up to several hours to speak to a customer service representative. Other complaints allege that the services do not work as advertised and are not billed as advertised and when customers complain the company simply cancels their service. We attribute the upgrade in the BBB rating the their acquistion of My1Voice and MyFax and My1Voice’s previous excellent customer service.

Limited Features on Executive Plan:

We find it odd that they market a plan in this space that in our opinion really isn’t a virtual pbx system, but more of a glorified answering system. Without extensions, automated attendent, and professional type greetings, we don’t see how that plan can be considered a virtual pbx.

Limited Extensions:

As previously mentioned, you can not even get the option of extensions on the Exective plans(least costly), and on the Receptionist plans they are extremely low. Add to that the cost of $11.95 to $7.95 each per month to add them and you are talking some real potential costs as your company grows, or you have separate sales campaigns you may want to track.

Number Porting Issues:

Not all vendors are equal when it comes to leaving them and wanting to take your number with you. You may find you have issues porting your number to another provider when and if you leave Onebox.

OneBox Review Summary

All in all, we don’t feel comfortable recommending Onebox to the small business, home office, or traveling professional space at this time. Considering their previous BBB rating and customer service issues, we just feel there are better alternatives out there right now that offer better pricing, features for the price, and better customer service.
However, if you still wish to find out more about them, you can do so at

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  1. says

    Rating: 1

    I would love to speak with a senior manager in your Home Office. As a customer for over 20 years, your service today is almost non-existent. Your twenty-four hour service from over seas is actually non-existent! I will not stay on the phone only to be hung up on before I say a word! It is amazing thought how quickly I can get to an American in Sales! No company ever gets too big to see profits evaporate – I owned a small business where service came first night or day and that’s why it was successful!!

  2. says

    Rating: 1

    They are absolutely horrible. Forwarding feature does not work. I am using this in my doctor’s office. I called the customer support ( likely in India) whom I could barely understand . After 30 mins I was told to call back on Monday as the forwarding feature does not work. I asked for a supervisor.. they put me on hold .. forever. Supervisor never responded.
    They are the worst

  3. says

    Rating: 1

    I have relied on one box for almost 4 years. Two of my businesses used their service. And they disrupted my service after only 5 days of a declined payment! How do they expect businesses to rely on their service? I was traveling; lost my card; and the bank was in the process of sending another one. What kind of a grace period is 5 days??? What other phone company distrupts a customer’s phone service in 5 days? One box is completely out of line and this is no way to run a business. They did not even bother giving me a call first. I am currently looking for alternatives to take my business elsewhere; another organization that is not affiliated with one box. Their business practices are completely unrealiable. Who the hell makes these decisions in that organization anyway? What kind a board appoints such incomptenent executives? I am beyond pissed at their level of stupidy.

  4. says


    The purchase my account from and they change the terms and condition after they change my account to onebox. Now onebox owns my company number and I can’t change it to another provided at all. AVOID USING THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST! Don’t get on the same trap as mi.

  5. says


    This service is the WORST, especially since changing to the new interface- half of the features don’t work. I have been a customer for years, but am now switching to gmail which is the lesser of two evils, but at least it is free. I spent hours setting up my LinkedIn account with my onebox address, then when I tried to log in again, received a notice from LinkedIn that it does not support this email provider. If you are considering onebox, my advice is RUN!

  6. says

    Rating: 1

    This company SUCKS. The call routing is unreliable, particularly when trying to forward to another country. The customer service is mostly non english speaking if they ever answer the phones and the worst is that they wont let you charge the number. AVOID ONCE BOX LIKE THE PLAGUE

  7. says

    Rating: 1

    Yes, they are crap. Expensive. Charge hidden fees. Can’t get into my account half the time because the system is being updated and they dont mention it. They charged me a late fee when payment was made on the same day my bill was due. Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative?

  8. says

    Rating: 2

    I had an 800 service for $5 a buck pretty decent unbeatable price. They went out of business and they switched me to One Box (must have done it for all their customers). The fee went up to $9 times two lines and I tested it for a year before finally using them extensively. They worked for the most part for years but one day they come along and start translating the voice mails to text and added a bunch of charges without my knoweldge (STRIKE 1)! After spending a long time customer service I got that service turned off. Several more years go by and than service outage, a lot more time with customer service (finally resolved). But now there is a lot of static starting to show up on the line Recently it went down again I lost a LOT of calls than had to forward my calls to a local land line. So they charge me extra money for outgoing calls for their service being down (STRIKE 2). After they got the service back up the system changed, if after 5 seconds you don’t start recording the voice mail cuts you off. The static has gotten worse and I have all these fake calls coming in both lines dozens of them a day (STRIKE 3). I lost all confidence in them and cancelled one of my numbers. I opened a new account with Line 2 (so far so good). My old 800 number still gets tons of fake calls (spam or misrouted), static on the line, cuts in and out. They went down the drain 100%! For years I heard about all the bad reports about their company and it finally came true for me. After my 800 number runs it’s course with all the advertising etc I will be dropping One Box for good. I’d rather pay twice the price with a company that works than the economy deal I had that was once good but no more! I mean at least it worked with whatever shortcomings it had. But what’s with a company of this size that doesn’t even have a working system with clear voice mail or doesn’t cut off people or have spam and fake calls bombarding your inbox. Hard to believe!

  9. says

    Rating: 1

    Can I rate no stars? Service down for over 24 hours and no estimate of how much longer. Tech support is really poor.

  10. says

    Rating: 1

    Terrible Customer Service! Crediting your account means extending your un-used month….Not crediting your cc…All this after being on hold for 15min. Very arrogant “Supervisor’s”. Terrible Company!

  11. says

    Rating: 1

    The worst answering service I have ever had they are crooks.

    First the salesman said it was going to be a free trial but he only going to charge my credit card a dollar and it didn’t go through the first time so I had to go get another credit card from one of my co workers turns out he charged out cards three times $179 each time and now when I call to cancel my service they tell me they only charge my card twice for different accounts and now they won’t give me back my $179 worst customer service and billing service ever they are very arrogant don’t get these people

  12. says

    Rating: 1

    Everything about this company continues to be HORRIFIC. What is worst, is that THEY WILL NOT LET YOU KEEP YOUR NUMBER IS YOU CANCEL. STAY AWAY

  13. says

    Rating: 1

    I am a small business with a simple application. I have 3 lines that I would like to receive calls on over my 866# with OneBox. They can’t seem to get it right. Either 2 of the lines can be picked up with the 3rd line going straight to voice mail, or all go straight to voice mail. I have spent countless hours with tech support both one and two and so far no resolution. I don’t think that anyone in tech support is really listening to me because I explain the same application over and over and can’t get a resolution. I will port this 866# over to my local carrier. I has high hopes for OneBox but it’s been nothing but trouble.