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OnSIP Review Summary

Modern businesses of every size and description, as well as home offices, can greatly benefit by installing a high-tech VoIP phone system. These systems have already largely displaced public switchboard networks and, due to their Internet connectivity and many special features, have become a virtual business necessity.

Most business managers are aware of this revolution in business phone standards and have already upgraded, or are planning to upgrade soon, to some form of VoIP phone service. One of the most popular options for VoIP phones in recent years has been that of OnSIP. OnSIP offers a variety of services and plans that can greatly improve the efficiency of businesses’ phone usage.

What is OnSIP?

While there are many VoIP systems that cater only, at a cost-effective rate at least, to larger businesses and organizations, OnSIP is a web-hosted VoIP system that was specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses. OnSIP makes vital communications functions, which were once only possible after acquiring expensive equipment and software, available to all. Phone-related applications like conference-bridging, voice-mail servers, and auto-attendants are provided by OnSIP as services that require no on-site management. OnSIP was fully developed by Junction Networks, and no third parties hold rights to any of the system’s software or parts. This independence that springs from Junction Networks’ innovation efforts has helped turn OnSIP into the number one open, business SIP-platform.

How Does OnSIP Stack Up Against Its Competitors?

While other business VoIP phone services will share some features with OnSIP, there are many features it possesses that its competitors lack. These “extra benefits” go beyond simply the basic OnSIP advantage of making VoIP practical for small businesses.

Web-Hosted PBX

OnSIP’s web-hosted PBX service allows you to easily add new users or remove old ones without your incurring any per-user fee. You can customize your Internet portal so that all your calls will be routed just as you desire. You can also add or cancel services like extension dialing, voice-mail, and auto-attendant without any extra hassle. The OnSIP PBX makes “virtual phone numbers” possible in all 48 contiguous U.S. states and allows you to import phone numbers from your current VoIP provider without any complications.

No Fees Per-User or Per-Extension

The majority of web-hosted PBX providers will charge you a hefty fee per user or per extension to cover the costs of paying for proprietary licenses. Since OnSIP was developed by Junction Networks from the ground up, there are no licenses to be paid. Junction Networks passes those savings on to you, the user. They also do not charge extra fees for connecting a second phone at home to their network or for conducting conference calls. The deal is simple- you only pay for the services you have chosen and for your incoming and outgoing calls.

An Open Network

In many cases, web-hosted PBX providers force you to use their own patented phone equipment. OnSIP, however, uses an open network that was intentionally designed for interoperability. This feature allows you to use OnSIP with all SIP-compliant systems. You can also make an unlimited number of free calls to standard SIP phones.

A Hosted VoIP Service

When it is said that OnSIP is a “hosted VoIP service,” this term is to be understood in a very broad sense. That is, OnSIP will cover every aspect of you business VoIP phone system. This includes phone hardware, other needful equipment, servers, and the services themselves. Your call will be routed through public switchboards to the web-hosted VoIP system using your provider’s hardware and software. The result is that you save money on computer software and phone equipment.

A Customizable Options

One of the most important benefits of OnSIP is the power it puts in the business’ hands to customize his VoIP phone service.

First, there is no requirement to use a particular type or brand of phone, so long as it is VoIP compatible. All equipment decisions are left up to you. You can buy new phones or hook up your old phones to OnSIP.

Second, all services offered by OnSIP can be customized online by each client. You only pay for what you actually use, and OnSIP “pay-as-you-go plans” have the potential to save your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.

Third, the fact that OnSIP does not charge extra for new extensions makes it the most “scalable” VoIP system on the market. The providers of OnSIP are smart enough to realize that when you add, say, 10 new extensions to equip you for expected growth, they will gain more revenue as your call volume increases. OnSIP does not, therefore, see the need to charge you for the extensions on top of that, as some of its competitors do.

Cutting Edge Technology

OnSIP is an extremely reliable VoIP business service that brings you the best of cutting-edge technologies at an affordable price. One reason that OnSIP is so reliable is that its service components are all hosted on separate servers, and this helps to keep your daily services uninterrupted. Besides the various high-tech services already mentioned above, other advanced features in the OnSIP suite include:

  • Voicemail to email notifications
  • Business-hour routing
  • A click-to-call feature for your website


OnSIP is an affordable, customizable, and cutting-edge VoIP business phone system that is specially designed for use by smaller businesses. The most critical communications functions once only practical for larger businesses have been made possible for smaller users. No expensive hardware or software needs to be purchased, and no on-site management or upkeep must be done by OnSIP’s customers. OnSIP brings its many clients VoIP business phone services that equal or exceed much of its competition at a fraction of the cost.

OnSIP Review Summary

OnSIP is a powerful, yet affordable, feature-rich business phone system.

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