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Phone.com Review


Product: Phone.com
Type: Professional & Office

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on: November 1, 2017

Entry Price: $9.99/mo

Phone.com Review Summary

Small businesses and mobile professionals who want to go with a market leader with deep VoIP experience will want to take a closer look at Phone.com. Customize a plan to meet your specific needs rather than trying to fit your business into a phone plan.

Phone.com Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Mobile Office(Android) & Mobile VoIP
  • iNums (International numbers not tied to a country)
  • Voicemail to Text Translation
  • Inbound & Outbound Internet Faxing
  • Call Recording
  • Caller Analytics
  • International Virtual Numbers
  • TRUE Unlimited Minutes with Unlimited User
  • Conferencing for up to 500 participants w/HD Voice Quality


  • No True ACD Queuing
  • Only 1 included number – $4.99/mo to add

How Does Phone.com’s Shared Minutes Plans Compare?

  • ** Don't Use This Column **
  • $9.99/mo

  • 300 Minutes/mo
  • 4.9¢ per Minute
  • yes International Numbers
  • yes iNum Numbers
  • yes Outbound Internet Fax
  • $9.99/mo

  • 300 Minutes/mo
  • 4.9¢ per Minute
  • no International Numbers
  • noiNum Numbers
  • yes Outbound Internet Fax
  • $12.00/mo

  • Zero Minutes/mo
  • 6¢ per Minute
  • no International Numbers
  • no iNum Numbers
  • no Outbound Internet Fax

How Does Phone.com’s Unlimited User Plan Compare?

  • ** Don't Use This Column **
  • $24.99/mo

  • per user (any # users)
  • Unlimited Local &
    Long Distance
  • yes Unlimited Toll Free
  • yes International Numbers
  • yes Unlimited Extensions
  • $23.99/mo

  • per user (2 to 19 users)
  • Unlimited Local &
    Long Distance
  • no Unlimited Toll Free (1,000)
  • yes International Numbers
  • noUnlimited Extensions
  • $24.99/mo

  • per user (2 to 19)
  • Unlimited Local &
    Long Distance
  • no Unlimited Toll Free (1,000)
  • no International Numbers
  • yes Unlimited Extensions

Phone.com Pricing

Phone.com Plans:
300: $14.99 $9.99/mo
700: $27.30/mo
2200: $77/mo
2500: $85/mo
5000 $165/mo
10000: $310/mo
pay as you go 4.9¢/min

Unlimited Minutes (price per user)

Detailed Features of Phone.com

Phone.com was founded in 2006 in Livingston, NJ to bring innovative home and business phone services to the Virtual PBX market. With Phone.com you can select an 800 Toll Free Number, a Local US Number, an International Number, Vanity Toll Free Numbers, or even Transfer an existing Local or 800 Number. Phone.com is committed to providing outstanding customer service and listening to what their customers are asking for. This is evident in the features and functionality improvements you see released on a regular basis.

Setup/Installation FeeNo
Cancellation/Deactivation FeeNo
Free TrialYes, Phone.com 30 Day Free Trial on all Plans
Customer Service24/7 Excellent, In-House
(provided by company employees)
Included Minutes300
pay as you go 4.9¢/min
Overage Minutes4.9¢ if not an unlimited minute plan
Included Phone Numbers(Professional)1
Cost for Additional Phone Numbers$4.99/each per month
Local and Toll Free Transfer FeeFree
Vanity Number FeeFree
True 800 Number FeeFree - but not always available

What We Like About Phone.com

Unlimited User

An Unlimited User is a person on your account that has the ability to connect 3 concurrent calls and has unlimited monthly calling minutes. These minutes are not billed to your account, and can include calls made within the United States and to Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. These minutes include local, long distance AND toll free minutes. There are no limit to the number of unlimited users you can have and you don’t have to have a minimum number of users to get the $24.99/mo rate!

More for the Money:

Phone.com provides more value for the price. With their new simplified pricing, you can custom design a plan that will meet your specific needs – whether you are a traveling professional, home office, or small to medium sized business. These plans are extremely affordable, offering over 40 custom features at no additional cost.

iNum Numbers:

iNum numbers are international phone numbers not geographically tied to a particular country. Traditional phone numbers are tied to a particular country, so if you move you need to get a new phone number from a new provider. iNum numbers do not have this limitation and therefore allow you to keep the same phone number wherever you go. To learn more about iNum numbers you can go to www.inum.net.

Mobile Office:

is the first app to extend office phone capabilities to Android powered phones, and is available for both Phone.com Virtual Office and Home Phone users and extends all of the features of both systems down to the mobile device. So mobile users now get full office phone features like free (or relatively cheap) international calling, call logs, call blocking from both unwanted and unidentified numbers, multiple call routing options, professionally recorded voices for messages, background music during hold times, and integration of voice calls(and transcribed voice calls) with faxes and SMS text messages in a single mailbox.

New, Innovative, Nimble, Deep VOIP/Telecom background:

As mentioned above this company launched in December of 2007, after a 3 month public beta. This is impressive for any company, but when you look at their website, their offerings and services, and combine that with the fact that they provide all their own customer service, development and operations in-house, it becomes very impressive. This is a small, but deeply knowledgeable, technically capable, and nimble company. I think we can expect great things to come.

New voicemail to text email transcription:

Now not only can you get the standard .wav file of your voicemail delivered to your email, but you can get a text version as well. This allows you to read your email quietly in noisy places, or sneak a peak at your voicemail’s during meetings without having to find a quiet place to use your phone. You can also easily forward emails to co-workers without worrying about what exactly was said in the voicemail.
The feature is easily enabled and disabled. The first 4 voicemail transcriptions are Free, then it’s only 25¢ per voicemail after that.

Outbound faxing:

is now available via an easy “Send Fax” button, available on your extension page in the control panel. Phone.com and RingCental are the only two in this space to provide this. We feel this is a big deal as it eliminates the need and additional cost of a traditional fax machine.

Unlimited Extensions:

on all plans. Combine this with the multiple incoming phone lines with Phone.com’s plans and this makes them a very affordable and attractive provider for small businesses. Get both a local number as well as a toll free number and unlimited extensions(future growth ability) at no additional costs.

Call Screening w/Call Tagging

With Call Voice Tagging you can assign a voice tag to either a phone.com phone number or extension. This can be truly useful in circumstances where you may have multiple departments at your company, that are forwarded to the same extension or mobile number. In these cases, it would be extremely helpful to know which department the customer was attempting to contact, prior to you answering the call. This would insure that you are able answer the call with the appropriate greeting – “Hello, ABC Company, this is Tim in Sales, How can I help you?”. When you tag a particular extension or phone number with a voice tag, you will hear that voice tag announced, in this case “Sales”, and you can answer the call with the appropriate greeting. If you have Call Screening turned on with Call Tagging, you will hear the following when you answer a call: “You have a call from [Customer’s Number] to [Your Voice Tag here]. Press 1 to Accept. Press 2 to Reject.” . With just Call Screening you will hear the following: “You have received a call to [Your Phone.com number] from [the caller’s true number]. Press 1 to accept. Press 2 to reject.”

Click to Call/Ring Me Web buttons:

Phone.com and RingCentral are the only two vendors that offer this functionality. You can add a button to your website to easily allow your visitors to call you directly from their PC.

Optional professional greetings service:

that allows you to provide greeting options about anything you want to communicate to your Customers or Sales Prospects. Possible Examples might be: Voicemail and Main Greetings, After-Hours Greetings, Special Services, New Events, Infomercial’s & Promotions.

Conference Calling:

Currently you get a local area code but calls do NOT go towards your virtual office minute. You can of course obtain a toll free number and forward the local number that you get with the conference calling (you can’t control what area code that local number is) but then Virtual Office minutes apply (but no other charges). I’m told that in phase 2 they will add toll free numbers integrated into the conference service.

International Virtual Numbers:

Phone.com offers local numbers in other countries! Say you have a large customer base in the UK, well that’s not problem, add a local UK phone line for only $4.88/month. No international calling rates! Now your customers in the UK can call you without additional charges to them, and reach any of your locations. Let’s say you have an office or employees in the UK that you need to communicate with on a regular basis, well now you can do it without charging up a huge international phone bill.

Call Voice Tagging:

This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple departments within your business that foward to the same phone.com number, extension or cell phone. The phone will ring and the recipient(not the caller) will hear an audio message(“Sales”, “Support”) that has been tagged to that call forwarding rule. With Call Voice Tagging you can be sure to greet every caller correctly.


Schedules allow you to plan ahead for days you will be out of the office, for when the office is closed for a holiday, or just for non-business hours. Each schedule allows you to set up exceptions for holidays, vacation time, or days you may just be out of the office. These schedules can be set up ahead of time and will automatically take effect when the time comes. Set up as many schedules and exceptions as you need.

What We Don’t Like About Phone.com

Ony 1 included Number:

Unfortunately with their new pricing, they’ve opted to include only 1 phone number as their standard – either local or toll free. However they’ve made it extremely affordable to add additional phone numbers/lines at only $4.99/ea/month. So we don’t see this as a huge deal breaker.

No Mobile App for Iphone Users:

Currently there is no mobile app for iphone users – only Android and Blackberry. Phone.com just recently released a native iPhone app to be used with their service. It is now available via the Apple app store.

Phone.com Review Summary

Phone.com has simplified their pricing and plans considerably. This now allows any professional or business to customize a plan to meet their specific needs, without it costing them the bank to do so. You will get great cutting edge features, unlimited extensions, unlimited minutes, and the potential for multiple phone lines per plan. Create a plan that suites your business rather than fitting your business into a plan!

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Christina is the chief editor at VirtualPhoneSystemReviews.com. In her spare time she is also a web developer and a small business owner. She loves camping, traveling, and all things VoIP related.

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  1. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 1

    I have had phone.com for the last four years. It has given us nothing but headaches. The system will randomly disconnect our phones to the hotline. It also takes three to four rings before it goes to our phone system (if it goes through). We have missed numerous calls, putting lives in danger. The support team will fix your problem pretty quickly, but an issue will arise out of no where and with no warning. Worst service I have ever used.

  2. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    I chose phone.com after extensive research of at least 6 VOIP providers. I made my choice based on professional reviews and the features/cost ratio. Before pulling the trigger, I hesitated due to numerous negative reviews regarding customer service, and in response, I’ll say this:

    When contacting the general service line, and requesting to live chat, I did not get an immediate response. This was disappointing. But I did leave a chat message with a list of questions. A phone.com representative answered all of my questions via email within an hour or two. That was helpful. But the more helpful part was that the email contained the direct phone number and email address for the representative who was responding.

    Since that time, I’ve contacted the same rep both by phone and by email close to 10 times in a week’s time with questions about setup and number porting. Every single time, Craig has answered the phone directly or supplied an email response within a few hours or less.

    All of this to say, if you are patient with an initial query, the folks at phone.com customer service are indeed very responsive, helpful and efficient. All of this combined with an extensive list of included features and a best-in-industry price = a very good choice.

    For someone like me – a small professional office with 3 employees who mostly work in different locations – there isn’t a better combination of features and price on the market (at least that I could find).

  3. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 1

    I’d really like to try phone.com. I tried to sign up, but looks like they start with lying to people. The advertising at the top says “free 30 day trial” “no credit card required” when I try to sign up the second thing I’m asked for is my cc information. WTH!!!! Is this a scammer???

  4. says

    Phone.com Review

    I switched to phone.com because the minutes were unlimited. I was using around 12,000 minutes per month and I was assured by the sales person that it was unlimited useage. I felt it may be too good to be true so luckily I overlapped the service with my old provider in case I had to go back. Less than 2 weeks after I signed up I noticed that sales were down and we seemed to be getting less incoming calls than usual. I looked into it and sure enough, without emailing me or calling me, phone.com blocked the service. Anyone calling in on that number was just being disconnected with no ring at all. The service was down for 2 days before I realized it, almost $400 was spent in advertising the phone number for those 2 days and I estimate several thousand dollars in lost revenue due to the decrease in sales for those 2 days. I called in to complain and they said they would take off the block and would give me a 10% discount for the next 6 months – big whoop. I have a trust issue with them now so I have no choice but to go back to my more expensive service that at least I don’t have to worry about blocking my calls if they feel the useage is too high.

  5. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 1


    I have been with phone.com for over a year and I am getting tired of out of state solicitors, Telemarketers, unwanted calls, calling my Phone.com phone numbers taking up time and tying up phone lines. I have hundreds of solicitors blocked out using *9. then placed them into contacts giving them a (NUMBER YOU HAVE DIALED HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED) recording. This option works for a while until they get a different number to call from. They always find away to call using spoofed numbers…

    I run a business local here and the only area codes I want to accept are my local area codes or maybe one or two that I choose from out of state.
    If phone.com would give an option to accept or block area codes it would be the perfect VOIP service provider. Blocking out area codes blocks out thousands of unwanted Solicitors and Telemarketers that use and wast employee time and resources.
    I am not sure why this feature is not programmed into Phone.com as a feature.

    Phone.com needs to give us options to accept or reject area codes as an important feature in communications.

    I have contacted Phone.com many times and asked them to program a way to accept desired area codes or to block out unwanted area codes.

    This information seems to fall on deaf ears.

    There are many other VOIP service providers that have the options to accept or block out unwanted area codes.

    Sincerely Kelly

    • says

      Kelly, while we do not have the functionality in our control panel user interface this is something we plan to implement in the future. The functionality to block calls starting with a certain string of digits like an area code is supported in our back end system. If you would like, send an email with a list of area codes you would like to block to support@phone.com to the attention of Jeremy Watkin, our Director of Customer Service and he can block these patterns for you. He would also love to hear more about your experience with customer care so we can improve moving forward.

      • says

        My next question is when is the blocking of area codes within phone.com going to be available so that we may block area codes and unblock area codes with in our account window? and thanks for your reply. That is why I like Phone.com they seem to be on top of everything.
        Mr kelly

        • says

          Mr. Kelly:
          If you contact our customer support line at 800 998 7087 or email support@phone.com they can help you -or better: email me (ari @phone.com) and I will forward to the appropriate person.
          This is a feature that will be ready soon but we can implement it for you now.
          In any case email me and let me know
          Hope this helps

  6. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    I had a problem installing my Emerson Fax,Scanner, Printer, Copier. Stephanie went above and beyond with her patience. She set me up with a Fax number,and explained I would be receiving faxes via my emails. So much help.

  7. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    I just passed my 1 year
    anniversary using phone.com. It has saved me considerable hassle in a recent move to another state. I can retain my home number without the confusion with friends and colleagues.

    I have not had any voice quality issues of any significance. Hard to tell on the occasional call if I have an issue on my end or my callers cell phone is the problem or if my son is just mumbling.

    I also benefited from an unusual issue with my own cell phone service which appears not have coverage at my home address–just my block appears to be in some sort of cell zone shadow! I could quickly upgrade to unlimited phone.com service to compensate until Sprint can fix the problem hopefully or I find a rental elsewhere in town.

    I have used phone.com customer service on a few occasions and found them fully professional and helpful.

    • says

      Overall, I have been very satisfied with this company’s technical support, and doing support. When I was considering signing up, this company was sure to keep in contact with me, and be sure that everything that I needed was completed.

  8. says

    Phone.com Review

    I started with phone.com in February 2012. I have been testing the service ever since. It works great. I mainly use the service for call filtering and blocking of unwanted calls. I use phone.com for incoming calls only. I forward my market expansion lines to phone.com and my phone.com numbers to my cell phone using a free unlimited extension. This gives me unlimited free calls to my cell phone paying a $40.00 per month service to phone.com and this gives me call blocking and filters to my cell. *9 nine is wonderful when needing to block a call on your cell phone. It works great. I also count each call and use caller Id to check each number to see if each number reached my cell phone. I have not been disappointed once. While in my online account at phone.com I noticed I could have phone.com call me. I pressed the button and in just a few minutes the phone rang and it was phone.com.. A representative of phone.com called me and he said his name was Thomas. Well then Thomas helped me to port over one of my numbers to phone.com. The bottom line is I have know idea were people get their complaints. But I run a business and I have not had one problem with phone.com and they have always been nice and fast to help setup the account and help with any problems that I may have. I give phone.com 5+Stars and I would recommend this service to anyone.
    Kelly phone.com customer.

  9. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    I’d searched the internet and business sites thoroughly, and checked out all the options available. After a thorough review of the available services and products, I opted to give Phone.com a try and was convinced my first week.

    I have been a loyal and Completely Satisfied customer of Phone.com for several years now. I use Phone.com’s “Virtual Office” and “Virtual Phone Number” services and maintain several accounts with them for business.

    As a Business Telephone Answering Service/System, Phone.com’s logging, control panel, customization, and call handling are unsurpassed! I have utilized several other phone services and answering services/systems in prior businesses and personal uses, and have never been as pleased as I am with the options and control provided by Phone.com.

    Their 24-hour Support is convenient, quick, personable, friendly, highly qualified, and extremely helpful!
    The support I required was only due to my own need for a quick resolution, in lieu of myself trying to figure it out. They were glad to help and walked me through the steps with pleasure.

    The customization and control features are unsurpassed.

    I highly suggest you try Phone.com for yourself! I’ll never need to hire an operator or answering service again. Phone.com has done a great job!

  10. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    I have been a loyal and Completely Satisfied customer of Phone.com for several years now. I use Phone.com’s “Virtual Office” and “Virtual Phone Number” services and maintain several accounts with them, personal and business.

    As a Business Telephone Answering Service/System, Phone.com’s logging, control panel, customization, and call handling are unsurpassed! I have utilized several other phone services and answering services/systems in prior businesses and personal uses, and have never been as pleased as I am with the options and control provided by Phone.com.

    I have utilized their 24-hour Support, albeit on only a few occassions, as their system and internet web control work perfectly. I had only needed support to close-out and disconnect a temporary number I’d created, and once or twice for assistance in customizing my Answering Service.

    The ability to customize you answering service and call control to numerous levels of depth and numerous parties is simply amazing.

    I’d searched the internet and business sites thoroughly, and checked out all the options available. After a thorough review of the available services and products, I opted to give Phone.com a try and was convinced my first week.

    You have to at least give Phone.com a Try/Trial. It’s the best. I’ll never have a need to hire a receptionist/operator or answering service again. My hat is off to Phone.com! Great job!

    I’m a real customer with No other Affiliation or relation to Phone.com or any of it’s employess or owners.

  11. says

    Phone.com Review

    I’ve been a Phone.com user for my business for 4+ years and use them for my home phone for 3+ years now. I have had no problems with either of the two systems. On the few occasions I have had to contact support, I received timely, and valid results. I use many of the features that Phone.com has to offer, from a physical voip phone to an ATA. I also use their mobile app for my cell phone as I don’t want to reveal my personal number when I make calls from my cell to clients. My only wish is that they would offer a wireless voip phone for my home but I think it is going to happen sooner rather than later! The programming of how you want to handle calls is very logical and can be set up in no time. My second only wish is that the call log would include names/caller ID instead of just a phone number as it would help for a number of reasons. The cost of the system is very inexpensive compared to land lines, basically you can have three phone numbers for the price of one land line. I know, as I had to pay our old land line bill and it would run into the hundreds of dollars. It’s an incredible bang for your buck!

  12. says

    Phone.com Review
    Rating: 5

    We’ve been a phone.com customer for the past few years and have been very pleased. The automated attendant features are great and give us the professional image we wanted at a pretty affordable price. We have seen very few issues with the service. Being a small service provider myself, I understand how hard it is to provide good customer service and low prices at the same time. Some of the negative reviews here are surprising to me… it’s amazing to me what people expect when they are paying so little. Thanks phone.com for your efforts to provide a feature packed service and a price that we can afford. We love it! 🙂