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Ooma Office Review Summary

After much research and testing of phone systems for business offices, the Ooma Office system is the one that most people chose for a small office environment. If you are considering a business phone system for your office, think about these reviews that come from evaluations of offices equipped with Ooma Office:

  • Reviews state that Ooma Office is Best for Small Businesses, Mobile Workforces, and Call Centers
  • Roundup says- Best Business Phone Systems
  • Business centers have reported that they prefer Ooma Office to other systems for small businesses.

Whether you have a business with two or twenty employees, you still want to maintain a professional atmosphere, especially when dealing with clients and potential customers. Before Ooma, smaller places of business had to have lots of lines and system upgrades installed in order to get a phone system that would work for a business environment. Today, VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is just as stocked with business essential features as any land line and is available at a much lower price. VoIP systems come with tons of features like group calling, extensions for different departments, voice mail capabilities. and even virtual receptionists, which all create the image of being a professional company’s phone service. Ooma Office has gained many people’s preference as the best quality office phone service because it can easily be installed, set up, and used by offices that aren’t heavily populated and it comes with all of the features that a small business could possibly want at a mere fraction of the cost of other business phone services.

Ooma Office grabs most office owners’ attention because the service itself is incredibly easy to learn how it works and to use it. You can have your office ready to take calls within 20 minutes or less of getting your Ooma Office system. You don’t have to add any unsightly wires to the back of any other electronics, and it can be used with any phone (including older models of analog phones!) This usually makes Ooma Office appealing to offices because so many companies require complex, expensive phone systems these days that it is almost not worth the cost of up to $300 per phone to set up a business office with a phone system. The actual hardware itself is simple as well. The entirety of the Ooma Office system is a base unit and a Linx device. The Linx is used to connect up to four phones to your system without any wires being attached.

Ooma is really easy to activate once you have your equipment, as well. The entire process only takes about twenty minutes and you can activate your system online. You have to go to the Ooma website and put the seven digit code that came on the base of the Ooma unit itself and then give the website some contact information, emergency call information, and a login/password combination.

Next, you have to choose a phone number that will allow people to reach your business, which can be your current business number if you are already in possession of a number. You can select either a local or long-distance number depending on what you prefer for your small business.

After you choose your phone number, you just have to click the “activate” button and it will walk you through setting up your system. You have to connect your Ooma base unit to your high speed internet modem, plug in the AC adapter to the power outlet of your choice, and plug your phone into the Ooma Office base itself. When it lights up blue, you are ready to make and to receive calls. If you want to connect other telephones to your system, you just plug the Linx devices into a power outlet and press the page button for a few seconds until the system recognizes it and it turns blue. You can move the Linx to anywhere in the office and hook a phone into it and it will work from there.

When the phones are functional, you can go to Ooma’s website to further personalize your system. The page is extremely easy to use and is even okay to use if you have never used a system like this before. There is no exceptionally intense training to learn the phone system, so you won’t have to have a class or instructional time to educate other employees about the phone system. You can choose from the Manage, Account, Add-ons, Support, and Home sections to help you easily figure out whatever you need to know about your Ooma Office system.

It is easy to set up your virtual receptionist because it is automatically created when you activate your system. You can personalize it, too by going to the “virtual receptionist” section on the website. When compared to other office systems, the Ooma Office system was deemed the one with the easiest setup and operating systems of any of the office phone systems out there.

Each Ooma Office unit is $199.00 and additional users can be added to your systems for $20 per Linx device. The monthly service is around $19.95 per month for the primary phone number and another $9.95 for each additional user for calls placed in the United States and Canada, and still reasonable if you have to make international calls as well. Keep an eye on the Ooma website as well, because they are always having promotions where the cost of the equipment and service is significantly discounted. The cool part is that the cost every month includes the amenities and features on every line. You even get a 30-day free trial for your Ooma to see if it is right for you.

The customer service provided by Ooma is amazing and far surpasses other companies that provide business phone service. The customer service department will even take the time to walk you through the setup process if you feel like you need help with it. For your small business office’s phone needs, Ooma Office is amazing. As long as you are within 150 feet of the base unit, you couldn’t ask for anything more from a VoIP service.

Ooma Office Review Summary

Ooma Office is one of the most affordable small business phone solutions out there today.

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